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Hutt Cartel

The Hutt Cartel
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The Cartel, like any criminal conglomerate is built on sources of income. We refer to those sources as Assets. Each Asset contributes to the generation of profit in a different way; some are legitimate businesses, others are smuggling rings, drug labs, slave traders, sporting arenas, recording studios, shipyards and private military corporations -- All owned by the Hutt Cartel, working towards the ultimate goal of profit, prosperity and power for the Grand Council of the Hutt Cartel and its members.

Below is a list of the notable assets and holdings of the Hutt Cartel, some of which were acquired under the Ona'bak Retrade network. This information is to be used OOC as well as IC to those who have the knowledge of the Cartel's assets. It is impossible to know every aspect of the web of network that the Cartel has their hand in, though this is a simple guide to some of those assets that your character may be aware of.

This is a list of legitimate businesses, criminal operations, planets, and other notable assets of the Cartel. These assets are divided into three different levels; Cartel, and Member. Cartel Assets are the largest, and typically the most widespread in Hutt Space, as well as throughout the greater galaxy. Member Assets are the smallest in size, representing business that have been formed IC, and whose expansion is more limited by the simple fact that such assets cannot grow without major backing from the Cartel or the Kajidics. On an OOC level this is to prevent single characters from becoming independent factions unto themselves without a greater level of oversight.

Cartel Assets
Cartel Assets are those that operate for the good of the Cartel as a whole, and are under the direct control of the Granee Lorda himself, and those advisors (usually respected Champio) he chooses to trust with overseeing them. These assets represent the largest in Hutt Space, and beyond, and part of what makes the Cartel the foremost criminal organization in the galaxy. Recently many of these assets have been reorganized as the new Granee Lorda, Addipos, had decided to consolidate them in order to make them more manageable, and efficient. Also included are planets and other which are important to the Cartel, or are outside Hutt Space proper. These assets are typically managed by Champios, but some of the more specific locations may be overseen by an Enforcer. Regardless, if those given such responsibilities do not take an active interest in them or abuse them, they may find themselves replaced by the Granee Lorda.

Legitimate Businesses

Rothana Heavy Engineering
"It's back and better than ever"

Back in the days before the fall of the Galactic Alliance, Rothana Heavy Engineering was a subsidiary of Kuat Drive Yards. However, after a rather disastrous business meeting, KDY decided to liquidate the company, along with the entire planet, to recuperate their losses. What no one realized at the time was that KDY's holdings were picked up by a single entity through a small army of shell corporations. That entity? The organization that would become known as the Hutt Cartel. The Hutt who led the effort was none other than Addipos the Elder, the mentor of former Granee Lorda Vero and Lorda Petar Anjiliac.

Over the last ten years, Addipos has used every means at his disposal to restore Rothana to its former glory, and then surpass it. The orbital shipyards and planet-side factories have been rebuilt and are churning out new technologies for the Cartel every day. More recently additional assets were folded into RHE, in order to boost its rise. This includes RevoGalactic, a former subsidiary of [aeon]CORP that was brought under the Rothana Banner following the dissolution of the corporation by Addipos. Additionally members of Praxus-Pondrevan were politely told that they should consider seeking employment with the renewed shipwright, giving it an experienced team of engineers to further aid the restoration. Other shipyards, and industries related to shipbuilding, in Hutt Space were also folded in RHE by the Granee Lorda, making it the largest shipwright in the Cartel.

In addition the shipyards, Rothana maintains the ability to manufacture heavy vehicles, as it did in the past, and the inclusion of some of these other organizations has only further improved that.


Other Important Worlds
Nar Shaddaa, Nal Hutta, Ganath, Teth, Kamino, Diyu​

Praxus-Pondervan Enterprises
"Makers of fine goods since 1011 ABY"

Formed in the days of the Retrade, Praxus-Pondervan was the result of the merging of Praxus Shipyards, and Pondervan Industries. Since then PPE has become well known throughout the galaxy for its high quality starships, and personal gear. Praxus-Pondervan has always been more about providing for the average denizen of the galaxy, and more recently it has doubled down on this niche, it's more military oriented designers have received opportunities for employment in Rothana Heavy Engineering they just couldn't refuse. The Praxus Shipyards themselves are small, located near Hollastin, having been moved there from Vergesso years ago. The yards are only capable of producing smaller vessels, no larger than 150 meters, and primarily produces starfighters, shuttles, and freighters of a high end make.


