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Jun 17, 2018
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Kel Dryden


► 29
► Human
► 184 cm
► 82 kg
► Blue
► Brown
► Nar Shaddaa
► Male
► Five Syndicates
► Enforcer
► No


A person born on the Smuggler's Moon doesn't necessarily live long enough become a smuggler. Or anyone else of significance, for that matter. A street urchin usually faces even worse odds. Kel was lucky in that regard. He never knew his parents and had to take care of himself from an early age. However, he managed to dodge the various premature endings of his life. That was largely because he had been taken in by a compassionate Besalisk mechanic. Since then, Kel started to assist him in the store instead of causing trouble with other orphans.

Meanwhile, Kel's older peers from the streets were getting involved with the underlings of the Five Syndicates as spies, couriers, and occasionally even thieves and would-be enforcers. Unaware of the dangers, Kel followed in their footsteps against his Besalisk guardian's better judgement. The would-be-scoundrel sought adventure and excitement that the life of a mechanic couldn't give him. The credits that came with it were a nice bonus. But most of all, Kel sought respect and recognition, to show that leaving him in the streets was a big mistake.

As the Syndicate jobs got harder, the stakes got higher. It didn't take long for Kel to graduate from fists to clubs, and from clubs to blasters. Many of his peers didn't make it past that point. The young scoundrel attributed his unnaturally long stroke of luck to trusting his gut. Moving from swoops and speeders to spaceships in his late teens proved more of a challenge. At first he was only accepted into a spaceship crew for his skills as a mechanic. Next came manning the turrets, and then he would finally get a chance to try his hand at piloting. At the age of 22, he was offered to captain his own ship.

However, Kel ambition didn't let him settle for a space tug. He wouldn't fly anything but the best. And his employer, Bochaba the Hutt, had just the ship: the Black Swift, his pride and joy. Faster than most freighters, the Swift was used as a courier for special cargo and VIPs, and occasionally even as a raider. In a heartbeat, Kel gave up an upcoming space tug captaincy to start off again, as a gunner and an assistant mechanic aboard the Swift.

Kel's first real test was when the Black Swift took on more than it could handle. They had disabled a freighter, and the boarding crew entered the prize via the docking tube. Kel manned the helm, and the Weequay captain of the Swift stood by the docking tube. The plan was simple: if things went wrong, the captain would call it off and hit the switch. The Swift would undock and flee. That's when enemy reinforcements arrived.

To avoid losing the ship, the scoundrel hit the gas prematurely, breaking the connection between ships and venting a part of the Swift's cargo hold... along with its captain. That proved to be the right call: the Black Swift jumped to hyperspace moments after the arrival of a few hostile fighters and freighters.

That move could've ended the young scoundrel's career early, along with his life. However, Kel turned the situation to his advantage, explaining that he had saved Bochaba's prized ship. Luckily, Bochaba saw it that way too. The "upstart" was allowed to keep flying the Swift for the Hutts.

However, not long afterwards, Bochaba's rivals attacked his venues, almost claiming Kel's life in the process. Through some unlikely help from a droid and a "Jedi", Kel survived and escaped Nar Shaddaa with the Black Swift, becoming a freelance pilot. Eventually, he'd make a few acquaintances, help Preef Callo with a Sector Ranger HQ heist on Coruscant, and become an enforcer for the Zaa Fenn crime family.


More calculating than hot-blooded, Kel adjusts his attitude depending on whom he is dealing with. He usually poses as self-assured and rough around the edges, but drops the act around those who have worked with him for a longer time.

Out of business, Kel Dryden can be a people person: outgoing and cracking jokes at the cantinas left and right; or approachable and suave. Among close friends, he could probably drop the act... But Kel hasn't made such friends yet.

Although ambitious, Kel isn't outright evil. His decision to abandon the crew and captain was dictated by survival instincts more than anything else. He didn't hesitate to turn the situation to his advantage, but that event isn't something that he's proud of.


Piloting. It took a while getting there, but eventually Kel graduated from speeders to spaceships. Flying is his primary field of expertise nowadays.

Gambling. An avid Pazaak player, Kel never misses an opportunity to play a game or two, especially if the stakes are worthwhile. He also isn't against cheating, especially if the opponents cheat... Or if Kel simply doesn't like them.

Guile. Talking one's way out of trouble is better than getting into a shootout. Intimidation, subterfuge, persuasion—whatever gets the job done.

Combat. Kel has been more than in just a few scraps (deals gone wrong, cantina brawls, street fights, you name it). He knows how to handle a blaster or a melee weapon, and can go hand-to-hand if situation calls for it.

Mechanics. Kel's experience comes from his childhood, when he repaired droids at his guardian's workshop. He also served aboard a couple of ships in that role. Kel isn't the best mechanic the galaxy has to offer, but good enough to keep the Swift flying.

Languages. While at the workshop, Kel learned to understand Droidspeak. As a bonus, he got to interact with customers from many species. He can't speak alien languages, but understands them to a degree.


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