Interest Check Monthly Jedi Lessons [2]: Forgiveness


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Jul 13, 2014
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The galaxy has seen so much trouble as of late. People are scared and restless and it seems the Jedi have become scrutinized and ill perceived off of presumption. Though all Jedi know the truth, that a Jedi's real strength is in their ability to forgive and to never give up on another. Rey never lost faith in Ben and he returned to the light. Within the commons of the Jedi temple, Oren's message would play at random times, "Many mistrust us and maybe we have earned that. Learn to forgive and to turn the other cheek. Help those find the light that they need, give them a second chance to help make a positive change in the galaxy."

Hello everyone, I'm back with this month's monthly mission pack. This month is going to be focused on the idea of forgiveness! Build a story with a few other Jedi, or other factions if you'd like, with a one shot story based off of the idea of forgiveness, this could be about the act itself, what happens when you don't forgive someone--really whatever you'd like or think would fit.

We're going to be doing things differently this time around, there won't be any actual missions or story prompts provided. Simply sign up below if you need help finding someone to thread with or go out and ask others if you want to thread. When you get a thread up, post it on this page and I'll save it on the main post here. Remember to have fun!
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