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January 31st, 2019

Site Changes & Information · Current Story Updates · Completed Player Plots · Important IC News
Welcome to the second Fire of Rebellion Newsletter! This months newsletter includes lots of information about the new timeline that you want to know and more!


Site Changes & Information

Newer Site Changes

Minor Change Log:

  • The Mandalorian Prestige System has been removed.

Older Site Changes

Now that we are a couple weeks into the timeline, the staff team has decided to launch our new Wanted Ads System. This system is meant to promote activity in factions that need activity, in order to keep the timeline healthy and going strong for as long as possible. Remember that if one side becomes inactive or has low activity for a long span of time, or is totally destroyed, that tends to spell the end of a timeline.

Faction Activity is ranked on the following scale:

Critically Low - Low - Medium - High

These ranks take active characters, faction plots, mission pack activity and PvP activity into consideration. Depending on how a faction is ranked on the above scale, they will have certain bonuses available or not available.

High - No Bonuses Available
Medium - Generally no Bonuses Available unless all other factions are High
Low - Bonuses Available
Critically Low - All Bonuses Available

Types of Bonuses

Character Creation Bonus
All new characters created for the faction are able to apply for a 50 credit bonus.

Character Activity Bonus - Tier 1
Characters in the faction who have 20 posts or more and have participated in either a faction plot or faction mission may apply for a 50 credit bonus. Does not stack with Tier 2.

Character Activity Bonus- Tier 2
Characters with 20 posts or more and have participated in PvP may apply for a 50 credit bonus. Does not stack with Tier 1.

Mission Leader Bonus
Characters who have successfully lead/hosted and completed a Faction Plot or Faction Mission Pack may apply for a 75 credit bonus.

You may only apply for each bonus ONCE per character, however Tier bonuses do not stack so you can only apply for one or the other. Basically, you can apply for the Character Creation Bonus, a Tier Bonus and a Mission Leader Bonus for the same character if said character fulfills all the requirements and the bonuses are available.

Current Faction Rankings and Available Bonuses
Galactic Alliance
Activity Rank: HIGH

Bonuses Available: N/A

Imperial Republica

Bonuses Available: Character Creation Bonus, Character Activity Bonus - Tier 1, Character Activity Bonus- Tier 2, Mission Leader Bonus

Old Empire

Bonuses Available: Character Creation Bonus, Character Activity Bonus - Tier 1, Character Activity Bonus- Tier 2, Mission Leader Bonus

Activity Rank: HIGH

Bonuses Available: N/A

To apply for a bonus, or to keep updated on available bonuses and activity rankings, simply go to the Special Credit Submissions thread in the Character Profiles forum.

Remember that characters that were made or threads/plots/missions packs that were complete before these bonuses are announced are NOT eligible!

Current Story Updates

General Time Update
  • It has been 500 years since the Battle of Coruscant (ABC)
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

