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Nov 28, 2010
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Site Changes & Information

Recently we created a survey to gain a greater understanding of the opinions of the member-base as a whole on a whole host of subject across the site. You surpassed our expectations and replied in your droves within the first few hours!

We want you to know that we heard you loud and clear, and below are the updates we're rolling out at once!


Bounties have seen some love and some grumbling as we know and we are wanting to change them up to keep them from getting too stale. For one thing, more NPC bounties will be coming in the future and we encourage players to send NPC bounty ideas to @Nefieslab and other members of the Plot Team ( @Raydo @Darasuum @Painus ) but the most immediate change to them is rather simple but very important;

  • Bounties can only be placed for Main Faction characters that are Council Level and above. This also changes what you need in order to place a bounty
    • You have to be a Main Faction Council level and above
    • OR conduct a well crafted espionage plot to connect with the wealth and means of placing a bounty
  • Indie faction leaders and councils can’t have bounties placed on them unless they become a main faction status

Monthly Events

This update you have already seen something of already - the Emperor's dating life laid bare and opened up to the Galaxy as a whole to both attempt to engage with and also the Randon event, which features some prompts and cross-faction play that we hope you are enjoying.

Every month we will have an event that is put together based on random generators from a pool of planets that will impact main factions and other critical planets. These will be tied to events. Every month we will launch that particular event/scenario that players will need to resolve for that month.

These will be staff NPCed and DMed and will be death disabled, however, they will play big impacts in the story and for the characters participating.

Faction Leadership

Faction leadership is a vital part of keeping the story of the site as a whole fresh but it can be both hard to break into and hard on players to keep up for any extended period of time. We have consistently seen burnout from Faction Leaders around the 4-6 month time frame, and this will hopefully address that.

  • Faction Leadership is now term based
    • Each term will last 4 months
    • Faction Leaders can ONLY serve one term of 4 months. They may NOT be re-elected consecutively but may be eligible again after a 4 month gap
    • At the end of the term, the faction votes for a new Faction Leader
    • When a faction leader is forced to resign, they may decide how they would like to resign their character. Options include but are not limited to;
      • Leaving the faction
      • Moving to a different position within the faction
      • Killing the character off and transferring credits equivalent to one (1) level below the level of the character killed
The hope is that more players will get involved in Faction Leadership and not be too concerned about it being a persistent burden - it now comes with an end-date in sight to keep the pressure off a little bit to keep it fun.

NPC Organization Tracker

From the survey we gathered that there was a desire to see more of the 'world' being explored and utilized outside of the main factions, in particular there was a call for more NPC-led organizations and jobs. We now have the beginnings of a Staff NPC List and NPC Organization Tracker, and these will be updated periodically by @Aberforth and other members of staff.

Watch this space, this will become something you can really sink your teeth into before you know it. Coming soon!

Archiving Characters

A brief but perhaps welcome update to archiving character;

Members are permitted to do a one time credit transfer for archiving a character. You may transfer all credits to a new character, or you may transfer half credits to an existing character.

Characters who are already dead or archived for other reasons will not be eligible for this credit shift - only currently unarchived characters may make this transfer.

Where did you get your medical degree Bones? Character Plots are back!

After being absent from SWRP for some time, Character Plots have returned with some changes. They were removed from the Plot section previously due to fears of them being misused, farmed, for credits with large plots with simple goals including many times more people than were actually required.

However, the survey showed that there is still a demand for plots of an entirely personal, character-driven, nature so we are more than happy to bring them back with the following guidelines;

  • Character Plots are limited to being a maximum of 3 threads long

  • Character Plots must have a stated goal - rambling plots will be rejected

  • Retroactive Character Plots are acceptable but cannot be from threads done before this update
Follow other existing Plot rules and guides alongside these and you’ll be having all kinds of fun with Character Plots once again soon!

Cross-Faction Plots

Faction plots are still a big part of the site but we are looking to try and see more mixing between the factions - characters should interact in ways aside from just killing each other you know? We as the staff, and you yourselves from the survey, want to see some cross-faction relationship forming; rivalries, bromances, romances, vitriolic best buds, whatever you want.

And we think that such instances and plots that include this should be rewarded so there is a change to faction plot;
  • Story-Driven Cross Faction Plots are rewarded higher upon completion than regular faction plots
So get on out there and mingle in your plotting!


