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The Compromisso

'The Compromise'

"If you could pack every vice, crime, species and brand of bad into one place. This would be it."
- Rodian Patron, commenting on the bizarre building

Construction Date: 482 ABC
Location: Worlport City, Ord Mantell
Affiliation: Neutral Ground
Designation: Commercial Building

Frux: The inhouse currency of The Compromisso, paid out to those who complete work on behalf of the establishment able to be redeemed for rewards provided by the house.

Compromisso: The only rule, compromise an ancient concept of neutrality between individuals in a common place. All patrons are bound to abide by this rule while on the property meaning they will not commit acts of physical violence against one another, if they do retaliation will be met by the onsite security as well as their sanctity from all other patrons being nullified.

Sine Compromisso: The denotation for patrons who have broken the rule of compromise and are thus barred from frequenting the establishment, known as those without compromise. If they survive the incident they are promptly posted with a bounty for their capture or execution.


The Compromisso is a three storey building in the heart of Worlport City, built nearly twenty years ago during the efforts to increase tourism and commercial stability to the city. The building's three floors have each been wholly dedicated to a different service, and has gained a reputation as a neutral location for business of less than legal means to be transacted upon.

Originally built to be an office building, after the last tenants vacated the second floor was remodeled into a restaurant & bar. The third floor was reorganized to accommodate a series of brokerages and special interest groups offering work for those of the less savory elements. The ownership retains a strict formal dress code for patrons frequenting the restaurant and bar as well as the business hall; checking of all large blades, blasters, explosives and sabers is required for entry.

The neutral reputation of this establishment is maintained by following one simple rule:
'No physical violence while inside The Compromisso'.


First Floor

The revolving door entrance leads to a small reception area with seating and a concierge desk where patrons will be assessed on adherence to the dress code and required to turn in all large blades, blasters, explosives and sabers before admittance. The carrying of pistols and small blades are permitted on premises for self defense in the event someone breaks the one rule. Behind the desk a walkway leads to a staff only area where checked weapons and other equipment is stored.

Second Floor

The second floor is accessible via turbolift, a full service restaurant and bar are accessible and normally used as a grounds for public meeting between members of opposing ideologies. This floor is also open to be frequented by the various guests who have come to The Compromisso for work or to meet, plan or share information that would otherwise be subject to scrutiny outside the walls of the building.

Third Floor

The third floor is accessible via staircase that is housed in the hallway the turbolift exits to. This floor is home to brokers from various organizations from representatives of the Sith Empire, Bounty Hunters Guild, Eclipse & Blue Sun, Galactic Alliance, Mandalorians and many more independent organizations looking to hire capable beings. These representatives are also conduits for their factions able to dispense rewards for posted and completed work, from time to time The Compromisso also posts work for the many independent bodies that frequent the establishment. Offering rewards in the form of an inhouse currency able to be redeemed for rewards paid out by the house.


This location is meant to provide a grounds of true neutrality between players of varying factions, outside of faction controlled space and operating on an honor system. If the singular rule broken it carries high IC consequences, this building and organization stand as an opportunity to allow Indie Characters to have a reward system like the main factions.


**Rewards are ONLY available to non-aligned Indie Player Characters.**

*Bounties posted by The Compromisso count towards the number of missions*

  • After three (3) successful completed missions, associates of The Compromisso may claim:

    A single advanced piece of tech or armor function.

  • After five (5) successful completed missions, associates of The Compromisso may claim:

    A single advanced ship (non capital-craft).


    A piece of advanced tech or armor function.

  • After eight (8) successful completed missions, associates of The Compromisso may claim:

    A single advanced ship upgrade.


    A piece of advanced tech or armor function.

  • After ten (10) successful completed missions, associates of The Compromisso may claim:

    Two (2) advanced ship upgrades.


    Two (2) advanced pieces of tech.

  • Every three (3) completed missions after this last bracket, associates of The Compromisso may claim:

    A single advanced ship upgrade.


