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___· Jedi Padawan

Ezekial Nier

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Ezekial was a quiet boy in the early years of his life, studious and somewhat timid. That changed when he decided to stand up for another who was being bullied, tapping into an inner willpower he didn’t know he had and realizing he could control the Force. Resolving to finish his studies before seeking out the Jedi he had read about, a run-in with some records of what some Dark Side influence had wrought on a planet made him realize that there was a lot in the galaxy that was still trying to heal. Wanting to do so, and protect what had already been allowed to restore itself, he went to join the Jedi with his heart set to do good.



Ezekiel was born to loving parents on Obroa-Skai, showing even at an early age that he was hungry for knowledge that only the library world could supply. Enlisting in classes as early as he could, he wanted to make friends while learning everything he could, though found he was quite timid and silent when with others. While not bullied, he was instead ignored by others which caused his heart even more pain. He buried himself in his books, trying to find some bit of knowledge that would tell him what he should do. As these things go, though, one of his most important lessons never came from a book.

While he wasn’t being bullied, some others in his class were. He didn’t know how to help, yet in his heart he wanted to do something anyway. He was confronted with a choice one day; a fellow student was being teased and beaten for a speech impediment and Ezekiel could see but was otherwise hidden behind a corner. He could leave, as he always did, or he could do what he thought was right. He imagined himself in the other boy’s place, scared and in pain, wanting someone to help him, and so he made a choice. The bullies turned their ire towards him, yet from that wellspring of courage and will came another gift, the ability to use the Force, having long been hidden. The bullies were pushed away by an invisible force, running for safety, though the bullied boy also fled in fear. While he had done the right thing, Ezekiel was alone again.

Having heard of the return of the Jedi in the Outer Rim, Ez decided to finish his studies then go learn what he could straight from the source. It was at this time that he read of unusually hostile creatures and environments on planets, things that seemed unusual before but when read together formed a pattern: the Dark Side of the Force, like what had been on Exegol, was still wreaking havoc in the galaxy. They may have been small problems here and there, yet it was still hurting people. He knew what he had to do, what his heart’s desire was: to cleanse these areas of the Dark Side’s influence and help the galaxy heal. Maybe through that work he could find some friends, too. His studies finished, Ezekiel set off and trained hard as a Padawan, learning everything of the Force that he could. He was eager to get started in making the galaxy a brighter place.


Ezekiel is a friendly young man, though his timid past can still be seen when around strangers. He seems to be uncomfortable around large groups of people, though when on a mission he’ll do his best to put that unease aside. He hasn’t been able to truly open up to another yet, neither to find anyone to love despite this being a goal for himself. He wanted to experience all these things at least once, though he resolved to follow the Jedi teachings and not let himself indulge in excess if the opportunity came. His strong willpower was something he knew he could tap into for help, though he did his best not to be cocky or conceited. In his heart he just wanted to help others, not wanting to see anyone suffer.

Skills and abilities

The Force – Ezekiel trained hard in the skills of the Jedi, not wanting to let his emotions overly dictate his control over the Force and risk tapping into the Dark Side. He focused on more combat-oriented powers, knowing that his chosen path of cleansing worlds of the Dark Side would inevitably lead him into conflict

Strategic Fighter – The Cathar worked hard to make his combat skills match his academic ones, wanting to be a well-rounded fighter instead of relying on just his smarts with little physical strength. This has made Ezekiel combine the two worlds to utilize tactics in a fight, sometimes hiding his actual strength to lull enemies into a false sense of security. His preferred weapon is the Lightsaber, though he can use a blaster if needed.

Possessions include;

  • 1x Crossguard Lightsaber (purple)
  • 1xIntrepid

  • None

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