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Corran Velt


► 28
► Human
► 1.83 m
► 79 kg
► Blue
► Rust Blonde
► Commenor
► XY
► Sector Rangers
► Ranger
► No
Corran Velt was born to relative middle-class parents on the planet Commenor in the Colonies. His father was an independent bulk hauler by trade, with his wife running the house while her spouse was away for weeks at a time. Bulk hauling by nature is not a lucrative business in and of itself and Corran’s father ended up working for the black market to make ends meet. Weeks or even months between the Rim and the Core, especially without a central Galactic government, made some offers too enticing to ignore. All it took was one bad run to go south for black market hand to switch from giving to brutal. Unfortunately for Corran’s father, bulk haulers’ are a dime a dozen, easily replaced, and easy to disappear. One rushed trip to the Mid Rim was the last Corran saw of his father. Flight logs returned by local authorities on the planet Mon Gazza said the bulk freighter had a navigation malfunction and jumped into the nearby star. With no remains, the funeral was short. By now in his teenage years, Velt stumbled across a data-ledger hidden among his deceased parent’s things as they were being gone-through. In simple code, Corran discovered that his father’s transport business had a criminal side and the last record was to pick up illicit cargo in the Rim. Other parts of the mystery began falling into place: The vague nature of his father’s business, the fury of losing cargo to “bad timing”, and the eventual panicked departure to Mon Gazza.

In anger and frustration only held by teenagers, Corran decided that his father had been murdered by some criminal operation and sought out revenge. Taking a stash of credits secreted away by his dead parent hidden with the ledger, Velt bought passage to the only place he could find answers and vengeance: Mon Gazza. What Corran found there was even worse: nothing. No trail of gangster killers, no sinister cabal, only the last flight record of the bulk hauler leaving port. For weeks more, Corran searched the urban centers running into all kinds of grey market merchants, spice runners, and pickpockets. His search was fruitless until he was accosted by a group of thugs for snooping around. His body and his ego sufficiently bruised, Corran returned to Commenor and his worried mother. Having grown worried sick for weeks after her remaining son ran away to a distant world, Jersan Velt used the few remaining connections in the trade business leftover from her dead husband to get Corran assigned to a freighter and one with a strict captain at that. While aboard, Corran had his youthful rowdiness forced out of him through strict regimen and constant work. He learned the ways of the merchant life on the hyperlanes, the mechanical knowhow of transport ships and even learned how to fly one, though he was no prodigy. Even over the years, the haunting death of his father Ryden still tugged at him.

So he quit his job. It was time to go to work. Saying goodbye to his disciplinarian crew, the hot-shot-turned-strait-laced made his way to Coruscant aboard a cheap ship he saved up for over the years. He signed up with the Sector Rangers. Corran may never know what happened to his father, but enlisting with the Rangers might give solace to someone like him, the feeling of a crime without justice and wishing someone could help.

Mission after mission, the young Ranger found himself in the thick of danger. Yet along the way, he made more comrades than enemies. Bast Emblai, Falynn Tikarsis, Darmus Onn, Lorcan, and Dr. Ilana Morata; all these and more had life-changing impacts on the rookie's changing views of the galaxy. The bloody Outpost Blue campaign and the savage terrorism of the Sith impacted him the most, forcing a certain realization: Force-user cults are the bane of good law and order in the galaxy. This theory became fact when the Sector Ranger HQ was destroyed on Coruscant by a massive Sith attack. Thousands perished and in the basement of the burning tower, Corran came face-to-face with a highly trained Sith. And failed. In utter defeat, he was rescued by countless friends he had made since joining the Sector Rangers. He had lost almost all his equipment and dignity, but was compensated by a diagonal scar across his nose and a captured vibrosword - the one that wounded him. Now he awakes in a changed galaxy. One where the Sith are a more present threat than ever and the Jedi remain suspicious fanatics. With few things left, Corran has to rely on what stood firm: his friends and the law.

Ever since leaving the strict crew of a merchantman, Corran has been a stickler for the rules. Guidelines and rules are in place to make people stay safe or things run like they are supposed to. Velt believes bending the rules invites greater sacrifices to ones principles and values, especially over time. How can one represent the law and good order and not be held to the same standard?

While straitlaced in his attire, Corran still has a bit of his playful youth in him when things don't need to be serious. His hair and face come across as more roguish than professional, but that often hides his true dedication to discipline or helps him blend in among rougher crowds at grimy spaceports or Rim frontier towns. He acts himself more among working-class and middle-class folks yet adheres stringently to hierarchy, even when one doesn't need to be so formal. Velt's charisma would be described as acceptable. He's more comfortable talking in strict professional terms or the rough terminology of spacers, but distinction and finesse elude him.


Combat: Corran has little in the way of formal training beyond what he learned aboard freighters or the rudimentary courses provided by the Sector Rangers. He's a middling shooter and his close combat style is a last resort.