    A piece of advanced tech or armor function

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Tech-Head's Digest
Issue #8: Fires Of Rebellion
By: Rimrald

Legend: (A) = Advanced Tech
(F) = Faction Tech​

Huge Kudos to Vosrik & Shalken for creating the compendium at the start of the TL!
I'm happy to take this on and keep it rolling for everyone with my own spin on it.
  • Advanced Tech & Faction Tech are marked as such, Cultural Tech has also been marked the the Faction Tech (F). However, many unmarked pieces of tech may carry limitations on their usage. Consult a Tech Mod if you're unsure.
  • If you want to use a piece of tech, please read that tech’s writeup. Do not rely on my summaries, they are non-descriptive.
  • Gen Tech is listed in the digest, only the variety that is available to the general playerbase will be present.
  • Technology listed below is subject to change, if something is archived or removed it may take time to move off the digest. Just because it is listed here does not mean it still is fair game to use.

Light Armor

Armored Flight Suit - Full Seal Semi-Protective Flight Suit
Daredevil Co. Protective Gear - Extreme Sports Enthusiast Equipment
DG-500 Dueling Gloves - Phrik Combat Gloves
Hippeus Protective Kit - Swoop Biker Equipment
(F) Rebel Trooper Armor - Highly Customizable Alliance Armor
(F) Sith Marauder Armor - Minimal Coverage Sith Armor
Wanderer's Rags - Minimalist Armor For Blending In
Medium Armor

Backwater Defender Armor - Steampunky & Ironage Clash
(F) Beviinir/Lancer Armor - Mandalorian Pilot Armor
Combat Armor - Standard Galactic Military Armor
Combat Engineer Armor - A Mix of Fighting & Fixing
Enforcer Armor - Highly Customizable Criminal Armor
(F) Medium Beskar'gam - Highly Customizable Mandalorian Armor
Ranger Armor - Explorer/Mercenary Armor
Ranger Scout Armor - Highly Customizable Mercenary Armor
Rogue Armor - Highly Customizable Mercenary Armor
Ruffian Armor - Highly Customizable Mercenary Armor
(F) Sith Battle Robes - More Protective Version of Sith Marauder Armor
(F) Sith Medium Armor - More Protective Version of Sith Marauder Armor
(F) Sith Trooper Armor - Highly Customizable Sith Trooper Armor
(F) Vikingr Armor - Highly Customizable Decualian Armor
Heavy Armor

(A)(F) Alvladur-Class Armor - Decualian Battle Armor
Brutus Assault Armor - Full Coverage Mercenary Armor
(F) Heavy Beskar'gam - Full Coverage Mandalorian Armor
Hutt Heavy Armor - Full Coverage Space Slug Armor
(F) Imperial Sovereign Protector Armor - Sith Royal Guard Armor
(F) Sith Enforcer Heavy Armor - Full Coverage Sith Trooper Armor
(F) Sith Stalker Armor - Full Coverage Covert Sith Armor
(F) Sith Warrior Armor - Full Coverage Sith Armor
Special Armor

EVA Suit - Full Seal Space Suit

Armor Functions

Functions created at the start of the TL can be found here.

Armorweave Accessory - Layer Of Armorweave (protects against shrapnel & unpowered melee)
(A) Cryocaster - Wrist Mounted Carbonite Sprayer
(A) Energycord Launcher - Wrist Mounted Device (fires lightsaber resistant cord to immobilize target)
(A) Gauntlet Buckler - Wrist Mounted Energy Buckler (2 light bolts or 1 medium bolt before failure)
(A) Gauntlet Bulwark Shield - Wrist Mounted Energy Shield (3 light, 1 medium or 1 heavy before failure)
Insulant Undersuit - Protects 1-2 Rounds Against Extreme Cold or Cryoban Weapons
(A) Repulsor - Wrist Mounted Device (emulates a force push, repulsing target 10m)
(A) Self Destruct - Suicide Vest (code locked self destruct mechanism built into users armor)
Wrist Blades - Overt & Full Size Version of Concealed Wrist Blades
Whipcord Thrower - Wrist Mounted Snare Device (fires ensnaring device to immobilize target)

