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Jan 3, 2017
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► 25 Years Old
► Human
► 1.8 Meters
► 85kg
► Blue-Green
► Black
► Shogun
► Male
► Independent
► Tech-Head
Diego Luna


475ABC-500ABC Prologue
Luno was a model student-warrior from a young age, taking to his teachings and martial studies alike with great fervor. He was enthralled with the history of his people, the Mandalorians, with the great ballads of war and conquest; a strong mind and a strong body makes one supreme on the field of battle and in the throne room. Luno was a boy never afraid to volunteer nor turn down an opportunity to advance himself in the eyes of his superiors and his clan, taking difficult and risky tasks time after time during his youth.

His admiration for his mentors and peers of similar ambitions drove him to join the ranks of the mandalorian conflicts once he was of age. Showing his loyalty and skill as a warrior and eventually being assigned to a vanguard unit that traveled with Mandalorian diplomats and peoples of importance. Achieving a station of renown in his own mind he felt he had done his family and his clan proud as he served with the vanguard unit for five years until coming upon a dangerous situation while accompanying a diplomat in the outer rim.

Arriving to a dodgy meeting his hair was standing on the back of his neck as he shared his concerns with his superior. They would meet regardless and Luno would receive a severe wound when an ambush he suspected to be present was sprung, a volley of detonators and blaster fire met the approaching Mandalorian delegation. A blaster bolt would find purchase in Luno's lightly protected neck as an explosive detonated on his left side sending his armored body tumbling through the air where he would pass out on impact.

Awakening to find himself in a hospital bed unaware of his location or status Luno wearily propped himself up and looked down to see his left leg from the knee down replaced with a cybernetic stand in. As he began to panic he shouted for help only to feel a foreign object on his jaw, reaching up he felt from his mouth to his neck remembering the attack. Finding his jaw and neck coated in a metallic-like plate only furthered his terror as a nurse rushed in attempting to calm Luno down, and subsequently sticking him with a sedative until he could be brought back to consciousness in a more agreeable state.

500ABC Fires Of Rebellion
Luno spent the next several months in recovery, adjusting to his new limb and trying to accept his new state and cybernetics. Seemingly always in a state of pain he began to lean heavily painkillers to manage his condition until it became a need for a fix rather than a fix for a need, recognizing his situation Luno was discharged from the medical facility deemed fit to re-enter society and function as normal. But Luno knew he was far from who he was months prior and as an idle warrior does, he began to find trouble every turn he took; it started as idle anger and built to public incidents and criminal activity as he spiraled into the grips of addiction and lack of purpose.

It all came to a head when word spread through the corners of the galaxy that a new Mand'alor had risen, trial by combat and proven ability had produced a leader for the people and a beacon his people needed. Pulling himself from a hostel on Nar Shaddaa Luno gathered his belongings and returned to Shogun to try and get his life back on a meaningful path. He remained in good standing for some time, relying less on the drugs and more on doing work for his leaders but it would not last. Finding himself propositioned to help lift a shipment of military grade electronics and weapons parts, he gave in at the promise of the payout and slipped back into his self serving mentality. Well aware of his year as a street rat on Nar Shaddaa and the temptation that builds within him from time to time, urging him to revert to violence for personal gain but strives to remove himself from it as best he can.

After partaking in the actions against the people of Shogun and the Mandalorians as a result Luno returned to Nar Shaddaa to see what his credits and expertise could lend him in the way of work.


Once a devout and top notch warrior of his people, now a shadow of his former self Luno still has his skills and teachings coupled with experience and time in the underbelly of crime. It's given him a very skewed moral compass and a unique set of ethos he holds as a way to govern his actions, changing the acceptable means to achieve the ends and justifying them fervently to himself. Drug addiction still drives a part of his purpose, never being able to shake the need for strong pain killing substances out of fear of a natural feeling of being less than he is with them. Luno is short of words more often than not, having whole conversations in his head before producing an answer to make sure he has calculated all the options; that doesn't always mean he has the best answer but it seems right to him.

When he does speak it is even keeled and direct, but when around close friends and clan members he can be heard provoking squabbles and quipping in gest. He retains parts of his personality to achieve and be the best he can but it has mixed with a bleak outlook that he tries to keep from coming through in conversation as it tends to bring unwanted attention.
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Jan 3, 2017
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(1) ExoTac 'Dakka' Light Repeater - Slung, On Chest
(1) VBP-11 Blaster Pistol - Holstered, Left Shoulder
(1) Vibroblade - Mounted, Right Leg

Luno's Light Armor - Black Undersuit, Grey Poncho, Black Helmet
NV5 Personav
DTX-1480 InforMaster
Port Scanner
Wrist Chronometer
(1) Medpac
(2) Binder-Cuffs
(4) Power Packs
(1) Frag Grenade
(1) Smoke Grenade
(1) HH-69 Adhesive Grenade
(1) Concussion Grenade
(1) VH-Series Freighter

Body Modifications
Cybernetic Prosthetic Limb - Left Leg (Knee Down) - Limb Functionality (Metallic Black)
Synthmesh Covering - Neck & Jaw - Encases Burned Skin (Metallic Black)
Property Type - Location
Property Type - Location

JCN The Planning - Tech Plot - Ongoing
JCN Robbery - Tech Plot - Completed
Hello There - Introduction Thread - Completed
A Fist Full Of Credits I - Bounty Plot - Ongoing
A Few More Credits I - Tech Plot - Ongoing
Criminal Minds think Alike - Introduction Thread - Ongoing
The Day Slavers Showed Up - Tech Plot - Ongoing
Dinged Up But Not Down - Introduction Thread - Ongoing
Flicker & Flight - Introduction Thread - Ongoing
PBP: Enemy Of My Enemy - Mission Thread - Ongoing


Green = Good Standing | Yellow = Neutral Standing | Red = Negative Standing

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