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January 31th, 2020

Site Changes & Information · Current Story Updates


Site Changes & Information

Welcome to the New Timeline!

Welcome to the first newsletter of this timeline!

This is a new kind of timeline for SWRP. Past timelines have always been conceived with specific, overarching stories that, while vague to allow for organic storytelling, pegged the timeline into being something specific. For example, we had The First Sith that was specifically about the war that led to the rise of the first SIth Empire, and our most recent timeline, Fires of Rebellion, was intended as a continuation of that with a rebellion against the Drast dynasty.

With a wide open canvas in our post-The Rise of Skywalker era, and all of the Star Wars canon and established site canon set firmly in the past, we have an opportunity to build this timeline in a new way. Rather than trying to create a specific overarching storyline, our primary goal was to create a setting upon which we can apply any stories, story arcs, plots, events, and more that we want. Theoretically, if members find this era intriguing and we are diligent about ensuring there are always active plots from members and staff alike, this timeline could last for years to come.

Again, we want to take a moment to thank the staff for all their hard work in developing this new timeline. In particular we'd also like to thank Dread, Shawn, Sreeya, and Aberforth for their work on updating and overhauling the site's host, security settings, and software. It was a huge lift and their work is greatly appreciated.

The Skywalker saga has come to an end, but the story of Star Wars is far from over.

The new Star Wars Legacies begins a century after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, in the year 135 ABY. The canon characters we know are (presumably) gone or very old, so they are no longer part of major galactic storylines. There are three main factions: the Jedi Order, the Sith Eternal, and the Five Syndicates. You can read the Story So Far, which begins after the events of The Rise of Skywalker, in this thread.

See here for more details.

Staff Changes

There's lot of other changes. we've re-organized the plot team based on the direction of the timeline.

@Brandon Rhea taking on a new role on the site called Story Crafter. The intent here is that he will focus fairly significantly on developing the overarching story with the plot team, and to provide guidance on how to implement that story.

We are also thrilled to announce that @Phoenix is taking on a new role as Story Admin, and he'll be working closely with the moderators who are on the plot team, assist in creating, developing, and implementing the story.
  • @Darasuum and @Painus are on the plot Plot Team. This team will be responsible for reviewing Initial and Completed Plot submissions based on the plot guidelines, as well as to help players create stories within the new plot system. They will also provide input on and help craft the overarching story.
  • @Raydo and @Insalius are on the event team team. This team’s responsibility is to take what the factions are currently doing and help tie those into the overarching story arcs of the site and help implement those story arcs. Additionally, they are responsible for helping to periodically create and implement special events for the site as part of or independent of major story arcs.
@GABA is resigning from her role as Plot & PVP Admin, we want to thank her for all her hard work!

We're really excited about the storytelling opportunities we have this timeline. We have three timeline's of SWRP canon and the whole of Star Wars canon to play with, and we already have some really fun ideas for The Force Eternal as our first major story arc. We also can't wait to see what all of you come up with and to find ways to highlight that in the overarching story. This is a truly collaborative effort to an extent we've never tried before, and the possibilities of an open-ended timeline are... well, endless.

See this announcement for more details on breakdowns on the new Plot Team, and wish Gaba well in her thread.

Plot Update

The plot rules have been updated. After evaluating how the system has been functioning, it is the goal of the plot team to promote storytelling over grinding out rewards. To that end here are the changes:
  • As has already been announced, tech plots are now on hold while the tech and story teams work together to come up with a better system for obtaining technology
  • Not everything needs a plot. Personal story arcs, obtaining generic assets, etc. do not require plots any longer. Plots are generally going to be reserved for gaining large, tangible assets or performing actions that have a large impact on the wider galaxy. We encourage you to still RP them out, but there's no need to submit something for review just to do something personal for your character
  • Perhaps the biggest change that will impact all plots is the structure of plot submission. It's been determined that every plot being mapped out in full detail takes away from storytelling and the ability to adapt, improvise, and explore in RP. As such, rather than submitting a play-by-play of every thread, plot submissions will now only include 1) the goal of the plot 2) the number of threads 3) types of threads (DM, dice, ASK/OPEN, etc) and 4) individuals involved. While the exact story doesn't need to be mapped out, don't think that this means that you can now ensure that you're always successful or abuse the system. If, when completed plots are evaluated, there has been any abuse, the plot will be voided.
  • With the introduction of the plot interference system, plot thread size is now going to be limited to no more than 4 players from a single group in one thread unless a very compelling reason is given to make an exception
  • Not all plots will be successful. From here forward, the staff will be reviewing these plots closely to ensure they tell are story and are more than grinding to meet minimum requirements. When the character is close to obtaining their goal, please let the plot team know so that we can review what has been done so far. The staff will then determine the reward obtained for the thread. This could be the intended goal, part of the goal, or simply nothing at all.
  • Pursuing artifacts now requires a justification for why the artifact is necessary. They should be means to a story end, not an end themselves. When submitting a plot to pursue an artifact, an explanation for one of the following will be required: 1) what the item will be used for in order to advance a story 2) an explanation for why this is important to a character's story arc or 3) an accompanying submitted application of the character's story arcs thus far that support the reasoning for this character wanting to pursue the artifact. Fresh characters wanting to pursue an artifact "just because I want it" isn't going to be acceptable.
Tech Updates

After much debate by the Staff Team, we are abolishing the entire Advanced Tech RP mechanic, and permanently eliminating Tech Plots.

