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Full Name
Force Sensitive

Eisa Wex
Yes - Trained
Chaotic Good



Eye Colour
110 kg


K-16 Bryar Pistol
BM-664 Heavy Blaster Rifle
Stun Baton



3PO Droid - "Spares"

"Rim Hopper" -VCX-100 Light Freighter

Cybernetic Implants
⇀ Miscellaneous Tools & Maintenance Equipment for carrying out ship repairs (Wielding torch, Hammers, Spanners etc)
⇀ Pendant With Blue Kyber Crystal (Taken from her Lightsaber)


Eisa Wex, was formerly a Padawan learner of the New Jedi Order who after an incident during her late teens found herself leaving the path and teachings of the Jedi. Mostly in part to her impulsive and hyperactive nature not fitting in to well with the disciplined regime of the Order – but her free spirited nature had lead her to pursue a life of adventure out in the wider galaxy.

Over the years following her departure the former Padawan found herself work as a general crew hand within a band of smugglers, doing general maintenance work at first before somehow managing to find herself in the cockpit - finding her vocation as rather capable pilot owing to her connection to the Force. It was during these years running with various smuggler crews that Eisa was able to accumulate enough of a nest egg to purchase her own ship so that she could go it alone on her own wild adventures.

Whilst the circumstances around her departure from the order was amicable and on relative good terms, Eisa still occasionally finds herself lending a hand to her former brethren - often eliciting a degree of concern to lack of discipline and restraint expected from someone raised as a Jedi.



Eisa’s build could be considered to be perhaps no more than slight, both in her frame and height(5’4”). Despite being of a slight build Eisa by no means goes unnoticed, down to either her sharp and crisp emerald hued irises or the bright and near neon orange hair styled into a mohawk that blends down into a long braided ponytail that extends below the small of her back.

The more prominent features of Eisa's appearance is the presence of cybernetics that had been grafted onto her body following the incident during her later days as Jedi. Eisa had lost her left arm that has since been replaced with a cybernetic replacement from the shoulder down, coupled with exoskeletal leg braces, both finished in an industrial yellow and a cranial cybernetic ear implant to compensate for the loss of hearing on her left side.

It should also be noted that as her attire goes by, what she wears presently is far removed from the attire that she had worn during her years as a Jedi Padawan, resembling more an eccentric smuggler with short sleeved cropped vests and sleeveless leather jackets to display her various tattoos.


Eisa has a strong carefree personality about her, attributed to her cutting loose from the restrained lifestyle of the Jedi order and living life to the fullest. Despite having left the order, Eisa has for the best part of her retained her caring personality and would not spare a second thought of charging headfirst to someone’s aid.

Despite her carefree and near lackadaisical attitude when it comes to performing her duties as part of a wider crew or team. Eisa possesses an unseen and seldom acknowledged intuitive instinct that usually manifests itself as her constantly thinking outside of the box, embracing the flair for the unconventional that often makes those around her wonder whether the head trauma she had suffered was as superficial as she would attempt to claim.



The Force:
Despite being formerly trained as a Jedi Padawan. Eisa's abilities in the Force are perhaps limited and without refinement, although she can wield some of the basics relatively effectively, she has fallen behind on her training and practice over the years since her departure from the Order.

Combat Style:
Whilst she trained as a Padawan, Eisa learnt to be relatively proficient with the fundamentals of Soresu or Form III, so to allow her to cope with the prominence of blasters throughout the Galaxy. It is incredibly rare that she wields her Lightsaber as she tends to use her stun baton and a blaster.

Eisa's means of combat is erratic and uncoventional to say the least often going with what ever what her instincts tell her or what seems to be the most effective means of dealing with the issue.


Originally born in a small village close to the Black Spire Outpost on Batuu, Eisa had been discovered by a Jedi Knight who had sensed the young babe's connection to the Force. After revealing himself to Eisa's parents advising them of the infant girl's potential and offering her the chance to be trained as a Jedi. Eisa's parents having being descendants of front-line fighters within the Rebellion and Resistance, consented for their daughter to be trained as a Jedi.

Eisa spent her formative years within the Jedi Temple of Ajan Kloss learning the ways and ideals of the Jedi order, as well as to feel and channel the Force through her. Yet despite there being the occasional moment of being the class clown at the age of twelve Eisa was deemed ready to undertake her gathering ceremony to take the next step towards becoming a Padawan learner.

Her first few steps as a Padawan learner under the tutor ledge of the Duros Jedi master, Tedimor Har was relatively easy enough to begin with, further continuing her studies in the way of the Jedi, strengthening her connection to the Force and her bond to her Kyber crystal. Yet on many an occasion Master Har catioend Eisa that her impulsive and head strong nature had the potential to lead her towards the path of the darkside.

It was during a mission on Telos that her eagerness would become her undoing. During the mission to rescue hostages that were being held by a band of mercenary thugs that were raiding an old Czerka Corporation lock up, Eisa had in her haste rushed into a trapped store room activating a proximity mine.

The resulting blast from the incident, came at a severe cost for the young padawan, who despite having narrowly cheated death, suffered significant life changing injuries as a result of her recklessness. That resulted in her spending several agonising months undergoing medical procedures to graft and interface cybernetic implants into her body to replace the limbs and functions she had lost in the explosion.

In the wake of the incident her master and the Jedi council sought to caution Eisa over her rash nature. Even though their words were intended to guide the Padawan so that she could learn from her experiences and improve on herself. It had the opposite effect on the teenage Padawan, who came to realise that perhaps she was not cut out for the life as a Jedi – deciding that she would stand before the Jedi Council and voluntarily resign from the Jedi Order, citing that she was not suited to be a Jedi, and her calling lay elsewhere.

Taking her leave from the order, in a relatively muted departure - It wasn't long until the former Padawan found herself work aboard a large bulk freighter, starting off her adventures in the stars as deck hand - doing all the menial tasks at first, cooking and cleaning, loading and unloading the ships cargo and even assisting with general repairs. Often if something needed doing it would be delegated to the newest member of the crew. - particularly as no one else wanted to do it themselves.

Over the following years that would see Eisa enter her early adult years, the fiery haired shipmate had worked her way through various ships and different stations, learning a whole wealth of experience that she could later use when the time would come that she would have her own ship and crew.

This was to be the lay of her life from here onwards, working aboard a whole myriad of ships and crews ranging from transport freighters, explorers and even smugglers, earning her keep and building up her finances so that she could own her own ship.

It was not until the transport ship she had been presently working on that she had made port on Roonadan, that things she would cross paths with her past life. Finding her movements being pulled towards something other than shopping for supplies but towards a presence that brought back memories of her time on Ajan Kloss.

The former Padawan discovered a Jedi knight in hiding, wounded following an encounter with a gang of mercenary thugs. Knowing that although her time as a Jedi had long since came and gone, she could not leave the Knight to fend for himself. Eisa bit the bullet and spent her savings on a second hand VCX 100 light freighter that had been sitting abandoned within the space port's impound lot, parted ways from the crew she had been running with and returned back to the Jedi with a plan- which was to smuggle the Jedi off Roonadan within a cramped shipping container. Not ignoring the irony that despite her headding out to venture into the wilds of space, the Force would still see her helping the Jedi - then again perhaps that was the Force's plan all along.

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