Other Important Worlds
Nar Shaddaa, DSC Daedalus​

Maelibus Mining
""We won't stop digging until we drag the Devil out of her hole"

The largest mining concern in the Cartel, Maelibus started life as a subsidiary of [aeon]CORP, but had already become an independent entity even before Addipos dissolved the corporation and started dividing its former subsidiaries and assets. This was largely a result of the work done by Mjolla Varneslan, a Champio currently in charge of the mining group. Under her leadership, Maelibus has expanded its capabilities greatly, focusing on the mineral rich world of Christophsis. Under her leadership the corporation has taken control of four of the twelve voting seats on the Christophsis Corporate Council, and made itself a force to be reckoned with on the planet.

More recently, Addipos has folded the Troika Mining Corporation into Maelibus, giving it a large presence on Zonju. He has also given Maelibus control of several mining worlds that were once under the purview of the Anjiliac Kajidic in Hutt Space. A form of punishment for the recent spat between them and Besadii, that looks good to the other Kajidics, but in effect doesn't really hurt Anjiliac as Varneslan is the foremost Champio of the clan. As the largest mining organization in Cartel Space, Maelibus is responsible for most of the raw resource production in the area, and under the table, also plays an important role in spice mining.


Other Important Worlds
Zonju V, Berason, Aylayl, Argovia, Lirra, Baudu Sextus, Altor 14, Dodz, Holess, Shola, Rishi, Rishal, Rishos, Quiberon V​

Baobab Merchant Fleet
"Those who explore new worlds and make possible the exchange of knowledge and goods—who bring civilization"

The Baobab Merchant Fleet is one of the most respected, and finest, of the mercantile organizations in the galaxy. Using its history, reputation, and clout the BMF can gain access to a variety of markets, and is the primary means through which legitimate goods in Cartel Space are moved and transferred throughout the galaxy. Foodstuffs, raw resources, legal weaponry, and more mundane objects are all produced in great quantities within the Hutt's domain, and since the Cartel's rise to power it's been the Baobab Merchant Fleet that has served as the premiere shipping firm. While most of the ships, and goods that the Merchant Fleet makes use of appear wholly legitimate, there are also those which actually belong to the Kajidics of the Cartel. These ships are better designed for the haul of illicit goods, and often have an ST Box installed that makes them appear as legitimate members of the Baobab Merchant Fleet when outside of Cartel Space. In this regard, the Baobab Merchant Fleet is little more than a very large front for the Cartel's criminal enterprises. It also helps to keep Cartel operations abroad supplied, and the Merchant Marine Academy run by the Fleet on Manda is one of the few legitimate institutions in Cartel Space dedicated to the training of spacers.


Other Important Worlds
Nar Shaddaa, Nar Kreeta, Bootana Shagplan, Aduba-3, Hollastin, Syvris, Chuzalla​

Kaminyzer Pharmaceuticals
"Try not to forget where we are located"

A medical corporation established by the Cartel on Kamino, Kaminyzer Pharmaceuticals has recently absorbed many other corporations, and entities with similar work in Hutt Space on order of the Granee Lorda. GamorrCare is the most notable of these, as well as the former [aeon]CORP subsidiary, Lhyzer Pharmaceuticals. As opposed to the the portions of Kaminoan society more focused on genetics, and cloning, Kaminyzer Pharmaceutical is more focused on producing relatively mundane medical equipment, and resources. On the surface, it's a legitimate medical company, that dabbles in genetics on occasion, and has access to more Bacta than usual as result of its affiliation with the Cartel.

Under the surface however, the corporation is heavily involved with experimentation into Spice variants, and its potential applications not only as a drug, but also a medicinal substance, and anything else that they can dream up. The Cartel's practice of slavery also gives the corporation plenty of test subjects for their products, making it one part legitimate medical firm, one part drug operation, and one part horror story. Thus far the Kaminyzer Pharmaceuticals has kept a low profile, which isn't hard to do being based on the isolated world of Kamino, but as the Cartel gains further control over the Spice Trade, and searches for alternatives to the lost Bacta revenue it unlikely to remain low forever.


Other Important Worlds
Gamorr, Chalacta, Nar Bo Sholla, Udrin Cara, Druckenwell​

Galactic Solutions Industries
"We stay neutral, so you don't have to"

An old name that's recently experienced a revival as a result of Addipos' consolidations, and transfer of former [aeon]CORP assets. Some of the major of these were Bohemian Arms, Boonda Droidworks, and Kaminoan Armorsmiths. Still primarily a weapons, and droid manufacturer, GSI has once again become the biggest name in weapons in Hutt Space. Gone however, are the days of fixating on super weapons and harebrained schemes that revolve around getting samples of metals for whatever reason. The GSI of today is a much more straightforward corporation, with a narrower focus. It no longer produces speeders, starfighters, or more exotic weapons really. Now it focuses more on traditional firearms, armor, droids, and occasionally experiments in animal weaponization.

