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► 25​
► Epicanth/Morellian​
► 1.93 Meters​
► 85 Kilograms​
► Bright Green​
► Ink Black​
► Naboo​
► Male, He/Him/His​
► Jedi Order​
► Jedi Master​
► Yes, trained​


Hannibal was born on Naboo, the son of a settled Epicanthix wanderer from a minor noble family and a Morellian bounty hunter and smuggler. He was raised between the two, splitting time traveling about the galaxy with his Morellian mother and spending time at home with his Epicanthix father. He learned quite a bit from both at a young age, from modifying technology and pickpocketing, to how to talk his way into or out of problems with anyone from lowly criminals to pompous nobility. During a bit of travel with his mother when he was eight years old, they came across a Jedi, who recognized the force sensitivity of the young boy and asked that he be allowed training. Hannibal's mother, who was a fickle and flighty sort, agreed fairly easily, seeing as it would potentially grant her son an easier life considering she couldn't bring him back to her family on Panatha.

From that point Hannibal spent his time primarily at the Jedi temple, being taught by a variety of teachers and learning what it meant to be a Jedi. He took to learning quickly, his free time occupied by reading and practicing. He got along well with others, helping others when the opportunity arose. It was also found out fairly quickly that he was willful, opinionated, and a bit too clever for his own good, quick to offer a sharp comment or a joke, avoiding rules he didn't like in order to get something done. He got himself shuffled himself to alternative teachers, in particular one Theoccus Bilcus, whose orthodox and monastic style of teaching clashed with Hannibal's willful nature and modern sensibilities, but nonetheless imparted on him key values and a certain appreciation for the old ways.

Both of his parents visited him often, more his mother than his father, and continued their own particular brands of teaching, his father often scolding him for his defiance and urging him to keep his attitude hidden to maintain others' good impressions of himself. Between these lessons, and those of the Jedi, his attitude did eventually improve, though no one would say he became a mellow individual.

It was with Theoccus that Hannibal went with to find his Kyber crystal, his particular variety of musically-assisted moving meditation drawing a brilliantly green specimen from the roof of a cave on a far-away planet. From there he continued to throw himself into his training and travels, wandering around the galaxy with older knights and learning the many different ways situations could be handled. On one of his returns, he was knighted in the modest ceremonies of the New Jedi Order at the age of twenty-one and allowed to go out and aid the galaxy on his own. With a stern, only half-joking warning not to cause too much trouble, he departed the temple with a grin, eager to explore the galaxy on his own.


Tall, willowy, and muscularly toned in the usual fashion of his mother's people, and walking with an air of quiet confidence and a touch of swagger, Hannibal is a young man who almost absolutely never gives off the serene peace one might expect of a Jedi Knight. Often spotted with the beginnings of a cheeky grin on his face and a twinkle in his brilliantly green eyes, he fits in much more smoothly with the sorts of people one might find in a dive bar or a smuggler's den, if not for his otherwise immaculate appearance. Though he owns what one might call 'fancy' clothing, and even wears it sometimes, he is more often found in practical, if stylish attire. He keeps his hair smoothed out of his face and lightly styled, and though he frequently swaps out a variety of accessories, he is never spotted without a pair of stud earrings, one per ear, that match the bright green of his eyes. He has a large number of tattoos, most of which hide beneath his clothing, but some can be seen peeking out above his collarbone or across his hands.


A wise old woman once described Hannibal as not the best at being a Jedi, but certainly a good person. Just as quick to offer aid as a bit of mockery, he is exceptionally sharp-witted with a silver tongue to match, good advice as common as a joke or a laugh. These are his best defense against the chaos of the galaxy or even against the temptation of the Dark Side, turning seriousness into a joke and laughing it away. He still has a tendency to get his way into trouble, hanging around minor criminals and seedy politicians, casually ignoring certain laws he doesn't quite agree with, but is especially driven to if it would help someone who needs it. He'll flirt or try to make friends with just about anyone, and it's a truly rare occasion where his eyes harden and the grin drops from his face. Some wonder if he even has the capacity to be completely serious.

Despite his sometimes aggressive self-confidence, sharp words, and trickster's demeanour, he staunchly avoids killing or even maiming others, preferring to avoid violence and turning on the charm. If it comes to combat he kills or engages directly with his lightsaber only as a last resort, preferring stun weaponry whenever possible.

He considers himself an adherent of the Living Force philosophy, finding the Unifying Force some orthodox-styled Jedi believe in too stiff and detached from the galaxy to be practical.

Trained in a smattering of practical skills since he was very young, his skillset is versatile and broad, with a few things he's particularly good at. His mother taught him how to slice into systems, handle and modify technology, fly speeders and starships, and even the subtle tricks of sleight of hand. His father taught him charm, negotiation, class, and the subtle art of mockery employed by the upper crust of society. With fervor he took on learning the Jedi arts, originally choosing Form X as his goal solely because he was told it was difficult to learn and he should choose something else, but eventually excelling in its use, learning smatterings of other styles as required supplementation. He favors a counter-offensive style, capitalizing on the opponent's mistakes and putting on the pressure. Both parents taught him a variety of close combat and blaster techniques, favoring pistols over heavier weaponry, and specializing in Stava and Teras-Kasi in hand-to-hand.

When it comes to the Force, his teachers have imparted in him a preference for subtlety and efficiency over flash, in stark contrast to his outward personality, with a particular gift for purely mental or self-focused powers, in particular suppressing his presence, though he also possesses the standard slew of Force abilities. He is decently skilled in healing, having been taught it by Theoccus and frequently using it to help others, though he is certainly no expert. Early on it was found he has an inherently strong affinity for Psychometry, capable of pulling information out of objects quite easily, with a similar skill in short-term farsight, though his ability to peer into the future is considered to be mediocre if not nonexistent. He is considered to be well in tune with the Living Force and quite apart from the the greater Unifying Force, and would be quite surprised if he ever found himself granted a Force vision of any kind, instead receiving flashes of excellent insight and intuition that lead him in the generally correct direction.

In combat, he is a frequent and practiced user of Dun Moch, taunting and teasing opponents in a playful manner, mocking what they say and laughing off any pretense of seriousness in an effort to frustrate them into making mistakes or breaking their concentration. Intellectually, he has taken to studying engineering, psychology, and xenoanthropology, finding knowing about the various people's far more useful than studying vague spiritualism. Though he appreciates and studies history, he believes the past should stay there and the galaxy should move forward and improve instead of relying too much on 'old knowledge.'

Recreationally, he is a fairly practiced singer, often found humming to himself, a reasonably good dancer, and frequently takes to tinkering and modifying bits of technology for fun. He's a decent, if casual cook.

He is fluent in a few languages, including Basic, Epicant, Huttesse, and Old Corellian.

Gear and Possessions

Green Lightsaber

Yellow Crossguard Shoto, 45 degree secondary blades

Sol Puara's Lightsaber (Purified)

Two Imperial Era Lightsabers (Both Purified)

DG-29 Blaster Pistol

RSKF-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

SB-17 Combat Fusioncutter (If Specified)

Jedi Reclaiming armor, under clothing

Serious Armor for Serious Situations

All-Hazard Suit

Bronzium Whip, "Roxanne

Chromium Whip, "Arcene"

WTK-85A Interstellar Transport, the Catspaw

T-70 X-wing, "BlazBlue

NM-L3 "Lee"

ID-21, "Ego"

TDS-4400 Portable Computer

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