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Drow Venn

Jedi Order

Jedi Master

Ishi Tib

55 years old


1.8 meters

160 pounds


Looks like a typical Ishi Tib; birdlizard features, star face, and two big eyestalks. Here is what he looks like.

Drow is a fierce combatant, having been toughened up by years of battle experience. He is able to keep a cool head under extreme pressure, aided even more so by his Jedi training. His constitution is also remarkable, having been trained to carry heavy amounts of equipment for long periods of time during his combat training. He also has leadership skills and will not hesitate to step up and make decisions if need be, though he prefers not to. He is well versed about different weapons and cultures from his time as a soldier. One could accurately say he's book dumb but street smart.

While his endurance and constitution are tip top shape, the same cannot be said about his speed - he is more of a distance runner than a sprinter. As mentioned above, he never had much formal education so his intelligence is not as high as his wisdom. He does care for all living things and is reluctant to hurt anything, sentient or not. While some may consider this a strength, others see it as a weakness that he is willing to kill only under the most extreme of circumstances. While he is muscular and fit for his size, his relatively smaller frame makes it difficult to trade punches with heavier and taller foes.

Drow is a teddy bear. Despite an appearance that may seem gruff at first glance, Drow wants nothing more than to enhance and preserve all life he meets across the galaxy. He believes that life is sacred and that he has a responsibility to use his abilities to protect those who can't. He believes that nobody is ever gone completely and that even the most morally repugnant individuals can one day be redeemed. He loves meeting new people, though he prefers listening to others' stories rather than share his own. Despite his past, he hates violence and looks back on his time as a soldier with great shame. He finds the Jedi lifestyle has brought him peace and, he hopes one day, redemption for his past sins. That being said, he sees the Sith as a grave threat to the galaxy and is willing to use extreme methods to put them down. While he doesn't like violence, he does admit he's good at it so he sees himself as a tool to the Jedi Order; be the "bad guy" so that other Jedi don't have to.

Drow Venn grew up in a poor community on his home planet of Tibrin. Despite his parents' wishes, he hung out with a violent, destructive crowd in his youth. When an offworld mercenary company came looking for recruits, Drow and many of his friends signed up eagerly. While it initially proved to be an exciting adventure filled with colorful planets, violence, and women who seemed to love men in uniform, Drow quickly became disillusioned with the lifestyle. The mercenary company he was with was quite an unscrupulous one; taking up jobs that other companies would have perhaps shied away from. After a corrupt mining company hired them to put down a local workers' rebellion that resulted in hundreds of casualties, Drow became disgusted with himself for his part in the massacre and quit. He wandered cantinas desperately searching for a purpose. One day, he happened to spy a monk from the Brotherhood of the Beatific Countenance preaching about meditation and the Force. Deciding that it was high time to get spiritually healthy, Drow began meditating and started the slow process of forgiving himself. Along the way, he realized he could touch the Force. Travelling to meet other Jedi, Drow became a member of the Order and now roams the galaxy, eager to learn and to protect others.

He's been doing his best to live up to the Order's values and principles. But the journey hasn't always been easy. He always tries to make time to learn from other Jedi as best he can, whether that's in the art of saber combat or just about the Force in general. However, he also keeps his ear to his underworld roots, making sure to try and be informed of the going-ons of the galaxy, even the shadier elements. It was by doing this that he was able to lend his expertise to a Sector Ranger investigation and how he was able to uncover news of a slaving ring. As a Padawan, Drow hunted down this slaver ring and it was here where he began to lose his way. Though his intentions were pure, he began to lose himself hunting down slavers and started forsaking his Jedi training in favor of his anti-slaver crusade. Fortunately, he was brought back to the light with some assistance from Nara Allam as after rescuing a group of slaves required him to find a clinic. Helping Nara start her own clinic was the right step for Drow and he decided to let hunting slavers go and recommit himself to the Jedi teachings; he helped save some foolhardy treasure hunters on Tatooine, he confronted a Sith on Dantooine, and tried to help negotiate an alliance with the Dugs on Malastare. Along the way, he somehow became a Jedi Knight too. He even got a Padawan that wanted him to train him! However, recently, has been suffering a series of setbacks as the Order has taken some serious losses lately. He flew heroically above Sullust to help resuce Trys Aran but the outcome was less than desirable. Trying to free slaves on Kessel ended with his capture and the devastation on Ajan Kloss has made him more cautious and determined to protect the Jedi Order.

This recommitment ended up benefitting both himself and the Order as he has led and participated in several victorious missions against the Sith including helping defend Byblos from invasion and blowing up the Sith base on Sullust. He also led an effort to bolster Yavin IV's defenses by founding a security force there and, after recovering Cin Drallig's holocron, was named Chief of Security as well as Jedi Master. However, with such victories came setbacks as Drow continued to struggle with losing himself to the dark side. After allying himself with a terrorist band to free the princess of Eiattu, he came clean to Grandmaster Voran and she exiled him to become the First Shadow of the Jedi Shadows. Hopefully, he will earn both penance and a greater understanding of the galaxy at large.

Drow is an expert marksman, hand-to-hand combatant, and pilot. Drow is moderately skilled with melee weapons and has training in wilderness survival and first aid. He is multilingual, able to speak Basic, Droidspeak, Miralukese, and Sy Bysti. Having trained with the Grojuk clan for some time, Drow is now also familiar with Gammorrean wrestling too.

He is now an expert in lightsaber combat after recovering Cin Drallig's Holocron and is well versed in all seven forms of combat, although he prefers to fall back on a hybrid style of Form II and Vaapad, as well as some fundamentals that he picked up from his mercenary days.

The Force abilities he has picked up during his Jedi training include Force Healing, Force Push, and Force Bellow.

* Ceremonial Jedi Armor from Nestor Praji's stash (heavy armor torso)
* Second yellow-bladed lightsaber constructed on Geonosis
* An ancient Y-Wing starfighter that he uses to get around
* The Jedi hooked him up with an old R2 unit to help push the old bird to its limits. After taking a Sith lightning bolt, the astromech R2-500 is a bit more trigger-happy and combative since his personality matrix had to be replaced.
* He obtained an E-11 blaster and neuronic whip while infiltrating Sullust.
* Now has posession of Cin Drallig's holocron (open Jedi asset)
* Sphyrna-class corvette named Chainbreaker (faction asset)
* FWMB-10 Repeater
* Sith lightsaber stolen from Vermill'a
* 2 scavenged and reprogrammed Sith YD-series security droids
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