Nar Shaddaa

Other Important Worlds
Boonda's Moon, Dirha, Ziugen, Dohlban, Diyu, Fyodos, Kamino​

Natori Security Company
"A mercenary's job is never over"

Like Maelibus, Natrori started life as a subsidiary for [aeon]CORP before growing into the much larger organization it is today. Natori is the single largest Private Security/Mercenary organization in the Hutt Cartel, and makes up a portion of the Hutt's Military Force as well. While generally in the employ of the Hutt's for the protection of their assets, Natori remains a legitimate business, offering private security to any who can pay, and haven't drawn the ire of the Cartel. The mercenary group handles everything from basic security, to bodyguard duties, to training planetary defense groups in Hutt, and Independent, space. Currently headed by two Cartel Champio under the code names "Ember" and "Flint", Natori might be shady, being funded heavily and run by the Cartel, but the group is always professional. Unlike other businesses in Hutt Space, Natori didn't grow as much as a result of Addipos' consolidation efforts, as it already contained the majority of mercenary work in the Cartel.

Nar Shaddaa

Other Important Worlds
Darkknell, Zonju V, Druckenwell, Dressel, Christophsis​

Zel Transport and Shipping
"Accelerate Your Advantage."

Zel Transport and Shipping Corporation is a newly created third party logistics enterprise, primarily functioning within the Y’Toub system and Hutt space more broadly. ZTS, as the company is more widely known, functions as a specialized warehousing, shipping, and freight transport corporation. It does not ferry passengers. At least not publically.

In addition to providing legitimate warehouse and transport services for the Hutt Cartel and other firms, ZTS serves as a front organization for an underground arms dealership specializing in impossible to find arms, armor, and technology from the remnants of the Hapes Consortium. While ZTS also ships and stores other black market weapons for the Cartel, it is the special connection with sources still in the Hapes Cluster that sets the corporation apart from other, existing black market arm dealers.

The vast majority of its weapon sales are conducted within Nar Shaddaa’s gun markets. A newly established venture, ZTS currently maintains a small, 600 square meter warehouse just outside the Jiguuna spaceport on Nal Hutta. The location provides easy access to major shipping routes such as the Ootmian Pabol, Pabol Hutta, Shag Pabol, the Kaaga Run, and the Hollastin Run.

Currently, those trade routes are used negligibly, as major shipments are largely devoted simply to ferrying shipments between Nal Hutta to Nar Shaddaa, although large, private orders can be made elsewhere in Hutt space. The major, long-term goals of the corporation include the expansion of its fleet and warehousing infrastructure to allow the company to move and store its freight at major trade hubs throughout Hutt territory. As a third party logistics corporation, ZTS seeks to actively improve and increase the efficiency with which bulk freight is moved and stored in Hutt space.

The ZTS corporation has a relatively meagre infrastructure at present. Following a generous loan of 2.6 million credits from newly appointed Con Lorda Jack Tamblyn, ZTS purchased the warehouse on Nal Hutta and a single Corellian Engineering Corporation Action VI bulk freighter. Given the limited scope of current business operations, the freighter adequately serves the needs of the small business.

Minimally staffed, the warehouse is almost entirely automated; droids leased from Borga and other Hutts serve to both stock and defend the ground facility. Most of the company’s employees are divided between sales and transportation, and only a fraction of the sentient workers are even aware of the company’s more illicit operations.

Although ZTS is a Hutt subsidiary company fully staffed and capable of engaging in business, from time to time the company solicits outside mercenary help. Such requests for assistance may involve escorting a particularly sensitive cargo, expanding the business’ infrastructure and assets, eliminating unaffiliated criminal elements detrimental to continued business operations, and any other number of specialized tasks. Such postings may pay credits, equipment, or a combination of the two. While preference may be given to official members of the Cartel, the jobs themselves are open to all.