Freight Pilot: Over years of working aboard haulers from small to medium size, Velt learned how to pilot a transport. It's nothing fancy, but he understands what it takes to make a big ship take off, turn, and land. He's never experienced a dogfight and and knows very little on piloting fighter craft.

Trader-By-Trade: The freight business, from Core to Rim, teaches one universal truth: everyone has a price. Corran knows that everyone is willing to barter if the price is high enough and that price isn't always credits. He makes a natural negotiator when it comes to business and especially when it comes to favors.

Languages: Galactic Basic, Huttese



Ryden Velt - Father - Deceased
Jersan Velt - Mother
Dr. Ilana Morata - Corporate leader and Corran's lover, though not without its challenges

Bast Emblai - Primary partner of Corran Velt in the Sector Rangers. Share a bond beyond description.

Darmus Onn - Mentor and early partner in the Sector Rangers

Falynn Tikarsis - Sector Ranger comrade and close friend, a medic of some renown

Lorcan - Former mentor in the Sector Rangers


Roadside Assistance ― Unable to break orbit due to some engine trouble, Corran relied on the kindness of strangers on Ryloth to help. - Complete

69th Annual Randon Tech Convention ― The Randon Tech Convention was the unofficial gathering of many a Sector Ranger. Corran ran into some old friends and some new. - Stalled

Tatooine Showdown in the Dune Sea - Corran hunts down a genocidal warlord that resides with Jabba's Palace. - Stalled

Imposter Syndrome - An unknown 'Bandit Jedi' is rumored to be causing trouble on Dantooine. Corran went to investigate the matter and put it to rest. - Stalled

Automated Defense - Doctor's Orders - In tandem with a fellow Ranger, Corran was assigned to protect a key witness in a corporate trial. - Complete

We Carry On - The assault on the Corellia Ranger Station led to the Rangers mourning their fallen. Corran has a chance encounter with Chief Hudson himself. - Complete

Trivial Pursuits - An undercover Ranger stumbles upon Corran and they discover they are seeking the same target: a spice dealer on the world of Jakku. - Complete

Outpost Blue - Securing the Fuel - Kal Dross and Corran Velt stealthily secured a pirate fuel depot on the world of Cora as part of a larger Sector Ranger operation to secure a station in the Manaan region. - Complete

Netrunning Straight to Prison - Ranger Darmus Onn has recruited Corran to hunt down the Slicer named Kal, the last criminal associated with the attempt on Dr. Zafina Strop's life. - Complete

Outpost Blue - Dagger in the Back - Corran and Lorcan were sent on a mission to infiltrate and destroy a pirate starfighter landing strip. - Complete

Outpost Blue - No One Left Behind - Darmus Onn and Corran land on a pirate station to rescue Bast Emblai from a failed first wave assault. - Complete

Outpost Blue - Second Sword - After completing their objectives to rescue Ranger prisoners, Corran and Echo squad decided to stay on the station and help capture it for good. - Complete

The Best Medicine - Corran visits Bast Emblai in the hospital as she recovers from her wounds gained from Outpost Blue - Complete

Caf, Blasters and Sabers - A routine arrest on a passenger liner goes wrong when pirates reveal their plan to hijack the shuttle and steal the precious cargo. - Complete

Outpost Blue - The Prize - Lorcan and Corran partner up once again to capture a Bolo-class Corvette for the Sector Rangers. - Complete

Behind the Crimson Ring - Corran teams up with some allies new and old alike to take down a Coruscanti slave holding station. - Complete

Night Trafficking - Plot - Bast and Corran are assigned to a Transport Automata Unlimited case to rescue a hostage in criminal custody. - Complete

Walking a Fine Line - While walking home from the Corellian Ranger Office, Corran runs across a woman being accosted by street thugs. - Complete

Danger: Datapunch! - Routine stops rarely stay routine. A simple rest-stop at a space station in orbit over Tatooine turns into trouble when Corran sticks his neck out for a citizen in trouble. - Stalled

Party Central - Utilizing an old report acquired by Ranger Lorcan, Corran is tasked to investigate and apprehend a high-level spice dealer on the Smuggler's Moon. To this end, he was surprised to team up with an unlikely ally. - Complete

The Hideaway - Bast Emblai and Corran are assigned as bodyguards for a lower-level politician. However, not everything is as it seems. - Complete

Unexplored Possibilities - In the aftermath of the Level 1469 Narrowlands Incident on Coruscant, Corran is visited by an unexpected Jedi in the hospital in need of some assistance. - Complete

Another World - Dr. Morata asks Corran for some help in a sudden medical call early in the morning. - Complete

Close to Home - Falynn Tikarsis and Corran investigate some shady medical suppliers on her homeworld of Cantonia. - Complete

Drill Interrupted - Corran has agreed to participate in Zero-G training led by Roland. Things get a bit of out hand. - Complete

Doctors without Boundaries - Corran begins his first mission with Ilana Morata as an official Ranger Affiliate. A raid on a safe house must be conducted before it is too late. - Complete

