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February 29th, 2020

Site Changes & Information · Current Story Updates


Site Changes & Information

New NPC Moderator

With the new timeline underway, we were looking for new moderators to manage the site's NPCs and DMing! NPC moderator is a new position that we are creating to work in conjunction with the Event and Plot teams. It will be the primary role of the NPC moderators to make appearances as the faction leadership NPCs when requested by members and in order to assist in setting direction for the factions.

Everyone please give us a hand in welcoming @Mr. Teatime to the purgatory of the staff team as our new NPC moderator! We thank everyone who applied and for their interest.

Sector Rangers Lead Way!

Due to popularity, the Sector Rangers are now a Main Faction The five syndicates have become an independent NPC org. We are still working out the kinks and changes so please bear with us. This has been the direct result of organic storytelling and is a very exciting milestone! We hope to see a lot more Rangers out there!

Sector Rangers have their own board in the Factions Section, their own board for plots, and will have new NPCs introduced in the coming days.

Five Syndicates are moved to the Approved NPC Organizations board, which includes their faction write-up and NPCs. Their plots are to be posted with Independent Factions. Their prefixes, selector for subaccounts,

General Time Reminder
  • It is 100 years after the Battle of Exegol, we are in 135 ABY (After Battle of Yavin).
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.


Reputation Increases
State of the Jedi Order
The Jedi Order has not been idle. The Jedi Order seeks to reclaim the old temples of the Yavin 4 to Jedi care and the Jedi are also attempting to fight a disease that spread on Chandrila as well, which should be a boon to curry favor with the Free Worlds.

At Fortress Vader, @Somm Orjoz has gained a piece of crystal for the Jedi containing some of the coordinates for finding the Mask of the Eternal. Although the Sith Eternal member got one as well, Jedi Knight Mila Tesara from the other wing also had one. Even if the crystals need to be decrypted they are still ahead of the Sith Eternal in finding the Mask.

Although the expedition to Ifrane didn't yield the holocron, it did however have a starmap there, so it wasn't a complete loss and the holocron they sought can still be found.

@Ky Maryk has been charged by the Jedi Council into investigating the Knights of Ren. Who leads them, what their goals are, and anything else to prove useful to know more about the resurgent group.

In mutual interest in defeating the dark siders and in light of the Sith Eternal's actions on Corellia with the masscare of the Ranger station there, the Jedi have set up a Jedi-Ranger Task Force, with the intent of both groups learning from each other and working against the dark siders. There are many Rangers and Jedi cooperating in the present, shaking off initially getting on the wrong foot. The Jedi and Rangers captured a Sith Eternal Legionnaire. The captured legionnaire could spill the beans on the Sith Eternal...

The Jedi have also discovered strange zombie-like beings on Utapau, courtesy of Durr the Hutt and his project gone wrong, with sightings of these things gone as far as Onderon itself and who knows where else. They are but rumors now as far as the greater galaxy knows, for the time being.

State of the Sith Eternal
The members of the Sith Eternal have been busy, but not only for the benefit of The Eternal.

@The Arcanist and his apprentice @The Rain have started to sew seeds of discontent within the cults ranks. Their goal is to start a revolution to dethrone The Eternal and then begin to build a new Sith Empire. There are rumors of clandestine plots lead by the two rebel leaders in order to shake the upper echelons of the Sith Eternal.

That is not to say that other factions of the cult have not been busy. The Knights of Ren attacked a ranger station and sent out a holo broadcast to shake up the galaxy. Furthermore, the old leader of the Knights of Ren was replaced by @Ender Halcyn. Most if not all of the Knights supported their new leader, but he was later captured. This event however has provoked an attack on the prison he is being held in.

There are also several more gears in motion. There is an active search for a hypergate and plots to gain influence on Naboo and Serenno by putting pro-imperial leaders in place.

State of the Sector Rangers
It wasn't too long after the public safety announcement from the Ranger Chief after Durr's video that Ranger Lieutenant @Trys Aran arrested a Jedi Master on Naboo. He had been manipulated into looking like a suspect in a murder and then nearly knocked out on the scene by a suspect later identified as @The Rain. The arrest ultimately stuck from his earlier violent actions against individuals in the lower districts of Coruscant. During the holo broadcast about the arrest, Trys included that they were looking into the difference between red-sabers and Jedi, which had the consequence of @The Eternal marking her for capture.

In-spite of the Jedi getting off on the wrong foot with the Rangers, the Jedi and Rangers now have better relations with each other after Jedi delegates met with Rangers on Coruscant.

The Sector Rangers continue their investigation into acts perpetrated by dark siders, most notably @The Arcanist , who claimed credit for what happened to Durr the Hutt's son. The Rangers search taking them far and wide.

Their attempts at gathering information on the dark siders has not came without consequence, with Trys now wanted by the Eternal and the abominable attack on the Corellia Ranger Station and boardcast. Still the Sector Rangers are undeterred in their pursuit of justice, and are still cooperating with the Jedi, with a joint investigations with the Jedi happening at the Corellia attack site and with a cult operating on Toydria to form a joint task force.

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