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► 20​
► Human​
► 1.82 meters​
► 78 kilograms​
► Brown​
► Black​
► Tatooine​
► Male​
► Independant​
► N/A​
► No​
Hailing from Tatooine, Kendar had what could amount to a normal life as a moisture farmer from the infamous desert planet. Raised by grizzled son of a veteran from the Resistance of old and a pretty moisture farmer, he lived his life on Tatooine like any other. Learning how to properly maintain moisture farms, the basics of making sure he went by unnoticed by the large criminal underground, learning to properly communicate with the many Jawas of the planet. However the worst of it, was the Tuskan Raiders. Known for being relentless in their pursuit of water, the Samuels family had to repeatedly make 'donations' to the Raiders in order to not get slaughtered.

That is until one day the Raiders simply stopped caring about the water and proceeded to burn and pillage everything in sight. Kendar is not quite sure how that exactly happened. Perhaps the Raiders were insulted by something or maybe they just had a bad day. What is clear however is the damage done to the farmstead. The moisture farm was destroyed beyond repair, his father gravely injured and his mother left crying near the collapsed body of his father. Perhaps a foolish notion, but at that point Kendar did not care. With his father's pistol in hand, he chased after the Tuskan Raiders. Despite somehow getting the drop on them , Kendar was outmatched and outnumbered. After sustaining injuries from the slugthrowers the Raiders were using, he was pinned down hard, until a passing Sector Ranger patrol got him out of there alive.

Despite being chastised by the friendly lawbringers, Kendar didn't care. He felt that the Raiders got what was coming to them. To some the senseless pursuit of vengeance was foolish. But to Kendar, it was something he felt he needed to do. Stealing one of the Raider's slugthrowers, Kendar ran back to his family on the farmstead and helped them get to the closest city, Mos Espa. His father being a man who understood what his son was going through, showed him towards and old shooting range from when he was a hired gun. Kendar's went there and begun practising what his marksmanship skills with both his father's pistol. He practised and practised until he could no more. The next day, he did it again. And then again the next one. Because just like his father, Kendar Sameuls knew that once he set his mind on something... There was really no stopping him.

Ever since he decided to become somewhat of a hired gun, Kendar exchanged his old robes into something more combat fitting. The normal cloth was replaced with leather pants and a grey shirt. On top, he wore a blast vest that was covered with a leather duster to make it more inconspicuous. A belt with his blaster hung from his waist, but the most prominent item was the slugthrower that was slung over his shoulder.
A hot head and sometimes too dumb to live, Kendar has a knack for getting himself into trouble and then quickly getting himself out of them. His plans tend to be simple and direct with not much regard for those around him. For when those plans inevitably go wrong, Kendar is quick on his feet and despite not having much training in ways of shooting, he is good at improvising.

The farmer turned gunman is also a starch believer of his ideals and opinions to the point of stubbornness. He has a hard time changing his point of view is visible and actively punching him in the face. This nets him quite a few arguments, but he learned that the best way to defuse a situation is sarcasm and bad jokes.
While proficient with a blaster and a long range slugthrower, Kendar's best combat ability is his willingness to adapt into any given situation. Which is unfortunately a requirement since his plans tend to be shortsighted and predictable. Thankfully most of his opponents seems to be dumber than him.

Tatooine is a harsh environment and also home to things that are several times stronger and bigger than Kendar. Thus diplomacy is a must while dealing with most of it's inhabitants. Thus he also knows some basic Huttese and Jawaese. Sadly Kendar's form of diplomacy consists of his bad sense of humor and while it does defuse situations most of the times, sometimes it's taken the wrong way, especially when there is cultural differences involved.


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