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Dec 9, 2013
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110 ABY
25 standard years*

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1.7 meters
60 kilograms

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Jedi Order
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Ilukai Koa

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Ilukai Koa, was a Jedi Knight active during 'The Force Eternal' era. Stepping into her knighthood just as the Sith were beginning to be revealed to the galaxy, Ilukai stepped up to face the darkness, just as her allies had done before her.



Burinjina was new to the galactic stage. Well, in truth it was barely in the wings. And Ilukai had grown up on a planet that scarcely knew of the world beyond until she was coming of age. But when it hit her, it hit her.

The capital of Wurrnedje was most accepting of offworlders, and in the restless evenings of the city Ilukai found herself long in conversation with the few traders, academics, and explorers that came to visit the planet. She heard tell of the history of the galaxy, of the Republic, the Empire, the Rebellion, and the Resistance. Stories like those only served to keep her mind far from the life she was living on planet, and to dream of a new world beyond when so many others decided to keep their heads low.

But it was not the only thing that set her apart.

Inklings of something other had been in her for a long time. A sense of what was coming ahead, of what people were like. It was not until a Jedi, following the tales of the Burinjina's strong Force connection, came to visit and show her exactly what that meant.

With her sensitivity revealed, Ilukai's existing desire to get off planet was fulfilled, shooting to Ajan Kloss to see what she, and the galaxy, could become. Learning the ways of the Force, of the Jedi, Ilukai had found herself taught by one knight, Saul Devan. It was not long before the revelations of the Knights of Ren and the Sith that Ilukai achieved Knight status herself. Upon hearing of her old Masters death, she made pace to Ajan Kloss once more, after extended time exploring and assisting in the Outer Rim, to take in the Jedi Order once more, and do what needed to be done.

Personality and traits

Curious, driven, strong-headed, more than a few choice words that seemed to fit Ilukai, all the way from her time on Burinjina through to her Knighthood. The middle child of a large family, Ilukai had to learn to stick up for herself in order to keep her voice heard. And she made sure when it was she had something to say, meaning what she knew she knew damn well. Alot of which was everything she could find out about the galaxy beyond her little city.

It kept her eyes and soul ever upward, always moving, and ready to take on whatever life threw at her, and it was always ready to throw plenty.

She was equally at home in the natural environment, as most Burinjinians were. She knew many of the plants and animals, and hardly saw a distinction between what was around and the people in it, an extension of her peoples overall world view. Discovering the Force and the Jedi's teachings seemed only an extension of this, leading to a particularly ecological, non-hierarchical point of view within the Order, and a seeking for Force heavy spaces, like a Nexus, or old Jedi locations.

Powers and abilities

imageOne truly home in the outdoors, Ilukai equally took to her Jedi teachings like few others. Drawing special attention to the Force, she always had a desire to understand it better.

  • Lightsaber: Understanding its role as an extension of herself, Ilukai has become capable with her blade, and is ready to use it when required.
  • Blasters: An unfamiliar tool to her, she can point and shoot, but little else.
  • Conversational: Always one to speak her mind when needed, it is good she values quietude and listening to balance it out.
  • Piloting: Another skill that anyone on her home planet could scarcely imagine having, her dreams of seeing the galaxy required learning how to fly almost immediately.
  • Survival: Much of Burinjina's economy was still agricultural, and local culture put great emphasis on connecting the people to the land they lived on. To that end, Ilukai knows a great deal of wilderness skills like many of her kin.
  • The Force: Excited to see the living embodiment of what had been until then part of her philosophy, Ilukai took to her instruction in the Force with ease.

Ilukai had little of her own to take with her when she joined the Jedi. While her robes contained patterns relevant to her people, she kept her lightsaber (Orange) at her side, and little else besides. Only time would tell if she gathered more things to her,


Chapter 1 - Deciding Her Place
__1. Honoring the Dead - Seeing what the Sith can do
__2. At the Edge of Known Space - Artifacts and Enemies
__3. The Unknown Tomb - Cleaning up the Mess
__4. Gathering Materials - Spacecraft supplies
__5. When Duty Calls - What are the Jedi to do?

Chapter 2 - A Force Against Dark
__6. The Battle of Ryloth - One could not stay idle

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