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SWRP Newsletter #01:

January 22nd, 2018

Site Changes & Updates · Current Story Updates · Completed Player Plots · Important IC News
Greetings, fellow SWRPers! It has officially been a month since the Seventh Timeline began and the timeline has been running well. Members have created a colorful array of interesting characters and intriguing plots. Plots are running with a diversity of stories and opportunities, including the Boonta Eve tournament. There have been some changes to the site since the launch, will be reviewed in this newsletter along with the progress of the overall story of the timeline.
Site Changes & Updates

The Seventh Timeline has started off marvelously. However, some minor factors have been polished. The technology rules have been tweaked in order to clarify some ambiguities and make apparent what Force users are able to use for armor capabilities. Please note that when making write-ups for armor, be they advanced or generic, to use the official template and clarify the protective coverage of each region. A "Special" category of armor has been introduced, to cover non-standard armor types. Furthermore, carried items, miscellaneous items that aren't exactly weapons or protective gear, has been made, and can be submitted using the "Other" template; it is also more widely accessible to Force users. If you have any questions regarding tech, please consult with the Technology Admin, @Loco.

The Force has also been polished, to allow for better understanding and operation. Force sense is not omniscient and has its limitations. While it can help detect the prevalence of certain emotions or presence of certain Force auras, it cannot identify them like a bloodhound to exact location, even if you are more acquainted with an individual's presence. Force sense should not be used to justify predicting enemy attacks, as it is not battle precognition but rather, as the name applies, another sense of the body, attuned to the Force. If you wish to create a fanon Force ability or use an ability found in Legends (otherwise known as the Expanded Universe) but not found in Canon, please make a Lore using the proper temple and abide by the lore parameters.

A DM account has been created, to allow for better NPCing and story development. The DM account is called The Storyteller and is accessible to all members; to use it, use the "Post As User" drop-down menu found in the options underneath the primary text box of the Create Thread. At times the staff may utilize a DM account known as the Gatekeeper and it operates in the same fashion as The Storyteller.

We would like to take a moment to thank @Dark child for all he has done over the months as a New Members Mod, helping new members learn the ropes of the site. Dark child has chosen to step down in order to focus on RPing and we wish him the best in his endeavors. @Dread is our other New Members Mod and continues to do amazing work. New to the staff is @Faster Than Light, who shall be a New Members Mod as well. Additionally joining our team of mods are our three plot mods who will help review and moderate the plot system introduced in the Seventh Timeline. They are @Valen Pelora, @Insalius, and @Deviant. Lastly, @AutoFox has been brought aboard as a tech mod. He will assist our Tech Admin with the tech approval process and policing the generic tech boards.

As a reminder, Jakku at this time is still a jungle planet and not the desert world found in The Force Awakens. Likewise, Ahch-To is strictly off limits in the RP as of the present moment.

Current Story Updates

PVP Updates

Plot and Events Updates
  • There are currently 62 plots underway
  • One (1) plot has been completed
  • The Hutt Tournament is underway: Semi-final matches
  • The Beast Riders Return, for the Jedi Exiles, is underway on Dxun and Onderon!

Completed Player Plots

Alphonse Carraway found a wounded Jedi and some Force Sensitive children in an abandoned apartment building in Nar Shadaa. At first trading the man's lightsaber for a medpack so he could survive, he soon had a change of heart as previous interactions with Jedi managed to rekindle his sense of hope from the Order. Teaming up with then-Jedi Kal Vox he slew the notorious Bounty Hunters Nora and Ryker Hardeen before they could find and kill the injured Jedi and the children. As more Bounty Hunters closed in Alphonse ignited the lightsaber given to him and ran through the alleys, leading off pursuit so that Kal could get the young and wounded to safety. Injured and surrounded, Alphonse dared to hope once more in the Jedi and was rewarded as Kal, having stolen a shuttle, managed to pick him up and fly off to safety. Alphonse then joined the Jedi Order, determined to rekindle that light of hope in the hearts of others by any means necessary.

