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Jun 2, 2013
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Jago Haaldin


► 25
► Nautolan
► 6'1" (1.85m)
► 205 (92.99 kg)
► Black
► N/A
► Nomadic
► Male
► Matukai
► Adept
► Yes (Trained)

Jago, unlike many of his people, would never see the crashing waves, tranquil beaches, or peaceful coves of his homeworld. This was not his mother and father's way. They were Matukai and Jago was born into their cloistered order. The order was hidden away for good reason as decades ago they also suffered at the hands of the Empire and were nearly wiped out along with the Jedi. As such Jago grew up on the move, his small clan of Matukai constantly on the move from planet to planet like many other small bands of the secretive order.

As with all Matukai Jago began training in martial arts the moment he could lift his fists. He excelled in his training which included numerous martial arts and melee weapons. His training also included the more mysterious force practices of the Matukai. He took eagerly to his early training and was soon a fighting machine of lean muscle and precise control of his body.

Overtime Jago became bored with the endless training and longed to put his skills to use. He would begin to sneak out of his clans camp and wander into settlements. The young Nautolan would use his skills to help people in need whenever he could, believing that his skills should be used to help others, not lay hidden away for fear of the Matukai being discovered. He did this for years and helped many right under the noses of his fellow Matukai. He would finally go to the leaders of his clan and reveal what he’d been doing. While disappointed they understood that Jago’s intentions were good. The elders decided that it was time to end training and take action. They believed that if the Jedi could return so could their own order. So Jago and many others left the cloister, and sought out pilgrimage in the stars. They had 3 major goals in mind: Help those in need, try to find other members of the Matukai in order to rebuild, and to better understand the place their new order would have in the current galaxy.

So now Jago wanders from port to port, seemingly just a poor simple traveler, but anyone in need would soon find that he was more than capable of defending them.


Jago is easy going, boisterous, and jovial. He almost always has a smile on his face, but he practically beams when given an opportunity to showcase his skills. He feels the most joyful when engaged in combat, not to dominate, but just enjoying the physical aspect and challenge.

Jago can however prove to be a bit headstrong, sometimes rushing into situations without full context or information if he thinks he can be of use. This can be annoying but his easy going nature makes it very easy for Jago to make new friends, hell some would say too easily as the Nautolan can be too trusting.


-Expert martial artist (specializing in Terss Kasi)

-Expert climber and free runner

-Expert in melee weaponry including: Swords, staffs, hand axes, and fighting sticks

-Speaks decent Huttese and Wookie

-Terrible pilot, doesn't care for flying.

Force Abilities:

The Matukai force practices and traditions differ greatly from the Jedi or Sith. The main difference is they see physical activity and meditation as one in the same, thus the harder they push their bodies the stronger their connection to the force becomes. To achieve this the Matukai focus all their training and energies into mastering their own bodies, achieving a level of mastering over their physical being that few can imagine.

This means that most Matukai, Jago included have no ability to use the force to influence the world around them. This means no telepathy, telekinetic abilities or energy manipulation for Jago. What he can do however is just as astonishing as anything Jedi can do. He is able to use the force to augment his own body to move faster, hit harder, and take more abuse through allowing the force to flow smoothly through his body. Similar to the way a Jedi can but on a deeper physical level allowing the user to use this ability with much less of a drain on users stamina.

Feeding the force into their bodies in this way also allows for other odd abilities. Such as being able to control the users body temperature, to a level of even burning to touch. Enhancements to one's natural senses like sight, hearing, or smell. A more advanced technique, with enough training a Matukai can gain such control over their own physical form that they can easily discern injuries or toxins in their body; that with enough training can become immune to disease and poisons. Jago is not at that level yet, but he has some training and knowledge of the technique making him harder to take down with conventional poisons or toxins.

Finally some masters can even harden their muscle fibers making their bodies more rigid in order to deflect physical attack. Jago can only use this technique over very small areas of his body and as of now is very draining, it’s a last resort that definitely needs more training.

+Jago's Custom Matuki Gaunlets
+Blast Vest (in the form or a simple leather chest plate overlaid in titanium)
+Traveling Poncho
+Pet Convor named Heero


    • His Way ― Jago finds his way into a upscale casino. ― Incomplete
    • What Do We Have Here ― Jago meets his first Jedi and puts her to the test. ― Complete
    • Practice Makes Perfect ― Jago finds a Sith and joins him for a spar ― Incomplete
    • The Blood Forest ― Jago happens upon a mission involving a Darkside blood cult ― Complete
    • When Duty Calls ― Jago makes his way to Ajan Kloss and decides to aid the Jedi in their fight against the rising Sith threat ― Complete
    • The Battle of Ryloth ― Jago aids his new Jedi allies in a desperate defense against a Sith attack ― Complete
    • Careful Navigation ― In an effort to get a ship up and running for the Jedi, Jago offers his help to retrieve a navicomputer from a derelict ship ― Complete
    • Forging Bonds ― Jago is called in to aid in a rescue attempt of Business deal gone bad and makes a new little friend ― Complete
    • Acolyte and Adept ― Jago duals with a young sith Acolyte ― Incomplete
    • Stuck on Bracca ― Some down time while the Jedi Guardians repair their new corvette ― Ongoing
    • Dig for Freedom! ― The guardians ship is finally uncovered thanks to Fiach and Jago ― Complete
    • The Temple That Should Not Be ― Jago and the Jedi continue the fight against the blood cultists ― Complete
    • Forest Fires ― Only Jago and the Jedi can prevent forest fires from consuming a local space port ― • Ongoing
    • A Security Upgrade: Brawling With Pigs ― Jago gets to put his martial skills to the test to get the Jedi some muscle ― • Ongoing
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