Dr. Ilana 'Doc' Morata

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Apr 8, 2017
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In The Beginning
  • New Blood- Doctor Ilana Morata, experienced physician in the Outer Rim, has her first experience with a Mandalorian patient; one of her many first ties to civilizations beyond the criminal underworld.
  • Rapido Medico- Doc meets her first Sith, unwittingly. Abiding by her 'do no harm' rule, there is however a great deal of distaste for thugs and treating their captives.
  • Intel-napper- Doc once again meets a face on Nar Shaddaa, and this time he needs her help with something. Perhaps it's an offer she can't refuse...?
  • Big Trouble in Little Cala- Having gained some outside employment, Doc, now paired with the aspiring underworld businessman Malakai Beck seek the head security officer of a prominent Hutt businessman to obtain access to businessman's office. They get their information... but at a price.
  • I've Got the Key- Having gained what they needed in Little Cala, the industrious-minded Grysk and Arkanian Offshoot physician turn their eyes skyward. And though they obtain an ancient book of Kai's own wanting, she begins to question her own abilities, and their far cry from the norm of the galaxy.

A Study of (Sith) Alchemy
  • Study-cation-Having obtained their tome, the crime-mongering pair scoot off to Darumaa to heal their wounds and, in the case of Doc, study the new implications of her growing powers. The plot thickens... and she begins to feel drawn in to the lure of the Dark Side.
  • Cold Comfort- Unbeknownst to Doc, the intense duress and stress faced on Nar Shaddaa with Kai forged a partial Force Bond between the pair; with Kai's fall from favor in the Knights of Ren, Doc answers an instinctual call to Bal'demnic, sparing the ex-Sith's life. From there, he rests and recovers under her harsh care, and once he seemed recovered enough they follow the tome's clues to an ancient Sith Temple. From there... they dare to defeat the challenges presented there. Within awaits Kai's own ambition.
  • Just Getting Started- Having obtained the Holocron containing the secrets of Sith Alchemy, Kai and Doc then make their way to Terminus. Perhaps there, they will get the answers she so craves about what really started the plague...

Plague Doc
  • A Vacation to Die For- Attempting to find some peace and quiet of her own away from Malakai Beck and other patients, Doc instead gets her first brush with the zombifying plague haunting the galaxy, along with two Jedi and a Ranger, the Ranger disappearing shortly after the first wave assault. She, and her companions, had to fight to make it back to their ships, mostly unscathed. But now she sought answers...
  • Terminal Dinner Date- Having met a prominent scientist supposedly one of the creators of this mysterious plague, Doc and Kai dare to prepare assault for the labs left on Terminus, promising the wayward scientist his own payday. However, Kai must leave mysteriously before all deals are closed, and Doc is left adrift without answers once more.
  • The Search- Tasked by the FWA to research possible causes for the plague in a small, isolated camp, all hell breaks loose when a specimen infects the rest of the research team there. Saved by a mysterious Dark Sider named Hal, Ilana is left with more questions than answers, both about the stranger, and about the plague she has found herself getting involved in.

Badges and Bad Guys
  • Gimme a Hand Here- Meeting an undercover Sector Ranger for the first time, Doc unwittingly helps Lorcan in another Doctor's office, and learns there is more going on in this galaxy than just your average oddness; genetic modding to breed monsters is also now on the agenda, and with these new clues perhaps the Ranger might have his big evidentiary breakthrough at last.
  • Executive Decisions- Having followed the proverbial paper trail from Coruscant and Nar Shaddaa, Lorcan and Doc might have their big break. But with a fire and a squadron of the chief exec's brute squad coming in to wipe their dirty records clean, the pair do their best to eliminate the threat and collect what data isn't damaged by the fire.
  • And Justice For All- Having collected some data about the company behind the modding, there only remains one thing left; to gain concrete evidence tying the executive powers that be to a strain of mutating genetic modded beings that have also been cropping out throughout the galaxy. They both get what they want... but both of them pay a price.
  • Crossed Paths- Being called in for a false medical help, Ilana meets another Mandalorian, by the titled name of Rawl. He seeks the ones who might have stolen the tome... though she suspects his motives, she agrees to help in any medical emergency he may need, with an up-front payment for services rendered.
  • Odd Calls- Having been called in for emergency services for Rawl, she answers the call to his nearly being unconscious after a brutal attack and a paralytic. Treating him without removing his helmet, however, proves a task unique to the Doctor's usual check routine. Still reeling from the sudden loss of Kai, Doc finds herself without her usual armor of personal detachment.
  • Not a Quack Doc- What begins as a routine check-up turns into a confession with the bounty hunter Rawl.
  • Likely To Trend- Returning to the Core Worlds to answer a prominent patient's call, Doc is instead astounded to find that tied in is a promising employment with Lucien Sloan.

Fresh Start
  • Walking a Fine Line- Having been found and saved by a brutal beating on Corellia by Ranger Corran Velt, Ilana finds herself interested in a young man who treats her as a person of value, and with compassion. An odd trait in such a hard galaxy.
  • Royal Flush- Meeting the beautiful Pidge Batana, Ilana and she go on a CorSec information spree, where she attempts to find out more about Corran Velt. With the thrill of the date, Ilana finds herself charmed by the energy and enthusiasm of the scoundrel Twi'lek, celebrating after a narrow escape.
  • Sign of the Times- After having recovered from her beating when assisting Ranger Lorcan, she is hired on to be his therapist. Unknowingly, her words of counsel are used for him to terminate his employment as a Sector Ranger after suffering his own doubts and darknesses, thus pursuing a similar, albeit more limited career; that of a P.I.