Astro Droids

B-Series Astromech Droid - Pilot Capabilities
KLT-Series Astromech Droid - Pilot Capabilities
MIA-01 - Smaller Pilot Droid
SAD-4A - Navigation Droid
286-Series Pilot Droid - Pilot Capabilities
(A) 3T-Series Astromech Droid - Copilot capabilities (reduces jump time 1 round)
Combat Droids

(A)(F) Basilisk War Droid - Mandalorian Combat Mount
(A) H4 Battle Droid - Advanced Battle Droid
(A)(F) IAF Goliath Bipedal Tank - Advanced Sith Combat Droid
(A) IG-00 - Standard Galactic Assassin Droid
(A) Interloper Defense Droid - Defensive Combat Droid (Restricted Use By Admins)
(A) Mark II Automatic Conqueror - Defensive Combat Droid (Restricted Use By Admins)
5U Infantry Droid - Standard Galactic Combat Droid
Labor Droids

Drake M1 Mining and Salvaging Drone - Mining & Salvaging Droid
KF-series Labor Droid - Common Manual Labor Droid
L6-series Heavy Lifter Droid - Picks Things Up, Puts Them Down
R0-Series Labor Droid - Big Labor Droid
Protocol Droids

D.A.N. Personal Translator Droid - Translates Speech
ID-series Bibliomech Droid - Data Handling Droid
Personal Entertainment Attendant - Beats By Darasuum
2B-Series Protocol Droid - Standard Protocol Droid
Droid Upgrades

(A) Astogation Co-Processor - Reduces Astro Droid Jump Time Processing By 1 Turn
(A) Combat Bypass Circuit - Allows Docile Droids To Become Aggressive
(A) Hunter-Killer Personality Matrix - Turns Protocol Droids Into Assassin Droids
Military Protocol Database - Military Programing For Protocol Droids
5U Infantry Armor Kit - Light Armor For 5U Droids



AM-7 Adventurer - Two Occupant Airspeeder
C-13 Redjacket - Combat Airspeeder
GoTech VT/450 - Four Occupant Landspeeder
LK-3200 Cargo Jumpspeeder - Small Open Topped Cargo Transport
LK-3400 Speeder Truck - Light Open Topped Cargo Transport
LK-6800 Speeder Truck - Medium-Sized Enclosed Cargo Truck
P-870 Fireflash - Two Occupant Landspeeder
Rust Duster - Wheeled Barebones Land Vehicle
Sorosuub W-10 - Four Occupant Landspeeder
SS-44 Bident - Two Occupant Airspeeder
UT3 Utility Speeder - Two Occupant Landspeeder
Swoop & Speeder Bikes

BN9 Red Witch - Personal Transport Swoop
DSD-90 Starsheer - Personal Transport Swoop
General Repulsor C100XXX - Personal Transport Swoop
Grav Board - Marty McFly Called
Hivox Assemblies 4TL - Personal Transport Swoop
Hutt Hoverchair - Space Slug Hoverseat
Ikasawak ZM - Personal Transport Swoop
LexWorks SV87 - Personal Transport Swoop
LexWorks SW21 - Personal Transport Swoop
LK-4000 Jumpspeeder - Personal Transport Speeder Bike
MRC-890 Ion Custom - Personal Transport Swoop
Shark Repulsorcraft SG-426 - Personal Transport Swoop
SRAD Siroc - Personal Transport Swoop
15-A Locust - Personal Transport Swoop
67-X Stormcloud - Very Fast Swoopbike
88-V Ranger - Armed Patrol Speeder Bike

(A)(F) Humbler-class Assault Tank - Sith Heavy Tank
Nuna Scout Flank Walker - Bipedal Armed Walker
(A) Ore Crawler - A large mobile mining and refining platform
Technical - General Term For Armed Landspeeders
(A) UT-7 Armotank - Moderately Fast & Moderately Armored Tank
(A) Rancour IFV - Lightly Armored & Armed APC
(A) 1A Heavy Laser Cannon - Stationary Direct Fire Artillery