Product catalog

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Hutt Cartel

The Hutt Cartel
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Criminal Operations

"Nothing fazes a good smuggler"

Nar Shaddaa isn't known as the Smuggler's Moon for no reason. Widespread, but widely disorganized, the Cartel's smuggling operations are complex to say the least. The most organized smuggling usually takes place with the Desilijic Clan, with the Baobab Merchant Fleet providing covers for the ships modified to smuggle goods in secret areas of their holds. Past this, smuggling is largely down to the individual. Smugglers are often stereotyped for their independent nature, a factor that makes it difficult to organize them, although the Cartel has recently made attempts to better equip its "legitimate traders" with vessels such as the Lyran so that they may more effectively conduct their business on the Cartel's behalf. Smuggling within the Cartel is inevitably linked with the production spice. With far flung spice operations such as those on Severcos and Zonju, the Cartel relies on its smugglers to ensure deliveries arrive in Cartel Space on time, and vice versa as product leaving major Spice Worlds such as Ylseia heads out into the wider galaxy.

Weapons shipments to Mimban are on the rise, after the Cartel helped to spark a conflict there between the natives, and human settlers, creating a demand on both sides.

More recently the Cartel has started smuggling tibanna gas from Bespin, in a deal with the Rebellion. As part of the deal, the Cartel gets 30% off the sale of all tibanna that it transports. As far as smuggling operations, it is fairly mundane, with the only risk being the identity of those that produce it. From Bespin the gas is carried to Sleheyron, where it is further sold and distributed. Another part of the deal allows the Cartel a small base of operations in Tibannapolis, and the Rebels use of the transportation network for emergency situations. The ships used for this smuggling route primarily belong to the Desajilic Kajidic.

"We actually do want to sell you death sticks"

When it comes to the Cartel's drug operations, spice is currently the name of the game. Trending away from the more trendy, or flashy illegal substances, the Cartel has doubled down on the production of spice varieties, and it currently represents one of the most successful avenues of profit generation in the post-Thyferra age. Within Cartel space there are several worlds dedicated to Spice, such as Kemix or Ylesia, which primarily fall under the domain of the Anjiliac Clan. The spice production under the command of the Granee Lorda himself, and his advisors, largely lay outside Hutt Space. The missing former Granee Lorda, Borga, was responsible for the Hutt's gains in many of these areas.

On Zonju V, the Maelibus Mining Corporation is responsible for the mining of Skolium, a necessary part of the Crudax variant of Spice. Cartel production of this drug has gone almost uninterrupted since the Hutt presence on Zonju was increased, and it is spread through the galaxy, and especially Hutt Space, by the vast smuggling network at the Cartel's disposal. On Sevarcos II, the Cartel also has a deal with the Spice Lord of the Equatorial Belt, giving them another source of the drug. The Andris variant is the largest variety shipped out from the desert world, with smaller amounts of Carsunum also making it into the Cartel's lineup.

In addition to Spice, the Cartel has also gained access to a number of more "designer" drug recipes as a result of their gains on Zonju. Most of these are chemical stimulants formerly tailored by the "Cult of Venom" in one of the districts of Sathad'ra. These stims have not as of yet gained the same level of prominence as Spice, but remain a viable source of income.

"You'll make a space-pirate yet!"

Piracy operations have largely taken a backseat compared to the other criminal endeavors undertaken by the Cartel. Part of this is due to a more pressing need for fighting ships to safeguard the heart of Cartel Space after the recent unpleasantness involving the Imperium on Thyferra, and Klatooine, and part of it is due to a desire to not purposely antagonize the worlds surrounded Hutt Space at this time. In general most of the pirate activity of the Cartel is limited to being within Hutt Space, and is another major domain of Anjiliac, although not as important a one as Spice at this point. Like smugglers, the pirates of the Cartel are largely unorganized, and left to their own devices as far as how they go about doing their work.

"Let them feel the weight of our chains as they serve their rightful masters"

With the fall of the Galactic Alliance creating a power vacuum in much of the galaxy, and the Imperium outlawing slavery and taking two of the three Slave Capitals of the Outer Rim out of the game, the Cartel has essentially defaulted into being the largest slave holding power in the galaxy. Entire species exist in eternal servitude to the Hutts, and the lawless nature of the Galactic South has created a market that had long since been depressed by the Galactic Alliance's anti-slavery policies. With slaves numbering in the tens (if not hundreds) of billions within Hutt Space, no serious effort has been made as of yet to obtain other worlds for the sole purpose of slavery, or greatly expand slave taking operations. The Velora Clan is the one most heavily engaged in slave the trade both inside, and outside Cartel Space.

The largest slaving operation outside Cartel Space thus far, is on Zonju V. Firmly under the heel of Maelibus, the Ra'Fakki and their slavery operations in an area of Sathad'ra referred to as the eastern slums are under Cartel control. Most of the slave operations in the area stay local to Zonju with those taken being put to work in the mines, but some export has occurred, and slaves from Zonju can be found on the auction block in Hutt Space.

