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Dec 17, 2017
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Ender Halycn

►190 lbs​
►Bluish Silver​
► Dark brown​
►Naboo/Wild Space​
►Sith Eternal​
Ender was born on Naboo, a peaceful and pastoral word that was the foundation of many pleasant memories.

Except it wasn’t, at least not from Ender. He couldn’t remember anything about it, not even his parents, what district of Naboo he was from, none of it. The only thing he could recall was a cottage of sorts, quite large and having a tranquil aroma come from it. There was a lake right by it, providing ample opportunities to swim and enjoy the water. It appeared fantastic in his memories but that was all.

There were times when he was able to enter the house but all of it was foggy. He wouldn't be able to tell anyone what the inside looked like even if they were threatening his life. The only prominent aspect of his memories that perpetually confused him was that there were little kids that roamed throughout the house. Some boys and some girls but all young in age. They appeared happy, at least from Ender’s point of view but every time he stepped closer to them they always ran away from him. One time he was able to get a good look at one of the children’s faces but there was nothing there, like a blank canvas board.

The earliest he could recall his life was when he was in his young teens. He had been picked up by some bounty hunters, one of them like him as Ender managed to steal some credits from his pocket without having him notice. They took him under his wing and were practically the only family he knew for a time being. They taught how to fight, how to survive, how to fix up a speeder, basic skills in life that he would need for the galaxy he was going to embark on.

When Ender reached his late teens that’s when he decided to leave his momentary family and for good. He gave emotional goodbyes, realizing he most likely wouldn’t have survived without their help. But there was a huge question mark in Ender’s life and he needed that question answered, on his own, it was his mission. He would never be able to repay them enough and told them they will always come across a friendly face if they ran into each other again.

After leaving the bounty hunter group, Ender partook in his own contracts, making enough of a living to scrape by and move on to find another piece of his old self. That’s when he began scraping into his force powers, at first just having enhanced senses and such, nothing too overwhelming but noticeable. As he continued on more and more bounties his powers developed and to enough of a point where Ender couldn’t ignore them anymore.

As he was out in the galaxy he felt a pull, one that tugged at his heart and persuaded him to come towards it. After reaching the designated planet and landing on it, Ender discovered a force nexus, one that was explained by his future teacher, Talak Rand. He opened Ender’s eyes to the force and its properties. As they spent more and more time together, Ender drew more and more into the dark side, embracing it as the days gone by and his lust to discover who he was becoming insatiable.

With Talak, Ender was introduced into the Eternal Legionnaires, becoming one of their soldiers for the grand scheme of the Sith and the Eternal. It was a side deviation from his true objective but Ender could take his time, it, in the end, helping him achieve his own personal ends. He learned from his bounty hunting days that fortune favored the smart and patient

With the incidents of his past blocked from his memory, it affected Ender’s personality as he grew up. He grew up more reserved compared to other folks, always drifting to another planet instead of settling down and forming connections. The only thing that has kept him alive is his instincts and being always on the move and knowing when the time was right to leave. Through his years he’s learned to be observant and patient, opportunistic in a sense and willing to seize the initiative. Because of this, he can be pretty singular on his views, having trouble following others around him and wanting to formulate his own plan that he would find more to his liking.

While he may appear calm and collected on the outside, there is a reserve of untapped rage inside of him that even he doesn’t know where it comes from. It’s what initially brought him to the dark side and he is not afraid to let his emotions to bare in combat against foes in order to gain the advantage. Ender doesn’t know what the true origins of it are but he knows its from his past and remains a touchy subject for him as he still tries to decipher what happened to him in his childhood.

But if someone can get close to Ender, they will find no one more loyal to have fought alongside them. He may not get close friends easily but when he does, he would fight tooth and nail to keep them breathing. He has a streak of protectiveness in him and sometimes willing to stick out his neck for others in dire situations.


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Dec 17, 2017
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