There has been an increase in the number of threads being rejected due to bad dice discipline recently, resulting in more rejected plots. Contrary to popular opinion, the Plot Staff do not enjoy rejecting plots - shocking I know.

While there is already a guide on How To Roll Dice and a brief guide on the cardinal sins of dice rolling, this hasn’t had the desired effect. Speaking to members, some additional information was found to be desired so here is some extra information about what we're looking for in a Dice thread upon completion;

  • Always make a dedicated Dice Roll Thread for each plot thread dice are used in
    • Do not make a Plot Dice Roll Thread for all threads as this causes confusion upon review
  • Always link your roll in your in-character post for ease of review
    • Code:
      [Spoiler=Dice Roll][url=Dice Roll Thread Post URL Here]Roll Subject[/url][/Spoiler]
  • Always have a copy of the D100 results table in your Dice Roll Thread for quick access
  • Alert your thread partners to dice rolls they have done that are against the rules/guides and ask them to re-do as soon as possible
    • You will all miss out if this causes the plot to be rejected
  • Never roll to undo the effects of your own failed roll within the same post
    • This is “Roll Until You Win” and will result in a rejected thread
    • Feel free to roll in your next IC post to mitigate the effects of the failed roll but remember not to fall into the same trap and roll repeatedly to fix it
  • Roll once for your attack/action
    • No matter how many individual attacks you do - rolls should tell you how successful your action is overall so you can have more freedom on how it actually plays out
    • The same goes for non-combat rolls as well - if you attempt to hack a terminal, for example, then roll once for the attempt. If that fails, try a different approach next post
  • Recommended Dice to use and when;
    • D100 for determining success of an action
      • Attacking the enemy, hacking a terminal etc
    • D20 for establishing difficulty
      • What level of weapons the enemy have, if there will be a second wave of reinforcements etc
    • D6 for establishing numbers
      • Roll one D6 for every player in the thread (a thread with three people would then have 3D6 rolled to establish how many enemy guards there are, for example)
  • Read and understand the guide on how to roll
  • Read and understand the guide on rolling 'sins'
  • Remember to apply for in-thread outcomes when you roll a natural 100

Current Story Updates

General Time Update
  • It has been 500 years since the Battle of Coruscant (ABC)
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

PVP Updates

Wins and Losses
(CPvP NOT included)

PLEASE NOTE: If you did not report your kill, capture or knockout in the Newsletter Submissions thread it may be missing from this months newsletter.

These characters are now Level 2:

  1. @Levi Solus
  2. @Markov Aletaus
  3. @Mid Samekh
  4. @Howl
  5. @Mida Zebb
  6. @Alexei Denkio
These characters are now Level 3:
  1. @Arda Breaux
  2. @Burkhart Kelborn
  3. @Tycho Draykon
These characters have ranked up:
  1. @Larissa Adrastos ranked up to Jedi Padawan!
  2. @Firen ranked up to Jedi Knight!
  3. @Tyler Ward ranked up to Rebel Commander!
  4. @Mid Samekh ranked up to Sith Crusader!

If your character was missed please send a PM to @Dread and she'll add it!

Plot and Events Updates

  • There are currently 285 plots underway.
  • 80 plots have been completed.

Completed Player Plots

After the swift defeat of the Imperials, Corellia capitulated to the Mandalorians.

Gotta Go Fast
Tagus and Zan (& Drali) tracked the pirates down, assaulted their base, grabbed their tech and blew up the enemy base from the inside before leaving.

A Gammorous Takeover
Both missions to take over Gamor go successfully and the Empire had gained influence and control of the leadership of the planet.

Hippity Hoppity Gimme Your Property
Imperial forces are able to claimed Iridonia and Ord Mantell.

Money Talks
Successful missions allowed the Alliance to gain financial assets in order to support their war effort.

Wookiee ki-yay M*****-f*****
Kashyyyk has a new Queen and is aligned with the Mandalorians.

Much Speed
By hiring scrappers, scavenging loot from debris fields and fighting off some pirates the participants earn some equipment as a reward.

Knight In Matte Armor
The Black Hades is reconstructed and reforged, utilizing the Weightless attribute of the Dark Armor lore.

Pipe Cleaning
Blackwell agents stole the plans, soiled the reputation of Greff-Timms and announced their own weapon, an off brand version of the PIPE. Blackwell CEO was the victim of an attempted assassination.

The Blood Princess of Prakith
Eriana Fox will establish Prakith under Imperial Rule

Return of the Eternal
Valentine Rayth becomes the Eternal.

