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  The girl was born to the crackle of flames: a small, frail tangle of bones and skin, transfixed on whirling orange embers. She lay in a cradle of dirt, her wide eyes tracing the tongues of fire as they danced up into the night. To her, the lights became stars, as the smoke wafted it's way up among them. The warmth calmed her, and she made no sound, and the Force was with her, even then. . . .

  As her newborn daughter lay on the muddy crust of the world, Siennkor'ssa shook with pain, biting her lips so hard they bled. Childbirth would surely be easier with assistance, but even the healers were too sick to risk being near her child. She didn't have the strength to move—let alone to gather up her daughter and hold her in her own arms—but she tried nonetheless, rolling herself around in the dirt just to see her daughter's face. When she could at last, teardrops spilled down her cheeks.
  Hirani. She was hirani. And, Sienn felt, somehow, her daughter would survive this—this sickness ravaging her people. If only Hirani's father were there, to see their little girl...

  The Plague had already taken him.


  Much of Hirani's early childhood was one of abnegation. A virtually uncontrollable disease known only as the Plague had ravaged her clan since before she was born, and it left few survivors... Those it struck needed as much help as they could get. This devoloped her love of caring for people and raised her with a very selfless mindset. Despite this regular contact with such a contagious disease, however—much to the objection of her mother, who herself was too ill to stop her—Hirani never got sick. And, with her help, things began to look a bit brighter, as the Plague began to subside. Of course, at first she thought it was luck, but eventually she would learn the truth, of the Force that protected her.
  Things changed for the worse after the beginning of her twelfth year. Hirani had to watch on as her mother barely clinged to life, and slowly faded away. And then she was gone, and even the shell of a person she had been felt so much more alive that the body that was left over. Of course, Hirani wept for Sienn day and night. But she could not dwell on it much, as the village was in more dire need than ever, and her mother... her mother had always taught her that even a girl of her young age could make a real difference, if she decided to.
  And she did. After her cousin and best friend, Rinkor'ssa, contracted the disease, all hope felt lost for Hirani. In a moment of pure, hopeless desperation, she placed her hand on Rin's feverous head and willed her to be healed. And, to her astonishment, it actually seemed to work. But all this made Hirani wonder was if she could have saved her mother.


  It was not yet three weeks after the death of Siennkor'ssa that the Jedi arrived. The alien called herself Lena Goordayr, and, to Hirani's wonder, she felt an immediate connection with Lena—even before they set eyes on each other. But when they finally did, the Jedi Knight already knew what she was about to ask.
  "That, little one, is called the Force." Lena explained with a soft smile. "It surrounds us and binds us, all living things, as one. You. Me... Everybody."
  Hirani nodded as if she understood, wonder filling her eyes as they walked to the sick camps together. She turned ahead.
  "How are you going to help them?"
  Lena gave another gentle, motherly smile.
  "With the Force as my guide. Life flows from the Force—a Jedi healer like myself is merely the conduit."
  Hirani nodded again, this time understanding a little more. Just outside the sick camp, Lena Goordayr knelt down, to look at her eye-to-eye.
  "Where is your family, little Hirani? It is not safe among the contagious."
  "I— I don't have a family."
  "The Plague...?"
  When Hirani nodded, tears welled up in her eyes and dripped down her ragged clothes. Lena reached out to touch her shoulder comfortingly.
  "Hush, little one. This will pass. They are with the Force, now." Lena shone like a star in the Force, a bright, welcoming light prepared to heal and protect. Hir'anikorssa had never encountered anyone like her.
  "Who takes care of you?"
  "Um..." She sniffled. "The elders, supposedly. But since they're all sick, I mostly— I mostly take care of myself."
  Hirani didn't understand the twinkle in the Jedi's eye. Not until after Lena Goordayr reached out her hand, and asked her the question that would change her life.
  "Come with me?"

  Hirani reached out and took it.


  FOR THE NEXT YEAR, THE PAIR TRAVELLED from world to world in the Outer Rim, HIR'ANIKORSSA learning how to control her abilities with the guidance of HER NEW MASTER, and bringing aid to the sick where it was most needed. After this, LENA GOORDAYR, now a Jedi Master, was even offered a place on the Jedi Council—a great honour, but one she had to refuse. She had seen so much in her short travels, and wanted to heal the sick in further reaches of the Outer Rim, while teaching her Padawan learner in the process.

  The two forged a tight bond as they continued their travels together, and with Lena's training, HIRANI grew much CLOSER TO BECOMING the JEDI KNIGHT she had come to strive to be. In the years that followed, she saw planets, people, things she could never have dreamed of seeing, and HONED HER CONNECTION TO THE FORCE until it was stronger than ever. Always, she looked up to MASTER GOORDAYR like a mother, clinging to her every word, and doing everything she could to make her proud.

