It takes two to cause chaos


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Jun 16, 2018
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Njall was angry, no he was not just angry, he was pretty darn livid as he landed on Tatooine with his freighter. Who the kriffing blacksmith and then a Mandalorian one at that and then expect to get away with it?! His crew knew not to push their boss' buttons right now and just follow him and do what he said. Getting out of the cockpit Njall entered the living quarter where a man laid cuffed and beaten to a bloody pulp while Njall's crew stood around him.

The cold exterior of the helmet looked down at the cuff, beaten almost senseless, showing no emotions. However, on the inside of the emotionless helmet, stared Njall daggers.

The cuffed pirate coughed up blood, most likely from some kind of internal bleeding probably, frankly, the Ursine fark about this pirate as he and his crew stole from Njall on another planet, while Njall was away. While the rest managed to get away with a very large portion of Beskar, Njall's crew did capture the one on the floor and beat the information out of the man.

The pirate was pulled out of the ship and placed on his knees, moaning in pain from the brutal beating he had received not long ago. With heavy steps, Njall descended the ramp slowly with his big two-handed war mace resting on his shoulder while Njall held the handle with one hand. To say the war mace was big, was an understatement as the handle was almost as long as the average human and with a truly massive head. Lifting this weapon would take a huge amount of strength for the average-sized humanoid creature, making only the wookies another who's in the same strength class to be able to use the weapon effectively.

A few of the crew members was tense, as they knew what was about to take place, an execution in broad daylight. "Yoo may vonder vkhy I'm carrying a veapon like zis? Zis is very simple" started Njall to explain as he slowly walked over to the cuffed pirate who now started to realize what was about to happen.

"P-please..." tried the cuffed pirate to beg, but he had to cough violently, getting blood up as well.

"I believe zat ve can only trooly know oor enemy, by croshing their skolls in. So, let os see vhat troly hides inside of yoo head," finished Njall and with a big overhead swing, the war mace's head impacted with the pirate's head with such a crushing force that the head of the pirate exploded from the impact. The sand was painted red by the colour of blood, as more and more came pouring out of the dead body and, of course, what left of bits and pieces of the pirate's head.

So now Njall was fully armed and driving across the dune of the Tatooine sand sea in a buggy with an open truck for when he received the Beskar. When Njall finally arrived where the coordinates lead him, he stopped the buggy and got out. With his war mace behind his back, cleaned from the earlier execution, he made his way for a hill that should give an overlook of the valley the base was located in.

As a ranged weapon, he had taken his heavy blaster cannon with him and was kneeling down on the rocky cliffs, using his helmet's functions to locate the base.

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Mar 2, 2019
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While Njall was lying down on the dune, watching the base down below, something odd was happening behind him. Pulling up on a swoop beside his truck was none other than Arden Kryze. He brought the swoop to a standstill and disembarked before he adjusted his jacket and making sure both pistols were in their holsters.

He whistled a tune as he pulled some kind of weapon case off the back of his swoop and waltzed over towards Njall. "Good afternoon." he said casually, kneeling down beside the giant and placing down the weapon case. "Ya know, I've been eyeing these guys for a while now. Stealin' Beskar from Mandos ain't the smar'est thing to do." he spoke as he moved the case in front of him and worked on the locks. "I was plannin' on hitting them this afternoon, actually. Bu' with you here, it'll be a lo' easier." the locks disengaged and the case flipped open...revealing a missile launcher as well as a few high explosive warheads.

He smiled behind his T-visor as he shouldered the weapon. "No time like the present." he said as he took aim and locked onto one of the main gun emplacements.