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Hannibal Grayza

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Jan 16, 2020
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Hannibal sure was finding himself back at the Jedi Temple lately. After spending his post-knighting years wandering the galaxy getting up to who knows what, he didn't quite expect to show up so damn often. He'd also taken to seeing to a padawan's training in the absence of her master, doing his best to whip her into ass-kicking shape. Jedi weren't much use if they couldn't fight, after all. Jedi had lightsabers for a reason after all, even if it was usually a last resort.

To that end he'd gone through the proverbial grapevine and found someone who was skilled in the usage of a saber form specifically designed for crossguard lightsabers, an aggressive and specialized style. He'd been working on expanding his options in combat to prepare for actually having to engage the murderous Knights of Ren. He had tooled around with and drawn up designs for a variety of tools, weapons, and even lightsabers. He figured he should probably see what using one was like, so he built a crystal-less training variant in his spare time and contacted the other Jedi.

He'd kept up with his wearing of his flashily colored, but functional
robes from the last time he'd visited directly. He was trying a little harder to be seen as a Jedi these days, seeing as it was important to be visible. Didn't mean he'd change his fashion sense, though.

He was sure he'd seen Noone Shabar around at some point or other, but he had yet to actually speak to the man. This should be an interesting experience.