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Oct 2, 2018
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Character Name and Reputation Level: Zentripoli (Unknown)
Character Rank: Scoundrel (pending Ringleader)
Name (and link) of Plot: Building a Better Droid
Participants in the Plot (Character Accounts): @Pidge Batana @It0 @Cestus @BX 166
Intended Outcome of Plot: Acquire Headquarters and Factory for Zeno Droid Technologies
Any PvP or Staff DMing involved? No
Link to Dice Roll Thread (if applicable): N/A
Link to Desired Item/Power/Etc (if applicable): Zeno Droid Technologies - HQ and Factory Complex
Relevant Threads and a Description Per Thread in Chronological Order:
  • Where Is This Place Again? - Looking to find a suitable site for their HQ and factory of ZDT, Zentripoli, It0, and BX-166 travel to Hollastin and scout out some sites just to the north of Suslii City. Quickly discovering the dangers of rural Hollastin, the trio manage to survive a deadly ambush. Fortunately, they were able to find a suitable spot to try and acquire.
  • License and Registration, Please - Getting licenses, registration, and deeds is never straightforward in Hutt Space. In Suslii City, the seat of bureacracy rests in the municipal building. Pidge Batana and Zentripoli undertake a daring operation to get the necessary permits they need, while negotiating with the administrators for a suitable deed and business license to make their operations "legal".
  • Clear Out the Factory...and Its Yours - With nothing ever simple, the Suslii City clerk granted Zentripoli a deed and license, but did not inform the Columi that he would be responsible for "clearing out" the inhabitants of the factory. A deadly gang with a big surprise was waiting for Zentripoli and Cestus when they came to claim their territory.
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Dec 1, 2015
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Your character's rank is Scoundrel not 1
Reputation level is Unknown not Scoundrel