How Can I Add an Asset?

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Adding a Cartel Asset

So, you want to make your way up the Criminal/Corporate Ladder? You want to get a share of the action in the Cartel? Good for you! Everyone should be willing and able to muck in and help out, and in return their characters who stick on the Cartels side, can stick on the Cartels sizable pay packet! However, we just need to make sure its all done within the rules! So read on!

If you have any questions regarding the rules, and how you can help the cartel or set up an Asset, PM Cassanova.

Adding to the Cartel - Step-by-Step Guide
Written by Hutt Leadership & Nor'baal

The first thing you should do if you want to see a new asset added to the Cartels list that either your character started, or you think would just be a pretty neat idea, is to shoot a PM to Cassanova. Whilst you probably cannot wait to get started with your new business idea, it is important just to let us know first, and also to see if such a thing would be fesible. It is important to remember, regardless of whether the business is started by your character, a coalition of characters, or just a group of NPC’s you decide you want to write up, that any business will need to start small, and build from the ground up.

Now comes the easiest part of the process - waiting for a reply. It also happens to be the most boring bit of the process. Unfortunately that cannot be helped. The reply may take a few days to come back to you, so bare with us, the Leadership Team are busy both in real life, and in running the faction itself, and we may need to discuss your idea with the Admins, and amongst ourselves. As soon as we have a response for you, we will get back to you straight away.

Read the reply, and work with the Team to make this idea work. Now, getting feedback on your idea is really important, and honestly, it can be a little hard reading that some of the things that you wanted to do cannot be done, or need to be changed a little bit. We want you to succeed just as much as you do, and are here to help, so work with us to shape your idea into something the Cartel can put to great use!

Work on that write-up! Seeing as at this stage you have been given the ‘all clear’ by the FL’s, you are good to get cracking on the original foundations of the asset so that it can be formally put up on the assets list. So, write one up in the style of those shown on the assets thread and send it to Cassanova for approval! I hate to mention this, but keep in mind that until you get to this stage, the business/asset/operation cannot be used in RP.

Next, it is time to grow that business! You can do this in a number of ways, and if you are unsure of anything, at anytime shoot an FL a PM:
  • RP’ing out Missions involving your company: These can be anything from simple meetings, to more dramatic things like hostile takeovers of Non-Cartel Companies, or driving out other rivals that are outside the Cartel
  • Designing Products as tech write-ups
  • Forming contracts and deals with other players, or NPC’s - make sure to speak to the FL’s about this first however.

Asset Size to Character Rank Ratio

Now, with an Organization like the Cartel, your standing with leadership affects what you can operate, so - higher rank, bigger business, more moolah for you. The size of operation to rank is as follows:

  • Prospect - Nothing - You spend most of your time grovelling to join the cartel, so you will not be trusted with assets. However coming up with an idea for one, and presenting it ICly will go a long way to seeing that promotion! Please do remember nobody stays as a prospect for too long!
  • Enforcer - Small Business - You are a ‘made man’ so to speak, getting paid by the cartel to do what you do best. As such, you can run a small Operation of your own, or a small part of a larger operation. As you make friends in the Cartel, your business will grow. Make sure to keep in communication with the FL’s to ensure you are always staying at an acceptable size however. As an Enforcer, do good by the Cartel, and they will do good by you.
  • Captain - Large Business or Conglomerate - Becoming a Captain takes time, and trust. However, earn that trust, and you can permit yourself to bathe in gold. Running anything from a large bank, to a multi-industry conglomerate, Captains that focus on business (as opposed to combat) do the hands on running of businesses, so the Con Lordas can focus on drinking, and politics. In return, they wallow in cash - and command the respect of all those below them. when you make captain, you know you have made it big time.

Things to Remember!

Also, it is vital to remember that the Assets your character/coalition makes, will not be owned by your character - simply run or managed by them - they will be owned by the Cartel Faction. Your character will only manage it as part of the Cartel’s overarching operations and syndicates - not as an individual piece of property.

If your character becomes unable (or is deemed so) to run them - then they shall be taken away and given to someone else. However, you will always be notified, and their will be IC reasons for, as well as a period of communication to make sure everyone understands what is going on. In the unlikely event of this happening, FL’s are on hand to talk over what’s happening. We do not ever want to take things away from you, or damage your characters for any reason, ever - we are on your side! However, we can't stall other members for one person's benefit, and ICly, the Cartel will protect its investment with bone-jarring efficiency.

You're good to acquire these assets, but remember that they are not yours, but the Cartels. While this may seem unfair, it actually gives you much larger room to work with. As individuals can only own assets a certain size, as deemed by the admins, Cartel assets do not have this limitation. Thus, you can grow the company/venture to as large as your ability to manage it will allow.

Pre-Existing Assets

Provided there is nobody already overseeing an asset that catches your eye, you can always - should you be of the correct rank - apply to run it yourself. As well as this, in running that Asset for the Cartel, do not be to concerned about getting greedy and making some money on the side - the Cartel is hardly made up of honest folk after all. For example: You oversee a large shipping company, it would be silly to not stick a few crates of spice in their off the record. Just - do not get too greedy, and make sure it makes a good story should you want to do it, just PM the FL’s for guidance!

If you wish to apply, please use this template:

Character Name:
Character Rank:
Name of Asset:
Why choose me!:

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