PVP Updates

Wins and Losses

(CPvP NOT included)
  1. Clan Solus came in numbers to foil an Imperial Republica operation on Manaan, ending with Alexandra Thul-Drast being captured and later branded.
  2. Percy Fleck had a fight with Narir, Daniel, and Lenadros Solus alone, and ended as one would expect, but was able to leave with his life in exchange for a hand.
  3. Wyatt, Leandros and Dio Solus have defeated the Sith on Taris. Sythe was stunned and captured by Wyatt, Grik was blown up by a wrist rocket and Mason was shot down parachuting in the middle of a fight.
  4. Vespasian Reed XVII was killed by a turret on Aks-Ree's tram (NPC) after he jumped in the way of a cannon on his speeder. In the end, Aks-Ree was captured by Sunverkh Jhess alive after being nearly killed by a grenade.
  5. The Mandalorians and Sith fought and lost each other on Bandoomer, but during Crimson Varek was shot up full of burning holes by Cuyan Ordo and just stood there until he died.
  6. Taang Shul was defeated by Narir and Koil Solus on Nubia when he tried pulling himself and a speeder out of the way of blaster fire with the Force and was lethally pelted with blaster bolts.
  7. Clan Solus have defeated the Imperial Sith on Nal Hutta. Eddard Thul-Drast faceplanted and was executed by Dio Solus. But Demolly (after being maimed by a wrist rocket from Buckhart) and Jarek managed to leave.
  8. Raz and Reyna Solus defeated the Old Empire forces on Kashyyyk. Vendora was gunned down as she ran away and ended up with her head on a stick. Shadzai Nuhkoir was heavily wounded and lost a limb, but lived.
  9. Vermon Hall was easily captured and turned-in for his bounty by Metropolis after Metro shot Yura in the crotch more than a couple times and turned her head into paste.
  10. Aila Roas was captured by Varyn Rask, Jarek Ysirth, and Norro Tanwa after being abandoned by Toland Vult and Devrim Wolfe
  11. Following a heated outburst after being addressed by the wrong name during Jedi class, Jorrin Pell was subdued and captured by Aurora Blackwood and Luy
  12. Jason Maverick and Metropolis were riding a cab, then Caran Malo shot the cabbie, then Narir and Wyatt Solus fired wrist rockets to destroy it, killing the cab occupants. Meanwhile Joseph Trayzn was hit with a grenade and stumbed into flames and burned to death.
  13. Although Weechee managed to land a killing blow on the Governor of Null (NPC), it didn't come without cost as the Ewok was set on fire and was immolated by the man. Boora Sun passed out after exhaustion and was captured by security in the battle's aftermath

PLEASE NOTE: If you did not report your kill, capture or knockout in the Newsletter Submissions thread it may be missing from this months newsletter.

These characters are now Level 2:

  1. @Aurora Blackwood
  2. @Aurelian Keth
  3. @Vuthari
  4. @Eisa Swan
  5. @Leah Reach
  6. @Leandros Solus
  7. @Devrim Wolfe
  8. @Raz Solus
  9. @Ner Giza
  10. @Diocletian Solus
  11. @Ayasha Waya
  12. @Alysanne Drast
  13. @Varyn Rask
  14. @Wyatt Kebiin-Solus
  15. @Daniel Solus
These characters have ranked up:
  1. @Greybok has ranked up to Rebel Council
  2. @Alysanne Drast has ranked up to Jedi Padawan and Rebel Commander
  3. @Ayasha Waya has ranked up to Jedi Padawan
  4. @Asha has ranked up to Jedi Padawan
  5. @Theodosia Acatia has ranked up to Jedi Padawan
  6. @Castor Chumeda Volante has ranked up to Jedi Padawan
  7. @Toland Vult has ranked up to Jedi Padawan
  8. @Devrim Wolfe has ranked up to Jedi Padawan
  9. @Freyja Storm has ranked up to Jedi Padawan
  10. @Fey Meraska has ranked up to Jedi Padawan
  11. @Arda Breaux has ranked up to Jedi Padawan
  12. @Prax Dek has ranked up to Jedi Padawan
  13. @Varyn Rask has ranked up to Sith Crusader
  14. @Saorise Kallig has ranked up to Sith Crusader
  15. @Percy Fleck has ranked up to Sith Crusader
  16. @Arianna Marris has ranked up to Sith Crusader
  17. @Leandros Solus has ranked up to Mandalorian Field Marshal
  18. @Daniel Solus has ranked up to Mandalorian Field Marshal
  19. @Diocletian Solus has ranked up to Mandalorian Rally Master
  20. @Narir Solus has ranked up to Mandalorian Rally Master
  21. @Koil Solus has ranked up to Mandalorian Rally Master
  22. @Wyatt Kebiin-Solus has ranked up to Mandalorian Field Marshal
  23. @Rud Solus has ranked up to Mandalorian Rally Master
  24. @Burkhart Kelborn has ranked up to Mandalorian Rally Master

Plot and Events Updates

  • There are currently 147 plots underway.
  • 30 plots have been completed.

Completed Player Plots

Fly Casual
For Castor to have a Vector-Class Imperial Shuttle upgraded with a Quad Cannon and an advanced IFF Spoofer.

Assemble, Star Squadron
Czerka's forces were eliminated and the Moddell sector has successfully fallen into Alliance hands.

Leah's First Five
Crypt found and renewed for use, Jedi trained, lightsabers were built. Aside from the regular ones constructed, two lightsaber pistols were acquired.