Space Stations

(A) Multex-class Platform - Space Station
Starfighters, Bombers & Snubfighters

(A) Atlua Submersible Starfighter MK IV - Submersible Starfighter
(A) Bitol IR-15 - Spy Ship
Bi-Vane Starfighter - Starfighter With Hyperdrive, Light Lasers & Missiles
(A)(F) C-55B M-wing Starfighter - Advanced Galactic Alliance Starfighter
(F) Crux-class Starfighter - Sith Starfighter
(A) C-55M B-Wing Starfighter - Snubfighter With Hyperdrive, Light Lasers & Torpedos
(A) Dagger-class Heavy Fighter - Starfighter With Laser Cannons & Missiles
Dressel & Harch Model 710 - Starfighter With Hyperdrive, Light Lasers & Missiles
(F) FS-97 Linecutter - Galactic Alliance Starfighter
FP Pulsar - Starfighter With Laser Cannons, Missiles & Hyperdrive
FQ Pulsar - Starfighter With Laser Cannons & Missiles
FR Pulsar - Starfighter With Laser Cannons, Missiles & Shields
(F) HB1 Hawk-Bat - Galactic Alliance Starfighter
(F) Jai'galaar-class Starfighter - Mandalorian Snubfighter
JP-X Lightening Starfighter - Starfighter With Hyperdrive, Light Lasers & Missiles
MI Nova - Starfighter With Laser Cannons & Missiles
(F) MM5 Cycad/Marev-class Starfighter - Mandalorian Starfighter
(F) MM8 Bromeliad/Aliit-class Starfighter - Mandalorian Starfighter
(F) MM9 Ficus/Aranov-class Starfighter - Mandalorian Starfighter
(A)(F) MM11 Shiv/Chekar-class Starfighter - Mandalorian Starfighter
KP-90 Galactica Starfighter - Starfighter With Hyperdrive & Light Lasers
(F) Reflex-class Starfighter - Sith Starfighter
(F) Rýtingur-class Starfighter - Duecalian Starfighter
RX-3 Starfighter - Starfighter With Medium Lasers
RX-4 Starfighter - Starfighter With Light Lasers
RX-5 Starfighter - Starfighter With Hyperdrive & Light Lasers
(F) SP2 Stardancer - Galactic Alliance Starfighter
Trench-class Starfighter - Starfighter With Laser Cannons & Missiles
TS-1 Sunbolt - Starfighter With Laser Cannons, Missiles & Shields
(F) Vexatious-class Starfighter - Sith Starfighter

(A)(F) HX4 StarThunder - Galactic Alliance Light Bomber
(A)(F) HX5 Starlightning - Galactic Alliance Medium Bomber
(A)(F) Illness-class Starbomber - Sith Light Bomber
(A)(F) MM2 Fern/Mandokar-class Starbomber - Mandalorian Light Bomber
(A)(F) MM3 Bramble/Beskaryc-class Starbomber - Mandalorian Medium Bomber
(A)(F) MM10 Moon Badger/Muun'bajir-class Starbomber - Mandalorian Medium Bomber
(A)(F) Lash-class Starbomber - Sith Heavy Bomber
(A)(F) Phage-class Starbomber - Sith Heavy Bomber
Pinnaces, Gunboats & Dropships

(A)(F) Nightshade-class Pinnace - Sith Pinnace
(A)(F) SP1 Starstorm - Galactic Alliance Pinnace
ZC Patrol Launch - Patrol Pinnace

(A) Aggressor-class Patrol Craft - Heavily Armed Mandalorian Security Craft
(A) Acrainian Cutter MkV - Heavily Armed Cutter
(A) XS-109 - Gunboat With Heavy Weapons

