Five Syndicates Kolran Targall


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Jun 4, 2014
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Kolran Targall


FACTION: Five Syndicates

RANK: Scoundrel

SPECIES: Morellian

AGE: 171



WEIGHT: 90kg

FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, untrained


Born on Druckenwell, Kolran's working class family hopped from city to city working various jobs under whatever corporation was hiring at the time. Being Morellian he had a naturally long childhood and the extended lifetime of his species meant that despite their relatively low income Kolran's parents were able to amass an ample amount of credits over their working lives. Most of Kolran's home life was spent with his sister, Utasha, who he formed an uncannily close bond with from a young age.

As he matured in to adolescence, Kolran began to realise his parents weren't being completely honest about their work. Whilst sometimes they would be labouring in factories or running cargo haulers between cities, a large portion of their jobs tended to involve less than legal activities. Corporate espionage, smuggling, debt collection and other shady lines of work were common occupations for the couple, capitalising on first the chaos of the clone wars and later profiting from the rise and fall of the galactic empire. Kolran and to a leaser extent his sister followed in their parents footsteps, much to their disapproval. It was around this time Kolran realised that the almost telepathic bond between himself and his sibling could be much more than it seemed.

In his younger years Kolran regularly swindled his way through the markets of Druckenwell, often finding himself making ten enemies for every friend he encountered. Utasha pursued a career in corporate administration and whilst the siblings maintained a good relationship, Kolran's criminal activities drove them more apart than they had ever been in childhood. Utasha's career required her to be compliant with the empire's various extortionate policies and as the imperial occupation of the planet tightened its grip she found herself victim to mandatory relocation to the core worlds. Kolran's parents passed away peacefully shortly after this, grief stricken over the loss of their daughter. This was an equally harsh blow to the Morellian himself, who could feel his connection to his sister weaken drastically after her swift exit from Druckenwell.

Now lacking a family and with few friends he could truly rely on, Kolran began pushing the boundaries of how far he'd go to make a living. Having his own ship at this point, he regularly ran spice and other contraband to neighbouring systems. Shortly before the end of the galactic civil war he abandoned Druckenwell all together for less regulated space, finding himself regularly associating with the likes of the Hutt Cartel, members of the Crimson Dawn and other far less reputable groups. Throughout the first order-resistance war and beyond the Morellian established a profitable career for himself working with the criminal organisations of the galaxy. In his prime, Kolran was a skilled hired gun and conman, but after a slew of stays in detention centres and near lethal injuries it became clear his time as one of the young elite was over.

Kolran took a less active role in the criminal underworld in his 150s, going in to an uneasy half-retirement as he transitioned in to handling the laundering of unlawful funds gained by his peers. Somewhat dissatisfied with his reputation for being a handy businessman instead of something more akin to the legendary outlaws he'd idolised in his youth, the aging man began searching for more. Contacting an old Trandoshan friend, Daska, he gained the knowledge of a heist being planned on Christophsis as a joint effort by members of the Five Syndicates. Maneuvering his way in to the crew, Kolran believed he had found a way to regain his youth and relive his glory days.

However, this was not to be. One of the members of the crew, a Duros by the name of Nex, ratted his comrades out to local authorities mere hours before the job was to begin. Barely catching wind of this betrayal in time, Kolran and Daska escaped the planet with moments to spare. Now, actively pursued by law enforcement, Kolran is thrust back in to the life he once led as a young man. Deep in the back of his mind he is certain his sister is still out there among the stars and part of him believes fate will reunite them soon.


Kolran once had an optimistic, happy go lucky outlook on life and whilst this has slowly faded alongside his youth he still retains much of the smarminess he touted in his prime. He also keeps his cool a lot worse than he ever used to, quick to anger and just as likely to be driven by his emotions as by profit. Kolran's years as a conman have honed his abilities to lie and cheat with a straight face, often finding himself disguising his true intent even when he doesn't necessarily need to.

Skills & Attributes

Kolran has picked up numerous skills throughout his career, having blossomed into a charismatic negotiator early on in life. Despite a distaste for politics, Kolran has much of the attributes of a political figure, able to explain his way out of a staggering amount of hopeless situations.

In combat, he favours a blaster pistol over a rifle, but has been known to use both over the years.

Although his education as a child was limited and almost historical at this point in time, Kolran has picked up a large amount of practical knowledge and his age allows him to be a source of historical knowledge on the past two centuries.


Power 5 Blaster Pistol

Concealable Vibroknife

2x Thermal Detonators (when available)

Blast Vest



So Much For Retirement
The heist that forced Kolran out of retirement and back into a world of daring crimes and lucky escapes.


Pazaak Never Gets Old
Kolran meets Kel Dryden over a game of Pazaak on Nar Shaddaa, winning the game.

Asset Reclamation
Kolran attempts to retrieve his ship from a gang on Mon Gazza, enlisting the help of Kel Dryden and Kyle Stewart.​

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