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Fortress Infernum is an obsidian tower located on an island off the coast of Bal'demnic's northern sea. In the ancient past, the tower served as a place of worship for a long-dead cult that worshiped the dark side of the Force. Rumors of strange visions and hauntings kept the locals of Bal'demnic away until the tower was visited by the Sith cultist Melkor Damask, who turned it into his personal home and abode.


The tower was entirely empty when Melkor found it, and the cult that once had occupied it had been dead for so long that even their dark imprint in the Force had faded. However, the Sith cultist still chose it as his personal abode due to its resemblance to both Fortress Vader and Fortress Inquisitorius on Mustafar and Nur respectively. As previously mentioned, the tower sits on a pair of islands off the coast of the North Sea of Bal'demnic. It is connected to the mainland by a long, but untrustworthy wooden bridge that makes it dangerous to approach by land. The island adjacent to the tower has a large cave which Melkor uses to park his ship. The cave is large enough to fit two small ships, such as a shuttle or a starfighter of some manner.

The cave also has a passage way that leads directly to the base of the tower. The tower's first floor is spacious, devoid of furnishings, and Melkor uses it to meet his guests and to train during his leisure time. The spacious chamber allows room for lightsaber battles, remote training, and other exercises. A turbolift on this level takes one to the other three. The second floor is much smaller and contains Melkor's personal study, including his various shelves which contain holobooks, as well as old tomes and scrolls he has collected during his time as an archeologist. He also has display cases for objects he deems particularly important to him or his collection.

The third floor contains a small dining room and kitchen, a recharge station for Melkor's droid, and two small cells that have been repurposed into spare bedrooms for guests. The fourth and final floor contain Melkor's personal chambers. He keeps his private affects in this room, along with his personal belongings, such as his clothes, weapons, a mat for meditation, and a simple bed for sleeping.


This is a personal lore article meant to describe Melkor Damask's private residence. It's literally just a random tower, and he used some of his money from being an archeologist to fix the place up a bit. Nothing special about it beyond that.



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