(A)(F) Kal-class Fighter Transport - Mandalorian Light Dropship
(A)(F) Pierce-class Troopship - Sith Heavy Dropship
(A)(F) Q-1 Praetor - Galactic Alliance Light Dropship
(A)(F) Virus-class Dropship - Sith Light dropship
(A)(F) VXN-series Dropship - Mandalorian Light Dropship
Shuttles, Couriers & Freighters

Advancer-class Courier Starship - Armed Courier
(F) Antelope-class Shuttle - Galactic Alliance Shuttle
(A) CL7 TransiStar Passenger Liner - Galactic Southwest Airlines
(A) Dolphin-class Passenger Liner - Luxury Galactic Starliner
(F) K/M Shuttle - Mandalorian Shuttle
MPUV Boonta - Hutt Cargo Skiff
ED-3 Stargull - Galactic Starliner
(A) TX223-641 “Maelstrom” Yacht - Big Ol' Yatch
(A)(F) Nightsweeper-class Star Yacht - Sth Yatch With Hyperdrive
(F) Vector-class Shuttle - Sith Shuttle

35-Series Light Freighter - Old Light Freighter
(A) 03-K64 Class Mid Bulk Transport Ship - Bulk Freighter
(A) Balaen-class Heavy Freighter - Heavy Freighter With Hangar
(A) Celtic-3 M&M - Mining Freighter
(A) EX-1 Mining Ship - Heavy Mining Freighter
(A) Overhead Pirate - Combat Freighter
(A) Gorath-class Freighter - Bulk Freighter
(A) Gorath Janteel-class Galleon - Large Freighter Well Armed Inplace Of Cargo Space
MS-1800 Medical Support Freighter - Sector Relief Corp Light Freighter
Mynock-series Freighter - Light Freighter
Nerf-class Light Freighter - Old Light Freighter
Nexus-class Light Freighter - Light Freighter With Armament
Nexus II Light Freighter - Light Freighter
Overhead-class Freighter - Light Freighter
Rockhopper-class Freighter - Light Freighter
VH-Series Freighter - Light Freighter
VT-1100 Light Freighter - Light Freighter With Armament
(A) VT-1100 Smuggling Freighter - Black Market Upgraded VT-1100
(A) Waxa-class Scout Ship - Expeditionary Freighter With Science & Medical
XR-1200fp Light Freighter - Modern Light Freighter
XS-100 - Light Freighter
YX-940 Space Transport - Light Freighter
Corvettes, Frigates & Cruisers

(A)(F) Audacious-class Corvette - Sith Corvette (Ship to Ship Fighting)
(A)(F) Canopy/Nynir-class Corvette - Mandalorian Corvette (Anti-Fighter)
(A)(F) Distance-class Corvette - Galactic Alliance Corvette (Ship to Ship Fighting)
(A)(F) Malfeasance-class Corvette - Sith Corvette (Anti-Fighter)

(A)(F) Contemptuous-class Dungeon Ship - Sith Prison Ship
(A)(F) Ilum-class Frigate - Galactic Alliance Frigate (Escort Frigate)
(A)(F) Kranak-class Frigate - Mandalorian Frigate (Ship to Ship)
(A)(F) Nefarious-class Frigate - Sith Frigate (Ship to Ship)
(A)(F) Panopticon-class Command Frigate - Sith Frigate (Ship to Ship, Flagship)

(A)(F) Asperse-class Cruiser - Sith Flagship
(A)(F) Shakalir-class Cruiser - Mandalorian Flagship

Ship Upgrades

Sublight Engines

(A) Burst Thrusters - Upgrades Maneuverability Rating By 1
(A) SRB Sublight Engine - Freighter MGLT to 80 (not compatible w/other upgrades)
(A) Titan XX Afterburner - +20MGLT Speedboost (1 Round, 1 Use per thread)
(A) XXX Sublight Booster - +15MGLT Speedboost (3 Rounds)
Storage Capacity

