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Dec 22, 2017
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Force Lightning


Dark Side of the Force

Medium (Burst)
High (Storm)

Force Lightning - sometimes known as Sith Lightning - was one of the abilities most profoundly associated with the dark side of the Force. Force Lightning in its true form was a manifestation of the dark side itself and represented the user's hatred as it twisted the Force itself into a deadly weapon.

A purely offensive power, Force Lightning traditionally erupts from the finger tips of the caster and strikes the opponent. In its simplest form, it can strike one opponent and typically knocks them off their feet, causing immediate severe pain, muscle spasms, and death after only a few undefended seconds. As a concentrated blast, lightning is not particularly tiring, but it can be detrimental to those it strikes. Fighting through a solitary blast of Force lightning is a slow, agonizing process that is more likely to kill you than be successful.

Those who wish to cast a wider arc of effect can sacrifice potency and stamina for a field of lightning that is more difficult to avoid. In this variation, known often as Force Storm, it is capable of striking multiple opponents or cast a wide enough field that it is difficult for a single person at close range to avoid. Because of the width of the attack, it is difficult to strike a target with Force Storm outside of ten meters. Force Storm will exhaust its caster much more quickly, and can sometimes be withstood by those who are athletic and unwounded in battle, though any advance through the storm is taxing and dangerous. Just because the potency is decreased, it can still kill a man with enough time, and always slows the target's advance.

Force Lightning is favored by darksiders not only for its ability to kill, but also its ability to wound and torture. Those who intentionally withhold the full Force of a blast of lightning are capable of tormenting their victims for up to several minutes before the victim expires. If they are "mercifully" allowed to live, they will almost always carry horrible scars and signs of premature aging. This is due to the nature of the Lightning itself as a tool of the dark side. It is inherently corrupting and violates the natural order of the Force.

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