Location Bal'demnic Sith Temple


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Sep 11, 2010
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The Sith Temple was an ancient cave that was strong in the dark side of the Force and located along the North Sea of Bal'demnic.


The Bal'demnic Sith Temple was marketably different than those found on Moraband and Malachor. Instead of being a pyramid, the temple was a dark cousin to the Jedi Temple on Ilum and was simply a cave that had long ago been transformed into a place of worship by the ancient Sith Order. The seas around the cave were too choppy to approach by ship or skimmer. Instead, only two Force-users capable of using the dark side of the Force could enter the cave by standing on a rock jutting out of the sea several meters from the cave's entrance and using it to split the waters.

Inside, the cave's true entrance—a rock slab engraved in the runic language of the Sith—could only be opened by slathering blood across the runes and focusing on the dark side of the Force. Beyond the door, a subterranean lake was surrounded by kyber crystals, which were used in the construction of Sith lightsabers. In a dark twisting of the Jedi ritual, which called for a crystal to choose its master, the Sith entering the temple would choose a crystal for themselves and take it to the stone altar at the center of the lake, where they would bleed the crystal in a bid to force it to submit.

The cave was extremely strong in the dark side of the Force, so visitors were often subjected to manifestations of their own fears, self-doubt, or weaknesses as they chose their crystal. Because the temple was designed to be visited by a Sith Master and their apprentice, a stone Sith throne sat on the shore of the lake for the Sith Master to occupy while training their apprentice.


The Sith Temple was believed to be constructed during the era of Darth Bane's Rule of Two. Previously, it was the tradition of the Sith to kill a Jedi and use the crystal from their victim's lightsaber to bleed for their own. However, Bane's Rule of Two required the Sith to operate from the shadows for millennia, necessitating a new way to create Sith lightsabers. The temple fell out of use when Darth Sidious rose, created the Empire, and wiped the Jedi Order out. However, it was rediscovered by the Sith Eternal cult, whose members sometimes used it in the construction of their own lightsabers.


To create a discreet place for dark side Force-users to create their lightsabers. To provide a different sort of Sith Temple for members of the site to explore. Also to give me a location for a future thread.


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May 19, 2013
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Spooky, I like it.