Cargo Pods - Doubles Freighters Carry Capacity
(A) Hangar Upgrade - Adds +2 Fighter Capacity For -100 Tons Per Upgrade
(A) Light Freighter Cargo Extender - +100 Tons & -5MGLT (stackable upgrade)
Passenger Module - +9-15 Passenger Capacity for -35 Ton of Cargo Capacity
(A) Smuggling Compartments - Concealed Smuggling Space
Starfighter Cargo Pod - +5 Tons For -20MGLT

(A) Backup Hyperdrive - Secondary Drive (negatively double primary drive rating for secondary)
(A) Coaxium Infuser - Reduces Hyperdrive Rating By 1
(A) Hyperdrive Docking Ring - Hyperspace Capabilities For Small Craft (Class 4 Hyperdrive)
(A) Hyperdrive Sled - Hyperspace Capabilities For Small Craft (Class 4 Hyperdrive)
(A) Upgraded Hyperdrive - Halves the Hyperdrive Rating (Class 10 → Class 5)
(A) Upgraded Navicomputer - Reduced Jumptime by 2 Rounds

(A) Military Deflector Shielding - Stronger Shielding (takes more hits before failure)
(A) Nubian Drive Emergency Shield - Civilian-Grade Backup Shield (primary must drop to activate)
(A) Svalinn Series Shield Booster - Increases Shield Rating 1 Tier (Light → Medium → Heavy)
(A) Upgraded Armor Plating - +1-2 Rounds of Sustained DMG Per Layer -10MGLT Per Layer
General Upgrades

(A) Astromech Socket - Housing for Astromech Co-pilot in Small Craft
Civilian-Grade Power Core - Standard on Ships
(A) Fierce Integrated Security Redundancy (FIRE) - Upgraded Anti-Hacking Security Measures
(A) IFF Spoofer - Ability to Falsify Ship Information w/Preloaded Info
Inflatable Pontoons - Allows for Landing/Takeoff from Water
(A) Military-Grade Power Core - Accommodates Advanced Tech Power Needs
Simple Security Redundancy (SSR) - Ship Alarm & Keycode Lock

(A) Borstal Defense Heavy Cannon - Heavy Damage Ship Weapon
(A) Caltnare Ion Cannon - Replaces Cannon w/Ion Cannon For Non-Lethal
(A) Dynamic Missile Launcher System - +3 Missile Capacity to Fighters +5 If External Mounted
(A) EMTT - +1 Torpedo Capacity (must be manually reloaded)
(A) Groundsweeper Light Cannon - Dual Fire Capability (Heavy Repeater or Light Cannon)
(A) Proton Torpedo Launcher - +2 Torpedo Capacity to Fighters & +3 to Larger Ships
(A) Taim & Bak Quad Cannon - Medium Damage Quad Cannon (starfighters cannot use)


Gadgets & Tools

DTX -1480 InforMaster - Standard Datapad.
(A) Encrypted Business Card - Card w/Encrypted Communications Line
Industrial-Grade Fusioncutter Torch - Can Cut Through Civilian Grade Metals
Ithorian Translator - Translates Ithorian To Galactic Basic
NV5 Personav - 3D Compass & Handheld Navigation
(A) Military-Grade Fussioncutter Torch - Can Cut Through Military Grade Metals
Oxidizer - Allows Breathing In Harsh Atmospheres (does not scrub air)
Port Scanner - Able To Hack Computers
(A) Ro Hypa Poison - Extract From A Dangerous Lizard
(A) Scramble Key - Able To Hack Terminals
(A) Signal Re-Router - Redirects Signals To Prevent Tracing
Signal Tracer - Traces Signals
(A) Slicer’s Deck - Portable Full Service Hacking Setup
(A) Spoofer - Copies Data
StarX-Brand Welding Putt - Welding Putty For Patching Ship Hulls (or making holes in ships)
StarX-Brand Yellow Box - Emergency Ship Repair Kit
TDS-1100 Portable Computer - Portable Computer
Techno-Coffer - Mounted Datapad In A Hardcase
Universal Translating Device - Translates All Known Languages
Wookie Translator - Listener Can Understand Wookies
Cybernetics & Body Mods

