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Valik Extremis

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Feb 12, 2016
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Post here to sign up to join the New Sith Imperium, or one of its sub-factions. Profiles will be reviewed and approved by one of the Sith echelon, which currently includes: Weiss, Clayton, and Fat Possum. This new thread has been created due to the last sign-up thread having been cluttered. When a person has been approved, the application will be deleted. You may sign-up for more than branch of the New Sith Imperium, though the Sith echelon reserve the right to deny access to branches while accepting others. Please apply using the following template:

Note: New SWRPers start out with the lowest rank. Also, Sith Lord may not be requested unless prior approval from the Sith echelon. "Darth" is only given to members of the Dark Council.

Character Name: Valik Extremis
3) Branch: Sith
4) Rank Desired? Well seeing everyone mostly is putting acolyte il say master, because you will have a handful of masters but TONS of acolytes. But ultimately its not up to me. So what ever the echelon wants to put me as
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