Hutt Grand Council

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Hutt Cartel
The Grand Council
The Hutt Kajidics are criminal slash business syndicates run as families by the Hutts. They have their hands in all kinds of criminal ventures. Unlike most usual crime syndicates that operate in secret, the Hutt clans operate out in the open, claiming leadership over dozens of worlds. The Kajidics employed those of all species as vassals and employees, ranging from species like humans to the Nikto and Gamorreans.

Though once in constant conflict with each other, the Hutt clans were most recently united by Vero the Hutt and order was maintained through the Hutt Grand Council, the ruling body of the entire Hutt species, Hutt Space, and Hutt clans. Despite the relative peace of the current period, some of the rivalries have persisted through centuries, if not millennia. Feuds between the Besadii and Desilijic, and the Velora and Kormtha, have only grown more volatile following Vero the Hutt’s death.

Although all members of the Hutt Cartel serve the overall interest of the criminal organization, soldiers through Captains are organized amongst the most influential and powerful Hutt Kajidics, with each family led by the most powerful member of the clan.

Feena Velora Danabba's Kin
  • Lejo Velora Danabba (Sibling)
  • Amseth Velora Danabba (Sibling)
  • Suutrar Velora Danabba (Offspring)
  • Sygti Velora Danabba (Offspring)
  • Saubio Velora Marnath (Cousin)
  • Laarat Velora Diaba (Cousin)
  • Valo Velora Diaba (Cousin)
  • Zeno Velora Wessiri (Relative)
  • Tanna (Huttlet)
The Velora Kajidic has been in the Hutt Cartel for hundreds of years and are known for their trade and business in the slave market. The Kajidic's current Kajidii has been Lorda of the family for nearly 400 years, and has established a strong market outside of Hutt territory in independent space. Amassing an empire that leads the Cartels slave and indentured service market, Velora’s main business comes from Kashyyk, Ryloth, Ragna III, Alzoc III, Dac, Chroma Zed, Mustafar, Gamorr, Naboo, Vinsoth, Vodran, Clak’dor VII, and more.

Wookies, Yuzzem, Agorfi, and Talz slaves are known for their strength. Quarren, Chromans, Ugnaughts, and Mustafarians are enslaved for their mining skills. Gamorreans and Gungans are used for military tactics and slaves such as Twi’leks and Bith are captured for their beauty and skills with music. The loss of the Givin and Duros species, both known for their shipbuilding skills, under the destructive sphere of the Imperium's influence, has served as a significant blow to the Velora clan's trade. Despite recent losses, the Imperium's outlaw of slavery leaves the Velora Kajidic the preeminent slaving operation in the galaxy.

Velora also does business in the Cartel's spice smuggling and dealing network, facilitating smugglers to reach far out planets. This business specializes in getting their spice web to increasingly remote parts of the galaxy. Many of the Cartel's farthest smuggling operations fall under the Velora jurisdiction.

All business conducted by Velora are represented by Velora Enterprise, Karot Slaver’s Union, Slavers Inc., Huntman Cargo, and many more shell companies.

Slavery and indentured service

Smuggling and gambling​


Sheeba Pazda Besadii Dogi
  • Elara Besadii Dogi (Sibling)
  • Otto Besadii Dogi (Sibling)
  • Ze Besadii Dogi (Offspring)
  • Aama Besadii Nuruodo (Cousin)
  • Qore Besadii Nuruodo (Cousin)
  • Broca Besadii Diori (Cousin)
  • Catta Besadii Diori (Cousin)
  • Arroyo Besadii Diori (Cousin)
  • Zier Besadii Fir (Relative)
  • Bezor Besadii Fir (Relative)
  • Tooga (Huttlet)
  • Theter (Huttlet)
One of the longest standing Hutt clans, the Besadii Kajidic was one of the founding families of the current Hutt Cartel, and holds considerable influence over the Grand Council as a result. Though their rivalry with the Desilijics was a well-known point of contention between the two groups - one that seemed to take root during the decline of the Ona'bak Retrade - Vero's influence helped smooth over their minor disputes and fostered a somewhat unstable, but no less present peace between the clans. Following the former Grand Lorda's assassination, cracks in their friendly facade have already begun to show, implying that any accord between the Kajidics is likely to be short-lived, at best.

Though formally associated with slaves and indentured servitude, the Kajidic has switched focus in the past ten years, finding greater profits in arms dealing and security. As a result, the Besadii Kajidic all but runs the underground marks on Tatooine and Nar Shaddaa.