Blood Stripes and Red Skulls
The Red Skull Gang supply lines into Concord Dawn were significantly hampered when a sizable caravan of ships was destroyed.

Ship Fit for a King
Got Vrael a more worthy ship of his rank, a Nightshade Pinnace

Annexing Bandomeer
The Mandalorians struck a deal to bring Bandomeer under the control of the Mandalorians.

Be my Boo, Naboo!
Naboo has been discovered, alliance forged with the Gungans, and a rebel base established on the surface.

Gaseous Volley
Arianna Marris successfully convinces CFO to move factory to Serenno and discusses arrangements with chief engineers to begin factory transition.

The Greater Good Grows
Varyn recruits numerous new members to the Venatori, removes the former leadership, and becomes the de facto leader of the Venatori, paving the way for future operations

The Greater Good Grows Greater
For Eddard to make contacts for, and recruit new members for, the Venatori
Actual Outcome of Plot: Eddard recruited several characters and established good relations/contacts with others

Exploring with a Scout, Part Deux
The actual outcome of this plot was that the Jedi Master and his Padawan went back to the campsite of the mercenaries. They defeated the battle droids there guarding the Waxa-class exploration ship (the generic of it) and had to escape in that ship due it having landed on a frozen lake

Trusting and Untrusted
Vu'thari finds these FS potential Jedi, deciding that they could become Jedi. This culminates in Vu'thari taking his first Padawan, Ayasha Waya and beginning Prax and Kae'Leigh in instruction. These are the first steps to a rebuilt and reborn Jedi Order.

Gas Attack
Rescued wookies from slavers and killed and destroyed all slavers. Kruger swiped some of the knock out grenades they used

Relief for Ruthariin
The village was protected from further attacks and the residents were returned safely from the Trandoshan encampment. The village is now a possible staging ground for future rebel activity on Ryloth.

To Steal a Ship
Freyja and Hosk break into a secure compound and steal the ship, however after communicating with its pilot who Joined Freyja. She finds that the Hyperdrive has been uninstalled. So she hires the Mandalorian Burckhart to help her steal it back. With the payment of a Class 1 Hyperdrive which was also stolen at the same time.

Wicked Games
While Saorise has taken over the mantle as Lord of House Dalaigh, she has lost much to climb as high as she has.

A Rebel is Born
Toland Vult defects from the Empire and after being thoroughly screened, joins the rebellion.

Two Birds
Koil and Wyatt go to Randon in search of Liemo Smirt, a high level bounty and question the locals in the lower levels. They get what information they can out of them and infiltrate Liemo's personal sky yacht. They make their way through his security detail and recover him to collect the bounty.

Contruum of Solus
After receiving help from the Mandalorians keeping the peace, Contruum is now a ally of the Mandalorians and it's shipyards are now added to the growing Mandalorian War Machine.

A Better Way
Castor Chume'da-Volante grows disllusioned with his place in the Sith, and eventually leaves to become a Jedi Padawan under Leah Reach.

Gotta Catch Em'All
Jedi Master Aurora Blackwood encounters several force-sensitives and decides to train them as Jedi. Theodosia also becomes a Jedi Padawan.

Clan Solus Base on Kashyyyk
After doing a lot to help the wookies on Kashyyyk, Clan Solus establish a base of operations on the planet.

Gathering the Basics
Raz and Narir Solus obtain 3 Violator Disruptor Pistols

Operation: Stardust
The Galactic Alliance gain allies in the Anaot Sector, capping it off with a party and treaty signing event.

Star Wars: A Musical
Theodosia Acatia finds a Jedi Master to train her and becomes a Jedi Padawan

Padawan! Gotta Catch'em All
Alysanne Drast becomes the first Jedi Padawan in the new Jedi Order

The Kuat Drive Yards
The Mandos succeed in hyperspacing a ship into the KDY, doing serious damage

Twin Suns Rising
The GA established a base on Tatooine

The Jedi Order
The Jedi Order united.

Important IC News

State of the Galactic Alliance

The rebels have been tirelessly recruiting people, and planets, to their cause. With the help of numerous valiant hero's, Czerka's forces were eliminated in the Moddell sector, convincing them to join the alliance. Not only that, but they made a formal alliance with the government of the Anoat sector, securing the sector as part of their territory. Soon after, rebel forces discovered a planet named Naboo and established a base on it.

