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Dec 1, 2015
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"Death is a song that even the deaf can hear."

Call me Kai, please. But um, yeah ... coming through this universe you expect the present to never change. You always live in the present moment. Nobody lives beyond that. But we remember what happened before current times and unable to really see ahead.

My story began the typical origin story of any character, in the past, like there is a second option. How far back though is what's different I guess. Nothing ever happens simultaneously it would seem. Always one after another.

As you can clearly see by my handsome mug I'm not human. I'm Grysk and I was born, you guessed it, with other members of my species. Only it was not on our homeworld. Never been there, don't know if I ever will. Don't really care.

Nah, we traveled around a lot. A hardass father and a stubborn mother. I wouldn't say they were happy together. But they survived together. We ended up on Nar Shaddaa. I fell in love with this gal. She was a wild one. We had our ups and downs, ended up onNar Shaddaa for awhile as a spice dealer. Every day was a party, every night an adventure. But there was drama. Turns out she was bi-polar. She had not known and I had been having my supicions up until then. But it did not matter much to me. I still loved her and kept having fun. Until the night I killed her.

We had a night of fun, she wanted to go to the next place. She begged me to drive. I couldn't say no to her and ended up crashing out airspeeder. She ended up dying later that night. But not before making me promise her something.

Spent a couple years on one of those Ossein ships after that, that was cool. I was not exactly acting appropriately for someone who was grieving healthily so it was better that I kept moving. That kept going until some dark sider came on board, getting passage for some reason or another and noticed I had some tricks up my sleeve. He brought me along on his trip giving me some shpiel. Nobody else was really offering to help me out with my super powers so I shrugged and said what the heck.

After that I became a, no, not a sith, a force user, a guardian of the dark side.Since then I've been just doing what I can to make my way in the universe. Had a heart break, an acting phase, went down a hole, came back up and just coasting along enjoying what I've got now. Got plenty of side credits for drinks at the bar and room for promotion. No complaints from me.


"May the force be with me"

Malakai seems to be a very easy going and relaxed individual. Whether he is jaded by his experiences or just has a very imaginative mind he does not seem to be phased by a lot. Whereas most people become hard and rough in nature Malakai remains friendly and accepting. He has a cynical outlook on the galaxy and is a firm fatalist. Of reasonable mind and understanding he knows that all things come to an end, that bad things happen to good people, and what comes around goes around.

Instead of being bogged down by a significant amount of negativity that life throws at anyone in general he has made a conscious choice to not let it ruin his good vibes. Still aware and understanding that issues exist and need to be addressed Malakai sees the resolution and changes to such things as inevitable and as a result sometimes is perceived as a procrastinator or lacking in hustle or enthusiasm.

With a "roll with the punches" attitude he still keeps a good work ethic and does his job. Understanding that it is important to be a productive member of society he takes his job as a Sith with a sense of responsibility. However he is known for going about it through his own method, often in a fairly casual manner that tends to irk the more disciplined members of his organization.

Considering his species is associated with war and conflict Malakai seems to be in interesting contrast to his kin. He has an almost bitter sweet romantic side that is both
relocatable and sad in a therapeutic way. But he understands, acknowledges and agrees with the indiscriminate conflict that the galaxy perpetually has. He is just one among many that is living in the troublesome time.

From time to time he has seen images of his dead lover. At first he believed them to be drug related
hallucinations and still thinks it is a possibility. Another part is that he wonders if he is just a little insane. However after being taught in the ways of the dark side he wonders if it possible that she is a force ghost though the truth might not be what he hopes and so usually ignores her or does not pursue answers.


"She believed in me whole-heartedly and I could not help but try my best to live up to her expectations. I did not want to let down the one person who believed in me."

Malakai is perhaps not humble because he lacks pride but he knows that he is of limited power and experience. For this reason he works hard and puts effort into his goals because he knows that he lacks natural talent but makes up for it with training if he so chooses. This is for generally everything that he does.

First learning to fly his ship he enjoys the freedom of being able to travel and so has pursued interest in ships from time to time but is far from any expert. Personal transport is a luxury not lost on him. The same goes for grav boarding. The act of doing tricks or cruising around on one is fun so he tends to fly around on one.

A capable combatant he does not always resort to violence. In fact he tends to prefer to avoid it. Bloodshed seems to be an inevitability in life but not a first resort in every situation. For this reason he has prepared and practiced in the force, lightsaber combat and marksmanship as well as combat formations and maneuvers with his peers. Though Malakai prefers to try diplomacy first. As a result, though his visage may get in the way, he is friendly and pleasant to be around. Malakai likes to try and be chill with most people he can be.

Sith Alchemy - learned



Lower arms - He usually wears normal civilian street clothes over the gauntlets.
DC-17 Hand Blaster, 1 reload.
vibroblade -

one fragmentation, one concussion, one smoke grenade

Disposable Commlink
tin of cigaras

Backpack: not carrying below items unless they are in a backpack.
Pair of macrobinoculars

1st aid kit
canteen of water
flask of 100 proof alcohol

bag of various illicit drugs and narcotics


IV-9 Rangemaster - scout ship
Crewed by a lepi gunner npc, Barabel pilot npc, Kaleesh co-dealer.
a droid for utility purposes kept in cargo hold with yellow box and a TN-K speeder truck onboard.
E-11 blaster rifle, 1 reload. - only carries on official ops or keeps on ship in armory on ship


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