Operation Swift Kick
Originally intent in gaining supplies, recruits and striking a blow to the Empire the Rebels were only successful in causing the prison riot.

Under Lock & Key
Arda learns the Force Seal technique.

Coreward Push
Two out of three targets were dealt with by Mandalorian forces while the third ended in a stalemate. Ultimately this results in a Mandalorian victory which adds Kuat to their galactic territory.

Back in Beskar
Tagal got the blueprints for his old armour, the designs on how to develop/forge his own jetpack and wrist rocket launcher by agreeing to see two contracts completed for a smith who makes said additions.

Deployment Ready
Tomic and his allies complete all missions but begin to pick up damage along the way. All four gained blaster damage. By the end of the plot however, Skuld had lost one arm at the shoulder and Tomic had lost one eye and one hand. These did not stop them from accomplishing their mission overall however.

House Hunting
Hask and Aurie get roped into a pirate job and end up with an Acranian Cutter MkV for Hask and a Zip flamer for Aurie

A Warrior's Pilgrimage
Leandros and Co. do a pilgrimage to go climb a big mountain and form Ha’rangir’s Chosen.

Gettin' Ya Gat
Crix solidifies his skill and experience as a gunslinger along alongside Burkhart Kelborn. Together they go on a noble hip aiming, six shot blasting, scum slaying, desert walking quest and come out with a renegade blaster and a story to tell their loved ones.

We Will Roche You
Zandrali Tuistco leads from the frontlines and with other Sith operatives hit the major targets needed to add Roche to the Empire's territory.

Taking the Purse World
The Empire successfully conquers Cato Neimodia.

Glory and Gore
Uhtred wins the Stormblade Bloodfest to attain the rank of Battle Master and the allegiance of Clan Orosii.

Hop On The Magic School Ship
Originally intending to obtain a starliner to turn into a mobile Jedi Academy, train first class. Only the training of a class was able to be accomplished ultimately.

Important IC News

State of the Galactic Alliance

The Galactic Alliance has been striving to build up their influence, in addition to trying to take the shadowport Borgo Prime as their own, the GA is also looking to build up rapport with Nubia to bring under them. With the establishment of the United Protectorate they have very-little if any representation in their senate, lagging behind the Mandalorians and the Sith in that respect, but that's not to say any actions the GA takes could remedy that as it could start with Nubia.

Also the GA are looking into obtaining a large 670 wide mining ship to use as a mobile headquarters, which should prove to be an asset.

The GA were also looking to take advantage of the wavered unity of the Empire while convincing Shu-Torun to turn away, so far this effort has mixed results, with one operation failing and another succeeding but hasn't been ruled out for the over-all objective to be failed.

State of the Sith Empire

The Sith Empire's assault against the spice world Kessel has failed and were beaten at Kuat, proving without a shadow of a doubt the prowless of the Mandalorians. In an unexpected turn of events, Emperor Rask went to Mandalorian and negotiated with Mand'alor Raz Solus. In an even more unexpected move, the two parties agreed on forming a joint government in the Core Worlds and Inner Rim in the United Protectorate. Although still at war, they have agreed on the establishment it's establishment and even in the United Protectorate they barely have a majority of representation it's senate, which could lead to further opportunities.

The war with the Galactic Alliance still continues. Emperor Rask is unexpectedly put on a dating reality show for the whole galaxy to watch, the cogs in his empire keep moving and the Empire continues to regrow with Roche and Cato Neimodia annexed back in. Telos and Iego are on the list, as well as the worlds of Centares, Abhean, the space station the Wheel.

State of the Mandalorians

The Mandalorians have not only captured Corellia, a major shipyard world from the Sith Empire, but have also captured Kuat after fierce battles. With a solid foothold in the Inner Rim and the Core Worlds, the Mandalorians have brought the Sith Empire to the negotiating tables. The result of these talks was the establishment of the United Protectorate in what is left of Imperial Republica.

The Mandalorians have also successfully protected the Kessel from a Sith invasion, further proving they are no match for the Mandalorian war machine. Not only that they have brought Kashyyyk into their fold, along with numerous other worlds under their sphere of influence when the Protectorate was established. Meanwhile the Mandalorians have won the support of the Hutt Lord Zemass, gaining control over key planet Randon and the Hutts organization allied with them

With the United Protectorate established and the Mandalorians quiet after hard-fought battles, it remains to be seen what their next move is.

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