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107 ABY
30 standard years*

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1.9 meters
50 kilograms


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Five Syndicates - Black Sun


Marissa Hesse

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Marissa Hesse, a criminal active during the Legacies Era , was born to two Senators in Commenor's Chasin City. Moving offworld for her education in her later years, it was only on her return she saw the need for change galaxy, so many structures failing at what they claimed to do. Doubting indeed that any could, she set about a life that would keep her away from them, at any cost.



With Senator parents, while Marissa grew up on Commenor, she saw the comings and goings of many off-worlders, even in her youngest years, her very first inklings at the galaxy's bigger picture.

But, these years were for the most part unexceptional, picking up the generalised anxieties that were spreading across the galaxy at large, becoming acutely aware of even the smallest changes having large effects on arrivals and the stability of her families finances, and the policies they promoted.

Marissa did not have an interest in politics per se, but its effects were becoming ever clearer in her mind, so much so that it could only be a matter of time until she began drawing her own conclusions about the world.

But as was ever so common on a starport focused world like Commenor, Marissa went off-world to study. She had long before dispensed with the idea of following in the footsteps of her parents, and instead threw herself into the underworld of Alsakan while away from their watchful eyes, into a world where things could be shaped differently, where she could see just what she could do.

She wasn’t taken seriously, not at first, not until she managed to prove herself working a few jobs only she could manage to pull off. Her name did a little more talking than many others, allowing her useful connections and opening high risk, high return work that brought in enough to get her trusted around the darker ends of town.

Not that Marissa ever meant to stay put. When one grew up in the shadow of spaceports, one never really felt they were meant to do anything else but move. When she managed to get the funds together, she slipped out of sight, and off into the stars, though not altogether unseen. It wasn’t long after she caught the attention of one particular growing syndicate: The Black Suns.

What happened next remained to be seen.

For a long while she took the work as it came, the same as any lowly scoundrel on the Black Sun payroll. But she had ambition beyond that and quickly made other plans. Not one to step away from something others would balk at, she put together a team to rob Canto Bight Casino. While not free of troubles, whittling her team down to only her and Preef Callo, the pair pulling off the heist with barely a hitch, starting off what was to be a successful partnership.

With savings deposited, and their names spoken a little more widely following their success, it wasn't long till the Syndicates decided on a little test. Mallek Karnm a confidant of the leader of the Black Sun, was locked up on a Free Worlds Alliance prison ship, and they had to get him off. Managing to save Preef's sister along the way, this was another successful job, and cemented their place.

Not that it put them out of harms way, being sent off to the fields of Kessel enforcing a gang war against the Pyke Syndicate. Violent, bloody, and muddy, it damn near lead to their deaths, but the conflict ended before it could take their lives.

Instead, they were tasked with scoring Czerka tech on Corellia, though such things are easier said than done, even if they managed to fight off CorSec for the prize.

It was on Coruscant however, when Sith and Black Sun attacked the Sector Ranger HQ that she started to think of different skies, she and Preef seizing quite a haul, with plans to put it to work on a brand new enterprise.

That enterprise was the Zaa Fenn crime family, she and Preef offering their services in exchange for the leadership, in order to catapult the family once more into the upper echelon's of the Cymorrah Syndicate. They accepted, and the start of a new era for the pair was about to begin.
Personality and traits

While Marissa’s upbringing by no means guaranteed that she would keep her feet on the ground, Marissa has managed to more than most.

Cool, collected, but a fiery temper of flared, Marissa is not one to foolish move ahead on a plan, unless the gamble guarantees a great victory in return.

To some she may appear snooty, but she’s able to peg the conversation at the right level when needed, even if the tone of it may distaste her at times.

Often goal focused, Marissa likes to keep on track in her life, once she has a plan she sticks to it, and makes sure it gets done, one way or another.

That said, she is not above dreaming, she wouldn’t live the life she did otherwise. Always seeking independence, and a world where that would be the law of the land, Marissa always keeps such ideals in the back of her mind.

Powers and abilities

Marissa's abilities are not vast, she is no Sith or Jedi. But, she is curious, and driven, and an odd path through life has left her with plenty of skills that have suited a criminal lifestyle particularly well.

To make anyway headway in the game though, she'd need to develop them, and a few new ones, in a way she had not done so before.

  • Persuasion: Capable and charismatic, Marissa made her mark on more than a few in her life, and can come to an argument from multiple angles.
  • Deception: While she would never call herself a liar, there are few other words for what she does best. She’s had enough practice in saying partial truths and avoiding probing questions that she’s comfortable in her work.
  • Conversational: Marissa’s best work is done when she appears open and amicable, though any sympathetic streak is generally a facade except for those close to her. But she can carry on a conversation, and often keeps others well disposed to her because of this.
  • Ranged Weapons: Moving into shadier dealings meant slaps learning to protect herself, at least in some manner. Mardisa is capable with a blaster.
  • Insight: Perceptive, and good at reading what words may conceal, Marissa can get a good grasp of a situation and what exactly its players are meaning when they speak, or even when they don't.
  • Education: What allowed her to leave the humdrums of her early life, and see the galaxy for what it really was, Marissa took opportunities and learnt what she could, wherever she could. And only plans to keep this going.

Though she holds onto few possessions from her earlier life, she still keeps a few things. Clothes and jewellery from her more privileged beginnings are kept for costumes. Though her work has made her live a more spartan existence than before. Still, she enjoyed finer things when she could access them. For danger, she keeps a Vibroblade, a DL-44, and Blast Vest if things get heated.


Chapter 1 - All The Worlds A Stage
__1. Looking For a Sullustan - Little man, big trouble
__2. Canto-Cover - Fake Names, Fast Plays
__3. Canto-Confusion - A delayed reaction
__4. Canto-Crafting - Getaway with a getaway
__5. Canto-Credits - The Heist.

Chapter 2 - Making a Name
__6. Get That Zeltron! - Gunning a Slinger
__7. It's an Ambush - It was supposed to be a blue milk run...
__8. We're the Cargo - Get on the ship!
__9. Aboard the Beast - Break-In
__10. Home Stretch - Last leg
__11. I Need a Fix - Corellians crashing a party
__12. Galaxy in Crisis! - Coruscant calamity

Chapter 3 - Going Independent
__13. Raiders of the Lost Vault - A dead Hutt's haul
__14. Dee'ja Dealings - Solo work on Naboo
__15. What's Yours is Mine - Hustling a Hutt
__16. Zaa Fenndoption - Welcome to the Family
__17. Mothraki Family - Head to Head on Eriadu, the Zaa Fenn need to cut a deal
__18. Alternative Acquisitions - How to steal a spice market

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Non-canon appearances

* Date may not match up with her age given changes in site time.

- Credit to Malon for profile code
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Hey there!

So upon reviewing the character the only real glaring thing besides some scattered sentence fragments is that you've made a criminal character as an Indie!

I strongly suggest taking a look here at the Five Syndicates, our crime faction for this Timeline. With 5 Syndicates to choose from and a wide open roster system like nothing we've had before, 5S would let Marissa gain significant opportunities as a criminal and you can chart her course similar to any independent but with the incentives and support of a wider faction.

Please take a look and let me know what you think, Marissa would be a very good fit in their ranks and give you more opportunities to explore the criminal side of the Star Wars galaxy.


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Heya @Rom :) updated to the syndicates, you made a great point, and thanks for your tips for my Jedi too!


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Howdy @Nightfall!

I'm glad to see Marissa is rolling with the Syndicates, I look forward to finding her wanted poster in the future!