Phaeda, known as smuggling haven and trade hub, much like Savareen harbored a criminal syndicate known as the Phaeda Triumvirate. This syndicate sought to seize control of the planet and all it's nearby systems. However, the rebels quickly intercepted this strike force and took them out before it was too late.

While the rebels front runners kept themselves busy, so did the newly established Jedi Order. Not only did they unite, but they trained eleven new padawans, who have the ability to train more padawans. While still facing extinction, the order has survived and spread. They even discovered the Deep Stone Crypt, which held many ancient secrets about the Jedi. This spread of the order, however, lead to the discovery of it's survival; to not only its allies, but it's enemies. Will this be a fatal mistake, or will the light spread to the rest of the galaxy, snuffing out the darkness that seems to span the entire galaxy?

State of the Old Empire

Taris is a planet dominated by a continent which is covered entirely by one city. Its most important resources is its Kelp farms. They help not only to provide food stuffs for the planet's inhabitants but many of the local systems as well. The planet is of vital importance not only due to its resources but also its location. It sits on the Hydian Way as well as the Mandalorian Road. This access to shipping makes the planet a high priority target for the Old Empire.

The large city itself is broken into two distinct cultures. There is the human dominated upper city where the wealthy live. The lower city is primarily populated with aliens and that group lives on the edge of poverty. The lower city or Under Taris as it is known, has a reputation for organized crime, gangs and drugs. To fully control Taris, you must control not only the upper city but also the lower.

The news programs are awash with the tales of the Mandalorian attacks on the Imperial Republica. The Old Empire's Emperor has seen that the attention of the Imperial Republica is fixed upon the Mandalorian aggression and has capitalized on that aggression with some of his own. Where the Mandalorians are getting all of the attention, the Old Empire has followed their attacks and snapped up worlds they have passed. This strategy began on Taris.

But his attention was soon turned from domination when the new Empress of the Imperial Republica challenged him to a Kaggath. As a True Sith, he accepted the challenge, taking it head on.

State of the Imperial Republica

Led by the naval officer and Imperial Agent Sergei Petrov, the Imperial Republica made a foray for Cato Neimoidia. Established as a colony for the Neimoidian species, outside their homeworld and beyond Imperial space, it is nothing more than a colonial loophole to avoid the Empire's control. Treasonous. The world will be taken for the Imperial Republica as retribution.

When the inactivity of Emperor Elix became too much to bear, Lyanna Drast stepped forward. With the support of the Imperial Court, she took the throne from the Absent Emperor, sentencing her cousin to life in imprisonment with his name struck from all prison records. It was a bloodless coup, with even the Emperor's personal guard leaving the way to the throne unblocked.

The enemy who cannot feed his armies - has no armies.

The enemy who cannot fuel his fleets - has no fleets.

The enemy who cannot trade, cannot feed and cannot fuel.

These are simple principles of war that have been understood for generations, across the entire Galaxy. Lyanna Drast, Empress of the True Sith Empire, studied history and knows this to be true. So as it worked for generations past, so did it work for the Imperial Republica now.

She didn't pin down resources, however. Instead, she commanded her people to recruit pirate gangs to her cause; to establish themselves on planets, moons and space stations close to the hyperspace lanes going into the Old Empire. To choke the life from the traitors.

But that was not it. She stepped forward to challenge the Old Empire's Emperor in a Kaggath, to show the galaxy, once and for all, who the true ruler is.

State of the Mandalorians

The Mandalorian people have taken to their age old practice of war with gusto, contining to sweep fire throughout the galaxy, gaining Bandomeer, Contruum, Umbra and Dathomir, expanding Mandalorian-owned space greatly and rapidly.

And when the Galatic Alliance decided to attack Corellia, they joined forces with them

Despite not being unified, they have launched several attacks on the Sith Empire, secured the allegiance of key neutral worlds and aligned themselves with the Galactic Alliance in the common cause of the Sith Empire's end. More recently the Mandalorian people have been crying out for one of their numbers to become Mandalor- and they look to House Solus for their future leader.

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