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Aug 22, 2016
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Bridger Axii's Personal Beskar'gam

Although heavy armor is the preference for many Mandalorians- especially front line shock troopers- many Mandalorian Bounty Hunters and other loners make use of lighter armor that allows them more mobility and flexibility for completing their tasks, while still offering reliable protection and the intimidating presence of their signature t-visors. With the increasing rarity of pure Beskar, many Mandalorians have turned to lighter armor styles that allow them more flexibility and maneuverability to make up for their decreased defensive properties of inferior armor materials. Like all Mandalorian armor, every one of these suits is unique to their wearer, and the range of customization options is huge.

This particular set belongs to Bridger Axii, the armor originally taken from his father who was killed, slightly modified with new different functions to better suit Bridger. The suit also features a cape that can be detached.


Mandalorian armor, though rare, is not illegal in most places. That said, wearing a full face helmet in public spaces is frowned upon, and often illegal in many core worlds, especially in or near government facilities- not to mention that many identification cards in various systems require a full face photo. This drives many strict adherents of "the way" to operate exclusively on the fringes of the galaxy.


This provides a personal medium armor for Bridger Axii

Type and Coverage

Type: Medium


  • Head: A full coverage duraplast helmet with transparisteel t-visor
  • Torso: Segmented beskar-alloy plating over bantha hide undersuit covering most of torso
  • Back: Solid beskar-alloy plating over bantha hide undersuit, covering upper back
  • Upper Arms: Duraplast pauldrons and elbow protectors
  • Upper Legs: Groin, front and back thigh duraplast plates over bantha hide undersuit


Function 1: Wrist Rocket

  • Wrist rockets have a flight range of 100 meters and have a blast radius of 3 meters. They are single-shot devices and require manual reloading after use. They are effective against lightly armored vehicles, moving parts such as gears or hydraulics, and infantry, and do equivalent damage to a frag grenade. The must be manually fired by button or trigger.
  • Force User Compatible?: No.
Function 2: Wrist Flamethrower

  • Wrist flamers are rare, expensive, and dangerous armor attachments favored by mercenaries and soldiers more than bounty hunters, and are illegal in many systems. Wrist flamers are powered by small fuel capsules, and typically hold enough for 3 short bursts of flame. These bursts last 2 seconds, are one meter wide and have a maximum range of 3 meters. The weapon must be manually activated via button or switch, and must be disassembled to be reloaded.

  • Force User Compatible?: No
Function 3: Jump Boots

  • This rare and expensive technology is able to propel a person up to 10 meters beyond what a normal person would normally be able to jump, especially when armored. It is not capable of sustained flight, and requires a brief engine cool-down before it can be used again (1 post cool-down).
  • Force User Compatible?: No
Function 4: Thermal Undersuit

  • Thermal undersuits wick away or reflect thermal energy for brief periods of time. They are not nearly as effective as a suit that firefighters would wear. Most commonly used to protect soldiers from flamethrower weapons or short bursts of extreme heat or cold, and are only good for 1-2 posts of exposure depending on intensity. They are useless against blasters.
  • Force User Compatible?: No
Function 5: Whipcord Thrower

  • The whipcord launcher was a personal weapon that fired a thin fibercord whip which then wrapped around and ensnared the target to restrict mobility up to 10 meters away while remaining attached to the mount point. It was detachable with a second use of the firing button. The whipcord launcher was favored by bounty hunters, as it was easy to carry and use and it virtually always ensured a live capture, though it could be cut by a vibro blade with ease.
  • Force User Compatible?: No
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