History of the Ospion

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The Ospion Guardians
A History

The Ospion Guardians were formed after the Jedi Order's Conclave on Ossus. Called by the now-former Jedi Grandmaster Banik Kelrada, the Conclave quickly spiraled into ineffectiveness once arguments broke out over what course of action to take regarding the Alsakans. Kelrada argued that the Jedi Order should have considered itself at war with the Alsakans in order to mount a proper defense if the Union decided to attack again, while most others believed that no confrontational action should have been taken.

Hindering the success of the Conclave was Kelrada's own darkness, which caused him to break into a psychotic state. A true Jedi hero, Master Edo Tesu, spoke out against Kelrada's crazed state, which eventually caused Kelrada to wrongfully label Tesu as a traitor and place him under arrest for his so-called conspiracy to commit murder and treason.

Kelrada attacked Tesu in a duel that resulted in Tesu’s arrest after he lost his hand. All of the Jedi in attendance were taken aback by what had happened and many of them believed that Kelrada was the true traitor, though he did not answer any of the questions he posted. During the night, Kelrada murdered the guards watching over Tesu, and he also cut off their hands like he had done to Tesu. Then, in his true act of treason, Kelrada brutally murdered Tesu. Shortly thereafter, Kelrada hung Tesu’s lifeless and bloodied corpse from a tree in the courtyard where the Conclave had been held.

The next morning, Tesu's wife Sarina Lightell and many others discovered his lifeless body. Kelrada tried to deny it, but Lightell and numerous others knew the truth. It was then that they left Ossus, and formed their own perfect order: the Ospion Guardians.
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