Important IC News

A Trial Gone Wrong

Four standard days before the Jedi Conclave convened on Ossus, a trial of exile was called for the young Jedi Knight Alais Drast (@Sreeya). This trial followed a number of troubling events, surrounding Alais, that first caught the eyes of her fellow Jedi before garnering the attention of the remains of the Jedi High Council itself. The trial was held in the judgement chamber of the Jedi Council spire in the Ossus temple. Jedi Master Ryell Vao (@Ryell Vao) presided over the proceedings, while Jedi Masters Kal Vox (@Phoenix) and Evalyn Dan'ela (@Valen Pelora), along with Jedi Knight Wyck (@Malon), sat as character witnesses.

The proceedings were grueling, at one point drawing the vocal ire of the peanut gallery of Jedi Knights watching and waiting for the verdict. At one point during the climax of the trial, and after two outbursts and a similar number of warnings, one Knight—identified as Fennex Zeerda (@Loco)—was detained by the Jedi Temple Guard (@Jedi Temple Guard). After hearing evidence and testimony from the witnesses, as well as Alais herself, Master Vao gave his verdict: exile, and, worse, Alais would be stripped of the Force.

Master Vao did not yield to the pleas of Alais's allies in the chamber, nor the noisy gallery, and immediately called for Masters Vox and Dan'ela to assist him in carrying out his judgement. It was at that moment that Alais Drast revealed her true self—now fully fallen to the dark side of the Force—and released a deadly barrage of Force lightning, killing Master Vao in cold blood, before fleeing the chamber. Complicit in her betrayal was Master Vox, who attacked fellow character witness, Wyck, before fleeing the chamber to join Drast.

Funeral services for Master Vao were held three standard days later. The culprits are still at large.

State of the Jedi Exiles

As a group, the Jedi Exiles have remained a quiet and shadowy force, though some have risen and made themselves known to the larger galaxy:

The one called "Leviticus" (@Deviant) has established a small force of Exiles on the planet Prakith and has risen to the rank of Master in the process. His cell was formed after tirelessly scouring the contours of the galaxy and was joined by such Dark Jedi as Valerian (@Malon), Halmo'de Torobah (@Gian Greydragon), Nari Emrour (@Narsi), Phyrenthius Syllicus (@DraconicPsycho), and the mysterious witch Rhea (also @Malon). The latest rumors suggest that the Prakith group have discovered some manner of dark creature (@Insalius) on the planet and are attempting to vanquish it to solidify their hold on the planet as a base. Leviticus's cell was most recently joined by fallen Jedi Alais Drast (@Sreeya) and Kal Vox (@Phoenix) who famously murdered Jedi Master Ryell Vao during Drast's own trial in the days immediately proceeding the Jedi Conclave on Ossus.

Meanwhile, two contingents of Exiles, led by the Warlords Satara Demeka and Essia Contaris, also made themselves known on Onderon and its savage moon of Dxun. As a group, they continue to strive for the reemergence of the Beast Riders and the start of a second Beast War, which would put the Exiles overall in an advantageous position to control the planet's monarchy.

Obituary of Dax Quix
It is with a heavy heart that we report that Dax Quix has passed away at the tender young age of thirty-five. A beloved son from the village of Saliermo on Jakku, the aspiring Veterinarian found his promising future cut short in the market of Velkor's Landing. The poor young man was killed by a stray blaster bolt fired during a skirmish between Jedi and Exile forces that had suddenly appeared at the market. He is survived by his wife, Miri, of whom he had been buying a first anniversary present for when his life was ended.

We all remember Dax fondly, that small but happy child working hard on his parent's farm. He always had an affinity for animals, perhaps being the cause of his future choice to study the Veterinary arts to help heal them. A local animal rights group was dismayed to hear of his passing, knowing how much work Dax had put into protecting local endangered species from extinction or poaching from Cartel criminals. This group has taken in his precious Porg, whom he had named 'Sir Brandon Porrigan', and are raising money to continue its care as it recovers from the injuries it sustained after being forcibly taken from its home.

Last known photo of Dax Quix, taken days before his untimely death, holding Sir Brandon Porrigan

(photo courtesy of @Notorious )

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