  Finally, her Master decided it was time to RETURN TO THE JEDI TEMPLE, on Ajan Kloss. Lena accepted her seat on the Council, and Hirani moved into the Temple: her first real home since Ryloth. On Ajan Kloss, the two CONTINUED TRAINING as master and padawan, but agreed to keep it as quiet as they could. Any reputation, or respect Hirani would posess among the Jedi—from her fellow padawans to her superiors—would have to be earned of her own actions, and her actions alone. AND SO HER TALE TRULY BEGAN. . . .



  Determination and passion are two characteristics that define Hir'anikorssa's persona, but these are balanced out by her immense selflessness. She has a deep passion for helping others, and considers it the primary source of meaning in her life. Due to her lonely upbringing, she can be shy at times, but will speak up about anything she is passionate about, and do her best to engage with those around her. She also has a playful side, but it takes her truly trusting someone to open up that part of her. Despite being only 17, she possesses a maturity beyond her years, which she attributes to wise guidance from her Master and mother-figure, Lena Goordayr. This, however, means she is easily irritated when people assume she is less competent due to her age or height.
  As for the more negative aspects of her character, Hirani can often overestimate her abilities, taking on tasks that are too much for her to handle. She is also very spontaneous, and while this can be a positive, it also means that she struggles to stick to a defined plan, regardless of how much she wants to. She struggles with respect for authority as well, with the exception of Master Goordayr. Most of all, she struggles with her emotions, and processing some of the horrors she witnessed during her travels, as well as the death of many of her family members. At rare times, she lets bursts of this out in her ferocious fighting style, much to Lena's disappointment.
  Ultimately, though, she continually strives to prove herself to the Jedi Council—to her Master. Soon, she hopes to become a Jedi Knight, and follow in Lena's footsteps, hoping to eventually reach the prestige of a Jedi Master, and join her teacher on the Council. But for now, her primary directive is to train herself, and become the most well-rounded Jedi—more importantly, the best person—she can possibly be.



  Perhaps her weakest attribute, bodily strength is not something Hirani will likely ever be known for. She may be quite generally athletic, but lacks the upper body strength of other Jedi.

  Hirani takes advantage of her agility and small size in her fighting style, and would be considered well above average in areas such as sprinting, jumping and parkour.

  Hira'nikorssa is sometimes considered a shy person, but may be charismatic when in the right mood, or when speaking on something she is passionate about.

  Of all of her attributes, her intellect is likely the highest. This is almost entirely because Hirani is exceptionally skilled at rapid problem-solving, which comes in handy in all manner of hostile situations.

  While still very young, Hirani has shown flashes of insightful wisdom, and holds a maturity well beyond her years thanks to spending most of her time with those much older than her.



  Lightsaber Combat
  Melee combat was never something Hirani particularly wanted to learn, but she soon grew a deep respect for the intellectual and physical challenge it presented. During her several years of training, she honed the basics of Shii-Cho and Niman in staff-to-staff combat, before deciding to weave elements of telekinesis in her personal style. With her staff (or a lightsaber, if she had one) she could defeat untrained thugs with relative ease, but ultimately, while markedly skilled for her age, Hirani could easily be disarmed and defeated by a more experienced opponent, due to her relatively imprecise and aggressive style.

  The Force
  Under her mentor's instruction, Hir'anikorssa began her journey learning the ways of a healer at the ripe age of twelve, from none other than Lena Goordayr herself. In the years after, she would hone her sensing, telekinesis, and other abilities, connecting to the Force as often as she possibly could. Now, her ambitions turn to becoming more well-rounded in the Force, especially in regards to combat. And while she may not yet be the most powerful of Force-wielders, lacking the many of the skills of elder Jedi, the limit to Hirani's growth in the Force remains to be seen.

  Hirani was born and raised a speaker of Twi'leki, and is entirely fluent in both the verbal, lekku-signed, and written forms. As such, she still holds a subtle Rylothean accent when speaking in Basic, a remnant of her past that she has come to accept. Her time in the Outer Rim also acquainted her the basics of Huttese, but her Huttese is very poor, and she could only hold a very simple, slilted conversation.



  Hirani wears a cloak over her synthetic clothing. Neither provide any particular protection, besides her cloak being waterproof. She walks with a staff that appears harmless, but is in fact a stun staff. At her hips she carries a commlink, and a hidden vibroblade, in preparation for the worst case scenario of any situation, as she begins the process of trying to build her own lightsaber, and become a Jedi Knight.


  • Seek And You Shall Find [IN PROGRESS] — Along with two fellow padawans and two Jedi knights, Hirani'korssa ventures to the kyber-dense planet of Mygeeto, with only the Force, her staff, and her new friends to keep her alive.
  • Seek And You Shall Find [IN PROGRESS] — Along with two fellow padawans and two Jedi knights, Hirani'korssa ventures to the kyber-dense planet of Mygeeto, with only the Force, her staff, and her new friends to keep her alive.
  • Seek And You Shall Find [IN PROGRESS] — Along with two fellow padawans and two Jedi knights, Hir'anikorssa ventures to the kyber-dense planet of Mygeeto, with only the Force, her staff, and her new friends to keep her alive.

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