Extortion, bribery, and simple buy-offs fund the Kajidic's research and development team, which employs as many bounty hunters as it does engineers. Their process is a relatively simple one: the engineers create and manufacture new weapons and technology, then pass it to a small number of bounty hunters for field testing, before clearing new products for distribution throughout the Cartel. The Kajidic runs a tight-knit operation under many shell companies, all sanctioned by the Cartel, which takes a portion of the profit. These companies deal greatly with many large arms manufacturers such as BlasTech Industries, MerrSonn Munitions, and the Czerka Arms Corporation. The Kajidic does business with outsourced companies for their resources, though its main manufacturing plants are based on Tatooine, Nal Hutta, Lannik, and Rothana. Each planet has multiple factories, fully staffed and secured with high-level clearance required to even get near the factories. Each planet also possesses small energy field generators that protect them from surveyors and light spacecraft.

The Besadii Kajidic also is known to turn a profit in extortion and racketeering. This mainly consists of threatening and carrying out violent acts in order to get information about rival businesses or intelligence on sensitive information about the Cartel. The Besadii clan is infamous around the galaxy for their brute style, instilling fear in many business owners who share their fields of work. The Kajidic is especially ruthless, some would say bordering on sadistic, and contracts the fiercest bounty hunters to simultaneously test new weapons and intimidate competitors.

All business conducted by Besadii fall under the banners of Tanner Arms, Triton Inc., Trigger Finger, Seek Construction, and other shell companies.

Arms dealing

Extortion, gambling, piracy, podracing​


Gaja Desilijic Vuul's Kin
  • Renzo Desilijic Vuul (Sibling)
  • Cofi Desilijic Vuul (Sibling)
  • Zerz Desilijic Vuul (Offspring)
  • Seevi Desilijic Vuul (Relative)
  • Torga Desilijic Tiure (Relative)
  • Jodo Desilijic Tiure (Relative)
  • Neo Desilijic Tiure (Relative)
  • Jennen Desilijic Aarrpo (Cousin)
  • Lunada Desilijic Aarrpo (Cousin)
Another Kajidic that has been around since the beginning. Rivaling the Besadii clan, the Desilijic Kajidic is just as well known and famous. Their business relies heavily on podracing and swoop racing, although they have their hands in many other businesses including slave trafficking, drug smuggling, and piracy. Their vicious and aggressive nature has fared them well so far, though under Vero’s strict rules, they have focused their ferocity on key enemies of the Cartel. Many of the members of this family live the pure hedonistic life, owning and running podrace events across the galaxy. Their legal podracing and swoop circuits give them a perfect coverup for more illicit activities such as gambling fraud and drug dealing.

Many of these circuits are held galaxy-wide and not confined to Hutt space. Circuits including Boonta Eve Classic on Tatooine, Vinta Harvest Classic on Malastare, Ando Overland on Ando Prime, Aleen Classic on Aleen, Cloud City Classic on Bepsin, and hundreds more. Most of the circuits have been around for centuries, and few newer ones have cropped up. Though when they do, and rival companies sponsor them, the Desilijic clan makes sure they are muscled out either by bribery, a buyout, or violence.

[tr][td="bgcolor: #000000, colspan: 2"]
Hutt Championships:
  • Serres Sarrano - Sullust
  • Grand Reefs - Mon Calamari
  • The Citadel - Gamor
  • Nightlands - Ryloth
  • Boonta Eve Classic - Tatooine
Major circuits:
  • Vinta Harvest Classic - Malastare
  • Ando Overland - Ando Prime
  • Aleen Classic - Aleen
  • Cloud City Classic - Bepsin
TransGal Circuit:
  • Tasjon Swoop Race
  • Stassia Classic
Galactic Podracing Circuit:
  • Executioner - Oovo IV
  • Sebulba's Legacy - Malastare
  • Grabvine Gateway - Baroonda
  • Andobi Mountain Run - Ando Prime
  • Dethro's Revenge - Ord Ibanna
  • Fire Mountain Rally - Baroonda
Many of these circuits have been in the Desilijic Kajidic for centuries, and more are continually being added. The clan also has a large part in slave trafficking, although most of its endeavors revolve around supporting other Kajidics with more power in the business, such as Velora, and collecting a small share. The Desilijic Kajidic also use their racing circuits as venues to distribute drugs, mostly on worlds lacking in security.

