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Dec 10, 2005
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The following trials were chosen specifically for the people facing them. They are a trial where you must confront and move beyond your fear. The following people are to face these trials:

<blockquote>- Aeth Silus
- <strike>Thorodon</strike>
- <strike>Alabastir Co’Tar</strike>
- <strike>Garl Shilar</strike>

- Kalas Mobius
- Konrad Curze</blockquote>

Please post your trials in the Story Section of the RP. You will be judged on the following criteria:

<blockquote>-Length (should be a AT LEAST five detailed posts long)
-Attention to detail

Here are your trials:

Aeth Silus- There is a wanted murderer hiding amongst the crowds of Nar Shaada. Find him amongst the crowds, kill him, collect the bounty and then bring the reward to me

<strike>Thorodon - There is a large riot happening on Ruusan. Destroying the power generators surrounding the city is the only way to stop them from destroying an ancient Dark Side temple. The power generators are what they are fighting over, so if you destroy them then it should put an end to the riots. You will need to use whatever mechanical skills you have to destroy the generators, which are right in the heart of the cities battle. Use caution.</strike>

<strike>Alabastir Co'tar - There is a renegade police officer that is shouting things about the Sith and how they have returned on Coruscant. I could just as easily take care of him myself, but I would like you to bring him before me. I want him alive. No disintegrations. After I have had the chance to properly...welcome him...I will allow you to make the final strike.</strike>

<strike>Garl Shilar - You will go to the Dagobah system. There are no cities or technology to be found. All you will find are bugs and other large, insectoid creatures. You will find a crashed Jedi ship there. Inside is a holocron containing information about their trainings and rituals. The Dark Lord is most anxious to get his hands on this.</strike>

Kalas Mobius - An ancient Sith artifact has been discovered deep within the oceans of Mannan. It is located 50 kilometers away from the nearest city. You cannot take a boat, as it would attract attention. You will be given two oxygen tanks to retrieve this artifact and welding tools to remove it from its watery grave. Take note that it will take some time to retrieve it. If your oxygen begins to run out...well, there's nothing you can really do about that. Bring this artifact to me when you have retrieved it and I will bring it to Lord Dire.

Konrad Curze - A large and deadly rancor has escaped from the Coruscant Galactic Circus. It is hiding in the back allys right now but it is assumed that it will eventually have to come out into the crowd for food. A large reward has been posted for any who can tame and/or kill this beast. Kill the rancor, collect the bounty and bring it to me. Remember: Use Caution. Rancors cannot be intimidated.

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me a PM.
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