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Cyrus Solus

______ "Witchscar"

► SPECIES: Human

► GENDER: Male

► AGE: 28 standard years

► HOMEWORLD: Socorro

► FACTION: Independent

► HEIGHT: 1.85 meters

► WEIGHT: 83.9 kilograms


► THEME: Theme

► VOICE: Dee Bradley Baker

Cyrus Solus (better known as "Witchscar") was a male Mandalorian warrior. Trained by a small covert of Mandalorian survivors on Socorro prior to their unfortunate purge, Witchscar now finds himself to be the lone survivor of his enclave. Traveling the galaxy in search of others of his kind, as well as a greater sense of purpose, Witchscar is a Mandalorian fundamentalist; adherence to the Resol'nare and a firm belief in the three gods of the culture serves as the bedrock of his ideals. He lives his life as a Mandalorian ought to: as both hunter and prey; a man who knows his life will be nothing but constant, unremitting war.


Reliability. Honor. Loyalty. These are a Mandalorian's chief virtues. Since my birth into the clan, I was raised on the values of one's word. A Mandalorian who did not live up to their word was a hu'tuun - a coward. To lose one's honor is worse than death. A dishonorable Mandalorian would never join the Manda, would never join their ancestors beyond the grave. Fear of being forbidden from joining the ranks of such storied Mandalorians as Leandros and Raz Solus, Tarre and Pre Vizsla, and Bo-Katan Kryze kept us firmly in line, and rarely would we break our bond.

The clan elders taught me this ideal, raised me to be a man of my word, no matter the cost. I grew to love the loyalty of my brothers and sisters in the covert; each one would live and die for the rest of us. We were raised to think of ourselves as a hand. Each of us was a finger, and without the others we were useless. Alone, a finger can't grasp, or control, or form a fist. We are nothing on our own, and everything together. That is the strength of the clan. Brothers all, one indominable heart forged in the fires of death. We would bear the weight of glory together. This is the way.


Mourning the dead. Remembrance for the fallen, but knowing they live within the Manda. I was not on Socorro during the purge of the covert. To this day, I feel nothing but shame that I could not be there to die alongside my people. I do not know why or how it all happened, though I do know my people took down ten killers for every Mandalorian that fell in battle. I will never forget the stench of death in the enclave upon my return; bodies were stripped, defiled, piled, and burned as a warning to all who would follow after their killers. I spent hours recovering the dead and burying them in accordance with our customs so that they might join our ancestors. With each body buried, I felt my desire for vengeance grow, my lust for blood increase.

They say the universe plays sick, twisted jokes on us. Solus is Mando’a for ‘one,’ and there I stood as the sole survivor of my enclave, almost as if it was the cruel hand of destiny guiding my story. I felt sick from my survival, but my duty to avenge the fallen and exact justice came before my personal feelings. With a final farewell to my home, I set off for the greater galaxy, hot on the trail of the scum who did this to me. I swore it on the graves of the fallen, and that is a vow I would not break.


Justice. Vindication. That was the Mandalorian way when wronged. We are not a peaceful people; we never could be. Ours is a life of constant, unremitting conflict wherever we can get it. If there is nothing to fight, we fight ourselves until a new challenger arises. Once a Mandalorian swore vengeance and justice, there was no turning back. They would spend their lives hunting down a single person across the galaxy if it meant bringing them to justice.

It took seven years, but I honored my vow. The one thing I remember most about the end of it all was how… quiet it was. I said nothing; not when I flew to Tatooine, not when I marched to that pirate compound, and certainly not when I left behind nothing but ash and dust. When it was all over, when my people had been avenged, the only thing I remember was the silence of the Dune Sea. There was nothing, not even wind, that violated the sanctity of the moment. It was like the universe had ordained my revenge. I never returned to Socorro, not like I needed to; every Mandalorian who has ever died was within my soul, watching and judging me for the actions I committed in my life.

As I finished the final strokes of paint on my armor, I took the time to reflect on my life up to this point. I thought I would feel a measure of satisfaction at exacting my vengeance, but I just felt hollow, like it was nothing more than a chore to complete. Even now, I can smell the burning bodies and see the panic in their eyes as they took their final breaths, not even aware of why the angel of death had visited them that fateful day. It didn’t matter anyways. I was freed from my vow, and I had the entire galaxy at my feet, ready to be explored. I know that one day I’ll find others just like me, and maybe one day I’ll find a new home.

Until that day, I am as my name dictates: Solus – one man amongst trillions.

Cyrus, better known as “Witchscar,” is a tall human male of unknown complexion or beauty, for he never removes his helmet around outsiders in accordance with his culture’s customs. He wears his armor as if it were his second skin as dictated by the Resol’nare, and its use is as much religious as it is practical. He remains fiercely loyal to this practice as a result of decades of instruction.

He is a simple Mandalorian, truth be told. Fiercely loyal to his people and his culture, it takes an immense amount of effort for him to warm up to someone he believes to be an “outsider.” Once someone finds themselves on his good side, however, he is willing to go to the ends of the galaxy if it meant defending them or their honor. To that end, he may come across as foolishly noble, but only if it coincides with his Mandalorian ideals. At other times, he may seem distant or cold, especially around aruetiise – outsiders. He's especially cold around Force users, who he feels are unnatural and violate the mundane nature of the universe.

As a Mandalorian, Witchscar respects straightforwardness, honor, courage, and martial prowess. Cowardice and dishonor are fates worse than death in his eyes, and he is willing to go to extremes if it means avoiding these grim fates. In battle, he is a calculated and callous killer, more interested in the glory of combat than any other purpose for fighting. The quest for eternal glory means constantly searching out for more and more respectable battles, and he’s willing to sell his services for the chance at earning his place within the Manda. He’s not a mere brute, however, and his conscience does, at times, plague him. He avoids innocent death where he can, but accepts that there are risks in war, though it doesn’t make him any less ill when these risks manifest.

He has a deep-seated desire for the companionship and closeness that other Mandalorians can offer him. Since the purge of his enclave, he has constantly searched for meaning in the galaxy, moving from world to world, selling his services as a mercenary and bounty hunter just in the hopes of finding more Mandalorians. It is a great big galaxy, and when he’s surrounded by crowds of outsiders is when he feels the most alone.

Like others of his kind, his talents are firmly nested in the realm of the application and management of violence. He is well-trained in a diverse number of skills related to his lifestyle, chief of which is his strength of arms.

He is trained to use a variety of blasters in combat, though his preference is for the up-close-and-personal nature of blaster pistols, preferring to see his enemy before he kills them. That being said, he’s still an adept sharpshooter and prides himself in his ability to hit targets at range. Additionally, he enjoys the more visceral nature of close quarters combat, often preferring to close the distance using his pistols before engaging his foe in melee, knowing that the shock trooper methods employed by the Mandalorians are enough to send most foes running.

Finally, he is an appropriately-skilled pilot and prefers to do all his flying himself without relying on a droid. Though he lacks Force sensitivity, he still has the honed reflexes of a lifetime warrior, and every flight mission is another opportunity to improve those skills.



* only if specifically listed in the thread
** all grenades/ammo otherwise hidden in utility pouches
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