Cybernetic Prosthetic Limbs - Standard Cybernetic Limb Replacement
(A) Enhanced Cybernetic Eye - Eye Replacement (can recording or use thermal vision for 1 Hour)
Electro-luminescent Tattoos - Invisible Until Charged w/Electric Current
Holo-Detailing - Advertising On Apparel
G5 Cybernetic Prosthetic Appendage - Standard Cybernetic Limb Replacement
Medical Sleeves - Covers Wounded Areas w/Painkillers & Kolto
(A) Voryc Baar/Grateful Body - Standard Cybernetic Limb Replacement (immune to EMP)



(A)(F) Aflmylja - Deucalian Warhammer (unpowered & powered states)
(A) Atlatl - Gungan Mace (does Plasma/EMP damage in addition to melee if 'booma' still attached)
(F) Beskad - Mandalorian Standard Issue Blade
(A) Cesta - Gungan Staff (does Plasma/EMP damage in addition to melee if 'booma' still attached)
Echani Vibrosword - Commonly Carried By Echani Warriors
(A)(F) Eldhnif - Deucalian Knife (unpowered & powered states)
(A)(F) Elduröxi - Deucalian Battle Axe (unpowered & powered states)
(A) Electro-Whip - Zygerrian Stun Whip
(A) Electroripper Staff - Chainsawheaded Extendable Staff (w/repulsor blast in pommel)
Collapsible Staff - Foldable Durasteel Bo-Staff
Crossguard Lightsaber - Increased Stability Compared To Standard Saber Design
Gaderffii Stick - Tusken Raider Club
(A)(F) Imperial Blastcane - Sith Suave Mixed w/Shooting
Lightsaber Polearm - Double Sided Saber Design
KL-01 - Space Katana
(A)(F) Kastaöxi - Deucalian Hand Axe (unpowered & powered states)
(A)(F) Lightsaber Pistol - Saber w/Light Damage Blaster
Model-B Stun Baton - Law Enforcement Stun Stick
Mono-Throwing Knife - It's a Knife You Throw...?
(F) Royal Guard Vibrosword - Sith Royal Guard's Blade
(A) Rykk Blade - Wookie Melee Weapon
Sereno Vibrocutlass - Commonly Wielded By Warriors From Sereno
Shock Boxing Gloves - Imagine Getting Punched & Electrocuted
Sword Cane - Sword Hidden In A Cane
Tching Dagger - Artisan Assassins Weapon
Two-Handed Vibro Axe - Vibro Battle Axe
Versatech Cosmowrench - GMOD Called, Give It Back
Vibroblade - Standard Melee Weapon Of The Galaxy
Vibrobayonet - Standard Military Melee Weapon Of The Galaxy
Vibrofoil - Fencing In Space, Also Good For Bards


Light Damage:
EBF-Mk1 - Welder Turned Blaster Pistol
Dirk Slug Pistol - Easily Concealable Slugthrower
Guardian Holdout Blaster - Pocket Sized Pistol
NX-13 Grapple Pistol - Sterling Archer Called, So Did James Bond (also its an ascension gun)

Medium Damage:

Chanti Blaster Pistol - Standard Galactic Military Grade Rifle
DH-7 Blaster Pistol - Scoped Short Range Pistol
E2000 Blaster Pistol - Common Self Defense Blaster
F11 Blaster Pistol - Common Self Defense Blaster
MH55 Blaster - Common Self Defense Blaster
(F) Pugio Blaster Pistol - Sith Trooper Standard Issue Pistol
(A) QuickDraw Blaster Pistol - x2 Shot Blaster Pistol
(F) R5 Blaster Pistol - Galactic Alliance Standard Issue Pistol
(F) Strill Blaster Pistol - Mandalorian Standard Issue Pistol
VBP-11 Blaster Pistol - Common Self Defense Blaster
(F) WESTAR-1 Blaster Pistol - Mandalorian Standard Issue Pistol
ZA-13 Blaster Pistol - The Wild Wild West
ZA-44 Blaster Pistol - Common Self Defense Blaster

