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Feb 13, 2012
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Player/Faction Bounties may be undertaken by anyone who currently has good relations with the Cartel

Bounties will be added here for those who have harmed/wronged a member of the Hutt Cartel. If you wish to add a Bounty here, simply PM the Faction Leader.

Name Zaylos Kartan
Dead or Alive
100,000 Cr


Zaylos Kartan has been a thorn in the cartel's side since he showed up on the wasteland planet of Zonju V. The human used to smuggle for the Cartel, but his moral compass got in the way of his job and put him on our hit list. The added insult of this idiot joining up with a hopeless law group based on one of our planets was the straw that broke the bantha's back.

Kartan has been recorded taking up arms against the cartel on numerous occasions. This treachery will not stand. Bring this sack of poodoo in dead or alive.

Name Raleigh
Dead or Alive
200,000 Cr

It has been brought to the attention of His Corpulence, Kadijii Sheeba Pazda Besadii Dogi, that a Jedi Knight by the name of Raleigh has been spotted on Sullust.

The Cartel agent who made the report expressed concern that he will interrupt future operations on the planet and in the surrounding sector and should be immediately brought to justice.

Given the Imperial desire to apprehend the cultists, it is within the best interest of the Cartel to locate and capture or kill this Jedi.


100,000 Cr for Information
200,000 Cr per a person DEAD
300,000 Cr per a person ALIVE
The Order of the Keywork earned the ire of the Hutt Cartel when it was operating under the name of Keywork Engineering System. It sold the Cartel subpar starship's, and other products, and insulted Hutt Lords during repeated negotiations, all of which contributed to the Cartel's desire to make the organization an example of those who cross the Hutts. Since then the Order has been at the top of the list when it comes to bounty amounts, and in spite of the change to the "Order of the Keywork" the bounty stands.


15,000,000 Cr DEAD
0 Cr Alive
Having slipped through the net for far to long after he stole millions from the former Con Lorda Borga the Hutt, Derro'an'nuruodo, otherwise known as Roann is a mass murderer, as well as formally active member of the Chiss Empire. The Cartel has recently opened up its bounty on this operation once more, the Grandee Lorda himself having put forwards many millions of Credits for his termination.
Hunters: IG-2000, Gallanto Korad, and Wessomu

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