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► 32​
► Human, Oktarian​
► 5'9"​
► 164 lbs​
► Grey​
► Black​
► Oktaro​
► XY​
► Five Syndicates​
► Scoundrel​
► N/A​
Oktaro, a desert planet long held in neutrality until the Clone Wars, had seen its better days. From the Seperatist invasion, briefly staved off by the intervention of the Republic. To occupation from the Empire who came upon that rebuilding planet and forced it's people from the lush coastal regions and into the toxic sand deserts to mine for alloys for their ship yards. A planet and people known for their resilience, who have done all they can to reclaim their homes from the ravages of the past. A planet who finally, in the Force Eternal Era, has had a few decades of peace and prosperity upon rebuilding from their many occupations. This was the home of Maro Baize, a simple Oktarian who wanted to see more from life than his desert world.

Maro, through out his youth and well into his adulthood could be described plainly as suffering from severe wanderlust. A child of two orphans whose parents were lost in a First Order raid. Maro's family struggled with creating an established identity for themselves as a whole. This didn't help the young lad as the results of that struggle to find roots left him with very little attachment to his home planet. Instead what was drilled into him was an appreciation for the culture of the Oktarians as a people of resilience who always found a way to withstand the hardships of outsiders. His longing for adventure as a child, was also something barely contained and quite often he would slip his parents watchful eye, to explore the busy markets of New Tobura. Often conning the occasional off-worlder with "guided tours" of the third city for a couple of credits here and there. Likewise he happily ran with the street kids and shared in many wild adventures of cons and plays, that for them was survival and for him was a good deal of fun. Sure there was the mistreatment by the police or an angry stall manager if they were caught. But in spite of seeing the hardships of that life, he also learned that family is not just blood but who you make it.

Life passed in this way with Maro growing ever further from the straight and narrow path to his parents chagrin. The occasional petty crime kept that thrill of adventure alive in the now young man. But what would change his destiny was meeting a Twi'lek bounty hunter by the name of Giza Sivron. She had come planet side tracking a mid level accountant for the Hutt Cartel who had been in hiding for skimming from the profits. As she would later come to tell Maro after he assisted in the man's capture, "It wasn't that what he did was wrong. What was wrong was he got caught and tried to run."

From that point on Maro was taken with the woman and her life. He petitioned, or rather begged, for her to take him along and to learn from her. It was an offer she was less than keen on. Yes, he had helped her, and he displayed a certain degree of skill in the work. But Maro was still some backwater kid with delusions of grandeur and she was not going to play fantasy for him. Still she didn't give a flat out no, and with that Maro bought himself an hour before she took off with bounty in tow. Never before had he ran so hard, nor had he once been in such a rush to unload all the trinkets and baubles he had stolen through the years with his friends. But on fencing his ill gotten goodies, and collecting the credits he had been accumulating he rushed back to Giza's ship. After all, he knew enough to know that when one was on the fence all you needed was a little pressure to ply them. In this case it was credits, pure cold credits that were the bounty hunter's life blood. So it was, that with the haul of years of cons and petty thievery saved up, he bought himself a passage off world and a mentor to show him the ropes. Maro was 18 years old.