What does this mean exactly? It means that most tech will be open for use by anyone who wants it. You'll still be limited to starting with a reasonable amount of tech, and you are still encouraged to acquire things organically through RP, but you will no longer be required to do a tech plot for it.

We've decided to make this change because, frankly, most Tech Plots sucked. They just were not serving the site story. About 90% were bare minimum effort grinds just to get hands on something that gave some pvp advantage, real or perceived. With less focus on pvp overall and more on storytelling, we felt it was time to shut it all down.

The tech boards are now open for business. Please make sure you are using the updated templates when submitting new tech, and review the changes to the rules.

The "Advanced" thread prefix has been renamed "Restricted". Read through some of the tech we marked Advanced/Restricted to get a feel for what some limitations might be. If you have a pending submission or have already created generitech reskins, we recommend reviewing your work to make sure it conforms to the changes we've made.

For more or if you have questions, see this announcement.


And lastly, we have opened up a new donation system where members who donate can become "SWRP Supporters" and earn a new user banner on their profiles/posts. You can access the donation portal here.

This is purely voluntary and we'll never pressure you to donate. If you do choose to donate, which is of course incredibly appreciated, your donation will go toward the cost of maintaining and upgrading the site both now and for future technical costs to continue providing you a great SWRP experience. All funds collected will go directly to cover server, software, and upgrade costs. No profits will be made from the donation system.

If you choose to donate, thank you in advance! Donation or not, your continued support of SWRP and Star Wars Legacies is incredibly appreciated by the staff team.

Current Story Updates

General Time Reminder
  • It is 100 years after the Battle of Exegol, we are in 135 ABY (After Battle of Yavin).
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

Reputation Increases
State of the Jedi Order
The Jedi Order have been active even with there being no major threats looming (that they are aware of) and a galaxy at peace. @Oren Zapan leads an expedition to the molten planet Ifrane to gather ancient Jedi Grandmaster Wyck's holocron, with the New Jedi Order being sure to benifit from lost knowledge from ages past. Although it's not without missteps as @Saul Devan literally misstepped into lava, along with other misfortunes.

The Jedi are also taking it upon themselves to provide good will to Eriadu after a devestating earth quake.

In more recent events, two Jedi have encountered a man who identified himself as a Knight of Ren, a group of dark warriors thought to have been dismantled at Exegol a hundred years ago. The news is right now being brought to the Jedi Council.

Lastly, @Mila Tesara after triumphing where others fell, obtained an ancient crystal with half of coordinates in it at Fortress Vader for the Mask of the Eternal.

State of the Sith Eternal
The Sith Eternal still skulks in the shadows, not known to everyone else still. The Eternal has called for all available Sith Eternal members to convene in a hidden location in the Unknown Regions. After making an example of a foolish cultist, he made a proclamation to his followers: first and foremost to find the lost Hypergates, so the hidden group can move around freely. And next, to gather assets for the faction, in the way of politicians, soldiers, and more force users to draw from. The organization still stresses on remaining hidden and secret for the time being.

The Sith Eternal are also scouting out the ancient Sith world Korriban, in order to establish a base. Not only that, the group is also working to sabotage low level elections on Serenno, in order to lay the roots for the shadowy organization. On Bakura, Eternal agents plan on sowing the seeds on the wild space planet Bakura. With all this, the Sith Eternal can slowly build itself up and rise while not revealing themselves to the greater galaxy.

State of the Five Syndicates
The Five Syndicates is alive and well, with the various syndicates in it's folds doing buisness as usual. It's members however are active in their own pursuits as well. One group of scoundrels that are pulling of a heist in the Canto Bight casino vault. If successful, the job would increase their standing surely as well as provide funding for future ventures.

Very recently, Durr the Hutt made a broadcast on the holonet. Enraged by what transpired in the footage with his son being murdered, he called forth a bounty on all lightsabers holders, five-thousand credits each lightsaber taken from them. Whether this it's a Jedi, a member of the still unknown Sith Eternal group, or anyone else who has a lightsaber, they will have to be careful and watch their back as they are now targets. The footage sent shockwaves with what had transpired, but even now bounty hunters are already beginning to gear up for the most dangerous prey...

State of the Sector Rangers
Crime never sleeps and neither does the Sector Rangers, who have been pursing criminals all across the galaxy, way outside Free Worlds' space. A group of sector rangers have been at work pursuing one of their wanted criminals Ralousa.

In addition, they have been heavily involved on Narr Shaddaa, investigating crimes and ending up around the events surrounding Gurrba, at the Pit and Gurrba the Hutt's death as well.

How the Rangers would react to Durr's holonet broadcast remains to be seen.
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