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Dec 15, 2019
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The Blades of Nihl


On the oft-warring planet of Nagi, the Legions of Lettow had established long-standing contact with the populace. Often enlisting force sensitive members of the Nagai race, a following and loyalty developed between the people of the planet and the travelling Legionnaires. 200 years before the beginning of the current timeline, a Nagai male rose to prominence and power in the dark side within the Legion that exceeded the level and status of any Nagai before him. Nihl, a powerful Centurion within the Legion, returned to his home planet to raise a select group of assassins trained to combat against force sensitives. Designing the group as a tool to strike down his enemies within the Legion, the organization's existence soon became known and their focus transitioned to that of a loyalist group of assassins dedicated to the will of the legion. With Nihl's eventual downfall against a Grysk warband, the group retained their name. Changing from a selective and public group of trained applicants, the group shifted to a position within the shadows and began to recruit by adopting orphans and runaways into their cause. Within decades, all memory of their existence washed out of the minds of the public and the group's own dedication to the legion became fanatical in design. With the changing of the Legion's leadership and name, the Blades of Nihl still serve the Sith Eternal as an assassin group ready to deploy at the Legion's wish. In reality, their trainees serve as potential candidates for any Legionnaire looking to take an apprentice beneath him.


The Blades of Nihl are a trained group of assassins dedicated to the mission of the Eternal Legion. Trained from childhood in the use of blades, the art of subterfuge and stealth, as well as lockpicking, pickpocketing, thieving and slicing, they dedicate themselves to being lethal tools. The organization is loosely structured, with the most senior members forming an oligarchical rule over the rest of the organization. At any one time, the organization rests at a membership level of about 60 people. Due to the danger of their duties, the turnover rate of members is pretty high, and few members live to ages older than 40. Their activity has waned in recent years, but they still train and practice in their old traditions. When members receive full member status, they are encouraged to complete a ritual tattoo ceremony where they receive fearsome full body tattoos often portraying a vicious predator or skeleton in a tribal design.

Leadership: Always changing. The one stable member for the past 2 decades has been an older Nagai named Timu Lakast.


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