From that point on Maro and Giza had their far share of adventures. She taught him to shoot, taught him to fly, as well as how to slice, to always let the Wookiee win even if you have a killer hand, and to look a Hutt in the eye when dealing with them if you wanted respect. The Oktarian took his first life at 21 when Giza thought he was good enough to actually join her on a job. They partied so hard after turning in the corpse Maro was hung over for a week. At 26 he took his first solo job, keeping Giza as an auxiliary in case things went south. But by all accounts the kid did well and no blood was spilled that day. What's more everyone got paid and the good times continued to roll. At 29 tragedy struck when Maro and Giza were on a job with a Rodian named Ween and a Trandosian named Nak. It was high profile, and high security. Ween got caught out of position without warning, and Nak ever greedy decided to continue the job anyway. By the time they were half way through everything had gone to hell, and Giza was badly wounded. While the three barely made it out alive Giza would die in the medbay of the ship. In those last moments Maro could feel the life leave her hand grasped so tightly in his own. Worst still, she had been pregnant with his child. For an hour Maro stayed in there with her corpse, holding her hand and silently weeping. All the while Nak was taking them into Hutt space where they could lay low for the time. Upon landing on Nar Shada Nak left the cockpit to check on the two. He barely got two words out asking how Giza was when Maro gunned him down in cold blood. For the next three years he all but disappeared on that moon of vice, drowning his sorrow in drink and sin. It was only another turn of destiny that pulled him back into the life. There was a power play happening with one of the lieutenants of the Crymorah Syndicate was making a power play by killing a Hutt lieutenant. Moza really didn't care for the why, he was partly drunk as it all went down. What he did know was in the scuffle the Crymoran was thrown into him, and as he rushed to stand up Maro shot him in the back. Grateful for the assist Hutt Lieutenant gave Maro an offer, if he was going to just kill people might as well get credits for the trouble. He even added a cherry on top by making the footage of him outright murdering a man go away. So it was that Maro Baize, scoundral that he was, ended up back in the bounty hunting game.

Maro is a man who is deep in his hurt and really doesn't want to talk about it. When not on the job he plays the gadabout and jovial jester to shield others from getting too close and peering past the facade he has painstakingly put up. But even in participating in that role there is a sharpness to his eyes that is unmistakable to the people who know him best. He may be getting smashed, but that doesn't mean he isn't paying attention.

On the job it is like a switch is flipped in his mind, and the more unpolished behavior is swept aside to reveal the professional he truly was. While he would never admit it to anyone save the closest of allies. This change is entirely due to Giza, as she was the one who brought him into the bounty hunting life and taught him all he knew. As such he didn't want to dishonor her memory, and actively strove to live up to his former love's memory. Cunning, and quick with a blaster he was a moderately experienced hound for hire. Knowing when to step up to lead, or when to sit back and follow. He was and is a consummate professional on the job.

While Maro never really held much in the way of roots to his home planet. He still is an active participant in Oktarian cultural traditions. Every morning he applies treblixes to his forehead, and refuses to do any job before one is applied. He also holds a copy of the Mola Oktaro that he reads more for comfort than any true pull of faith. Likewise, chosen family is incredibly important to Maro and has been since his youth. There is no corner of the galaxy one can hide in if a family member of his has been harmed, and there is no amount of harm he will put himself in for their safety.

Lastly he hates Trandosians with a fiery passion and absolutely refuses to work with those walking handbags.

Skills and Possessions
Physically Maro is about as strong as your average human is. He doesn't work out as much as he used to, but he does have the frame of someone who once was in shape and he has the ability to get back to that point. The flip side to that though is he is incredibly agile and dexterous, his lithe frame and natural speed has been honed to a point. Furthermore he practices manual dexterity with coin tricks to keep his finger dexterity up. Maro's constitution on the other hand is a little on the low side, active drinking and hard living have started to take a toll. While his tolerance for alcoholic substances is pretty high, he can definitely work to improve his stamina.

[Strength 4/10, Dexterity/Agility 7/10, Constitution 4/10]

Mentally Maro is a lot more agile then his appearance and demeanor might give him credit for. While he doesn't have much of a formal education, he was actively trained in slicing and mechanics and in his line of work those can carry you decently. Furthermore his Wits are keenly honed and he thinks quick on his feet. This is especially focused to reading a room or a situation and acting quickly in response. Finally, he is a likable guy, if a bit off putting in his ramblings. But he can turn on the charm when he needs it, and he often wields that charisma to keep others from seeing how much he still suffers.
[Intelligence 5/10, Wits 7/10, Charisma 6/10]

Maro can speak Basic, Oktarian, Twi'leki, Rodian, Huttese, and Duro

DL-18 Blaster Pistol
A280 Blaster Rifle
IV-9 Scout Ship, The "Dawn's Crown" --inherited from Giza Sivron
Maro's Armor
Binders x2


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