Pod and swoop racing

Slave trafficking, extortion, piracy, drug smuggling​
Petar Anjiliac Aquila’s Kin
  • Aria Anjiliac Aquila (Offspring)
  • Tomax Anjiliac Aquila (Offspring)
  • Nola Anjiliac Aquila (Offspring)
  • Bendak Anjiliac Aquila (Sibling)
  • Tirronos Anjiliac Rhiiba (Cousin)
  • Bola Anjiliac Stahpa (Cousin)
  • Ro-Tahn Anjiliac Lotai (Relative)
  • Bailo Anjiliac Lotai (Relative)
  • Uhdea (Huttlet)
Kadijic Anjiliac is yet another older clan of the Hutt Cartel. The Anjiliac Kadijic marks its territory in the spice realm with some of the purest, most powerful, and most addictive drugs on the market. The Kajidii, Petar Anjiliac Aquila, had worked hard to keep the family neutral in internecine conflicts and focused in the spice game, but has found other business outlets in piracy, security, gambling, and extortion. Over the many years of its existence, the family has amassed a large network in the spice trade that trumps nearly any other in the galaxy.

The Kajidic deals with various types of spice including Giggledust, Engspice, Glitterstim, Glitterill, Yarrock, Slick, Gunjack, Gree Spice, Spliff, Sweet Spice, Red Rage, Ryll, Ryll kor, Nyriaan spice, Millaflower, Mummergy, and Muon Gold.

The reach of the Kajidic extends far into Independent and Imperial space, and serves as controlling factor in nearly all underground economies. The Kajidic employs thousands of smugglers and bounty hunters to sell their product, and employed many more workers to work the mines and manufacturing plants that process the unrefined spice. Bounty hunters and security droids are used as enforcers to make sure the dealers are paid, and to make sure that all the operations run smoothly.

Below is a list of mines owned and operated by the Anjiliac Kajidic.
  • Gamorr
  • Manda
  • Rorak
  • Ukio
  • Nar Kaaga
  • Tatooine
  • Christophis
  • Eriadu
Spice production, smuggling, and distribution

Piracy, security, gambling, and extortion​

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The Kormtha Family
  • Backes Kormtha Rahgor
  • Lor Kormtha Rahgor
  • Wyrren Kormtha Rahgor
  • Lor Kormtha Rahgor
  • Ragna Kormtha Rahgor
  • Floki Kormtha Rahgor
  • Rollo Kormtha Josto
  • Segert Kormtha Josto
  • Athlestin Kormtha Doofu
  • Largatha Kormtha Solvan
  • Hamil Kormtha Solvan
  • Tooga (Huttlet)
The Kormtha Kajidic is not like other Kajidics. Firstly, it is the only Kajidic led by a non-Hutt, a very controversial situation. Though it has been around for a long time—as long as their rival Kajidic, Velora—its Kajidii, Jack Tamblyn, employs a different method of turning a large profit. And that was to engage in every legal market at the same time, often illegally. The Kormtha use their persuasive and cunning minds to threaten business owners to do their bidding, whether that means giving them a stake in their company after offering protection, or violence and a hostile takeover. Extortion, bribery, deceit, and lots of under hand skills are the signatures of this Kajidic.

Many of the families followed suit, bringing their illicit businesses under this influence. The Kajidic’s influence extends from transportation companies, where Kormtha smuggles drugs through regular civilian transports, to communication companies, where information gathers from various sources, ultimately creating a shadow information brokerage.

The Kajidic’s information brokerage has amassed one of its largest and most profitable businesses. Starting out as hearsay while corporations plotted against each other, the Kajidic learned more as they extorted and bribed company after company. Occasionally the family roughed up CEOs, kidnapped their families, or attacked their businesses through spacecraft or worksites. Now, the Shadow Brokerage, as many have come to call it, has thousands of workers who are connected into companies expanding well into Independent and Imperial space. The information is directly relayed to the Cartel at no charge, and to the public all information is offered for a price, depending on the intelligence and individual approaching the brokerage. Anything from tips regarding small threats to large corporate takeovers or acts of violence are available for sale.

Other businesses, such as normal civilian transportation companies, has sold off shares to the Kajidic, allowing them to regulate times, locations, and speeds of transportation throughout the galaxy. The companies the Kajidic has its hands in also allows them to smuggle drugs and people where they may not be allowed. If anything were to be found by the authorities, the company would take the fall and nothing of the Kajidic would be mentioned.

The Kajidic does work under companies such as Estarra Star Mapping; Estarra Pty Ltd.; Praxus Pondervan Enterprises; Pondervan Industries; Praxus Shipyards; Final Transportation; Here, There, and Everywhere; Absolute Construction; TelCo; Are We There Yet?; Where You At Inc.; and many more.

Information brokerage and legal business venues

Piracy, smuggling, gambling, extortion, and arms manufacturing​
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