Hutt Cartel Newsletter - 29.12.15


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Feb 13, 2012
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With the festive holiday the Cartel has seen an increase in activity, with new bounties being taken out, and missions being undertaken. Alongside this the release of the new film seems to have brought in new members to both the site, and new members to our faction – so good news all around. However, with the think tank firing up soon, the end of the time-line fast approaches, so we here in the Cartel need to make the most of the time we have left. As such, if you have any ideas or requests for missions and the like, just PM me and we shall do our best to make sure you can carry such activities out – even if it means editing and adapting the scope of your vision.

Now, onto business!

Gallanto – Hustle of the Century

Something that a few of you will have heard rumours about, I am glad to now confirm that what you have heard is true. As you can see here a mission will be underway, starting on the second of January, in which a rogue group of scum and villains in this Crime-Cartel will carry out the heist of the century.

We are going to rob Petar Anjiliac, one of the wealthiest Hutt Lordas, for every precious penny he has. Sign-ups are open until January the 1st 2016, when the participants will be selected, for the mission to go underway the next day.

The Hunt for Huttas Treasure

Another big pack that will be coming in the new-year is a good old treasure Hunt, inspired in part by the smugglers storyline from SWTOR. Three treasures, to be found in the mission write-up here have been requested by the Supreme Mogul, the only problem being that they are in the hands of some rather unpleasant characters, and you are not the only people after them.

You will seek out the treasures, competing with a team lead by my character Gallanto Korad, who will do anything to get all of them back to his paymasters first! Every single thread will be death enabled, and we intend to make it a fun story arc to end the time-line.

Defiance - Battle of Anaxes
Finally, someone is attacking Anaxes! Hop on over to this thread and take a look. I urge people with defiance members to join in, and if you're not a member, but want to help, shoot me a PM and we shall see what plans can be compiled!