Heavy Damage:

(A) Lullaby Heavy Blaster Pistol - Hard Hitting Pocket Rocket
(A) Renegade Heavy Blaster Pistol - Saturday Night Special
(A) Violator Disruptor Pistol - Disintegrates Targets, Highly Dangerous

Special Damage:

Dart Pistol - Single Shot Knockout Weapon
(A) Sith Lanvarok - Beyblades But Sharp, Also Poisonous

Light Damage:
(A) Bowcaster - Wookie Crossbow-like Slug Thrower
(A)(F) Læsatein - Deucalian Crossbow-like Blaster
Recurve Bow - The Natives Are Getting Restless
(A) SGB-1 Scatter Blaster - x3 Light Blaster Bolts Per Shot ('Murica)
Stun Scattergun - Light Stun Damage

Medium Damage:

(A) CZ MSBR - Czerka x2 Shot Rifle
(F) DC-15W - Mandalorian Standard Issue Rifle
E-33 Blaster Carbine - Bounty Hunter's Delight
(F) Gladius Blaster Rifle - Sith Trooper Standard Issue Rifle
Halberd Slug Rifle - Oldschool Slugthrower
LRA9200 Carbine - Standard Galactic Military Grade Rifle
(F) R5R Blaster Rifle - Galactic Alliance Standard Issue Rifle
(F) Shriek-Hawk Blaster Rifle - Mandalorian Standard Issue Rifle
The Schnee - The Natives Are Getting Restless
Vorantikus Blaster Rifle - Space AK
(F) WESTAR-C1 Blaster Carbine - Mandalorian Standard Issue Rifle
XC7 Carbine - Hold It Sideways For Better Accuracy

Light Damage:
B08 Varmint-Blaster - Carbine w/Built In Scope
Cycler Rifle - Long Range Slug Thrower

Medium Damage:
A10 Long-Blaster - Marksman's Rifle w/Built In Scope
Merr-Sonn 227-KC Sniper Rifle - Marksman's Rifle w/Built In Scope
WL-29 Long-Blaster - Marksman's Rifle w/Built In Scope

Light Damage:
(F) Beviin Light Repeater - Mandalorian Squad Automatic Weapon
(F) Javelin Light Repeater - Sith Trooper Squad Automatic Weapon
Dakka Light Repeater - Short Barreled Squad Automatic Weapon
Deck Sweeper - Field Modified Javelin, Sawed Off

Special Damage:
(A) EC-13 - Extremely Short Range Arc Thrower (Stun/EMP Damage)
(A) PIPE-VII - Rocket Launcher AP/AT Warheads - Timed or Impact Detonated
(A) PL-10 Chemical Sprayer - Weed Sprayer For Armor
(A) S-34 Grenade Launcher - Frags Flying Forward Frivolously
(A) Wadjet Flame Projector - It's A Flamethrower
(A) Zip Flamer - Also A Flamethrower

Special Damage:
(A) Acid Grenade - Creates Airborne Acid Cloud
(A) Booma - Gungan Plasma/EMP Grenade
(A) CorSec Knockout Gas - Incapacitates Targets
CZ Riot Gas - Debilitates Targets
(A) EMP Grenade - Deactivates Droids & Disables Armor Functions/Cybernetics
HH-69 Adhesive Grenade - Immobilizes Targets
(A) PL-10 Grenade - Melts Armor
Attachments & Accessories

(A) Heavy Power Pack - Extended Energy Magazine For Repeaters'
Laser Sight - Weapon Attachment to Increase Hipfire Accuracy
N.E.W.D.A. - Mechanism Allowing User To Hide A Weapon Beneath Clothing
(A) Thermal Scope - Weapon Attachments to Allow Seeing Heat Signatures
(A) Wookie Shield - Defends Against (3 Melee Attacks or 2 Light Bolts or 1 Medium Bolt)

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