First in Flight - After some self-made repairs to his ship, Corran and Bast put the Crimson Venture through its paces. - Complete

By the Books - Dr. Ilana Morata and Corran crash-land outside any nearby civilization and need to signal for help and past the time. - Complete

Prestige and Providence - Bast, Falynn, Corran, and Haji are assigned to investigate a derelict Providence-class warship. - Stalled

Mirial Missions: Gathering Allies - As part of a joint-operation between the Jedi and Sector Rangers, Corran partners up with some unlikely allies to capture a slaver's convoy. - Complete

Galaxy in Crisis - Event thread - While escorting a potential suspect to Sector Ranger HQ on Coruscant, a massive explosion destroys much of the building. Corran rushes into the fray to rescue any he can, but soon he faces his most dangerous opponents yet: The Sith - Complete

Chapter II

Post-Crisis: Doctor's Choice - The toxin has finally left Corran's system and he awakes in a hospital with some company bringing curious news. - Complete

PDA Alert - Given some medical leave, Corran is invited to spend a day with Ilana that also includes a visit from an old friend. - Complete

Post-Crisis: Ranger's Day Off - After proper recuperation, the Sector Ranger Corran Velt is invited to a low population world at the behest of Dr. Ilana Morata. Something about a mansion. - Stalled

The Big Dawn - Corran returns to Coruscant to pick up his ship after recovering from his injuries. By chance, he stumbles upon his oldest acquittance in the Sector Rangers. - Complete

Unrelenting Pursuit - The search for Ranger Trys Aran is on and Corran must team up with faces new and old to find their mutual comrade. - Complete

Sorry, you're not a winner - Corran is pulled aside from his routine patrol to investigate some strange ships that docked on a distant station. - Complete

The Pilot and the Ranger - In order to make inroads with non-FWA worlds, and make some alliances in the Outer Rim, Corran invites Rylee Asuchi to Outpost Blue for some social diplomacy. - Complete

The House of the Rising Sun - Darmus and Corran bargained for a lead on Kel, the infamous slicer who almost killed them both. They head for the Red Sun Holo-Cafe in hope of tracking down the dangerous criminal. - Complete

Guild Wars: Ace of Spades - Mission Pack - Rylee Asuchi and Corran Velt are tasked with taking out some trade-lane raiders in the Velcar Sector. - In Progress

Guild Wars: High Noon - Mission Pack - Mining ships accidentally stumbled upon a pirate base in the Velcar Sector mineral belt. A Ranger unit is dispatched to handle the threat by any means at their disposal. - In Progress

Whispers in the Dark - Event - A cryptic message from Darmus Onn summons Corran and Roland to meet up in secret. A revelation has been found. - Complete

The Welcoming Committee - Political - With the emergence of the Sith Empire as a political body, the Sector Rangers are ill-equipped to defend FWA Space. Corran Velt attempts to convince sitting Senators to ready their government for conflict. - Complete

What the Future Holds - Political - Lieutenant Corran Velt is called upon to take Senator York into custody for the suspicion of leaking secret government information to the press. - Complete

Good Intentions: The Ghost Leak - Political Event - Senator York's office was deemed critical in the investigation into the leak that led to his arrest. Corran, being the ranger that conducted the arrest, now must find the evidence necessary to prove guilt or innocence. - Complete

In Her Footsteps - While on the hunt for suspects in a public disturbance, Corran runs into his possible targets but they aren't what he fully expected. - Complete

Spit fire - A confrontation between two lower-level gangs on Coruscant erupts into a conflicted engagement between criminals and Sector Rangers. - Event - Complete

Flee Market - While wandering around the Lower Market on Coruscant, Corran happens upon Trini; the Amaran who saved his life during the Rangert HQ disaster. Promising to make amends, he helps her find a part for her droid. - Complete

Socially Acceptable - The Sector Rangers, as courtesy of Captain Roland, throw a team-builder party on Corsin. - Complete

Missing Persons? - On the distant world of Botajef, a Jedi contacts a Ranger for help keeping secrets - Complete

Only Stars Shall See - Before departing on the secret mission to Nar Shaddaa, Corran makes a last minute stop to tell Ilana of the troubles yet to come. - Complete

In Strange Aeons - Trini and Corran chase the runaway astromech ZeeZee to Nar Shaddaa. An ancient secret drives the droid forward but to what purpose? - In Progress

Don't Cry for me Nar Shaddaa - Before the onset of the Anti-Sith operation, a meeting long-time coming between the two most important women in Corran's life occurs in a sleepy bar on the Smuggler's Moon. - In Progress

Whispers in the Dark: A Scouting Outing - Event - Captain Roland Rook and Lt. Corran Velt descend into the depths of Nar Shaddaa to scout out a safe approach to the Sith Base. - Complete

Whispers in the Dark: Final Eclipse - Event - All preparations had been made. The final raid on the Sith base on Nar Shaddaa commences. - In Progress
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