"The most dangerous weapon in the galaxy is money"

The time honored practice of obtaining money, and anything else of value through coercion, is one of the main sources of income for the Cartel. For simplicity's sake, most of the financial based crimes of the Cartel are covered under the extortion umbrella. Loan-sharking, grifts, rackets, price gouging, blackmail, kidnapping, and more are the bread and butter of the Cartel's operations. While most of these activities are so common, and so disorganized that they are beneath the attention of the Granee Lorda, a number of larger ones currently take place outside, and within Cartel Space that come under his purview. Most notably those based around the seemingly legitimate casinos and cantinas that have been built on a number of worlds.

The Bouncy Bantha on Zonju is a notable example and home to a great many confidence games and blackmail undertakings. The wider marketplace in Sathad'ra where the Cartel uses muscle provided by Maelibus and Natori to silence any competition to the Cartel's ventures there, and coerce everyone else into doing what the Cartel wants. In addition the Purgatory Racetrack hosts everything from cons, to price gouging, to fixing the races in order to make a few more credits.

More recently a realtor on Ryloth has been "persuaded" to give up land for a new racing facility there, and thus also expanding the Cartel's extortion businesses there as well.

"If not us, then someone else. So why not us?"

Crime isn't something that can easily be divided up into different categories for convenient categorization. The Cartel has a hand in many different types of criminal activities, most of which aren't actually illegal in Hutt Space, or some of the other less reputable systems in the galaxy, but are general considered crimes by most galactic standards. Those most notable of these outside Cartel Space are on Zonju V and Christophsis.

On Zonju, the Cartel has gained almost total control of the city of Sathad'ra, and has an extensive mining operation run on cheap (aka slave) labor. The most notable of operations not already covered, would be those centered on the Deadlands Coliseum, which hosts virtually every kind of bloodsport imaginable. Gladiator matches, forcing animals to fight each other, and whatever else entertains the Hutts. Unlike activities of a similar nature on more "civilized" worlds there no rules in the Deadlands, except for those the Hutts choose to put in place. Death Matches are perfectly acceptable, and indeed one of the greatest draws for the Coliseum.

On Christophsis, the Cartel has used the influence of the Maelibus Mining Corporation to gain in the Corporate Council that governs the planet. With four out of the twelve seats under the Cartel's control or influence, its ability to effect planetary policy on the crystalline world is great, but still limited at this time.
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Hutt Cartel

The Hutt Cartel
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Important Worlds

Nal Hutta
"The Glorious Jewel"

A strip mined, polluted, and swampy world, Nal Hutta is the capital of the Hutt Cartel. Colonized by the Hutts after the devestation o thir original homeworld, Varl, thousands of years ago, the native Evocii were driven from the planet then known as Evocar. As the Hutts came to dominate the planet, it was "terraformed" in that it was so heavily polluted and changed by the Hutts industrial activities that it hardly resembles the planet the Evocii had called home. Now Nal Hutta is still home to a great deal of industry, as well as the palaces of the most powerful of the Hutt Kajidics.

Little entertainment could be found on the surface of Nal Hutta, aside from certain Hutt business ventures. The planet is mainly used as a meeting ground for the Hutt Cartel and it's higher ranking members. Deep in Hutt territory, it is well protected by the Cartel and nearly impossible to get to if you are wanted by the Hutts. The Guarja Shipyards on Nal Hutta are one of the many that were incorporated into Rothana Heavy Engineering as a part of the crash program to jump start the Hutt's ship building capabilities.

Locations of Interest

The Central Hub

The main headquarters of the Hutt Cartel. This massive structure serves as a hub of all pertinent intel that involves anything within, or regarding Hutt Cartel territory or business ventures. Also a meeting place set for any and all members or invited contacts of the Cartel. Centered in the middle of Nal Hutta's largest city, this construct was built with the security of the Cartel in mind. 24 hour surveillance and security/patrol detail, there is no entry point that is not covered. While millions of credits do go through this hub each day, few of this money is actually stored here. Sentry turrets are located at key points throughout the building.

Because the headquarters serves as a target to the Cartel's enemies, the main meeting and storage facility is not located in this position. In the city, another building, connected to the hub by an underground passage, is where the higher ranking Cartel agents, and leader himself, go to conduct the more important business of the Cartel. Though smaller, it is armed just as much as the hub itself.

Wasteland Coliseum

Locared in one of the dried, more heavily strip mined, parts of Nal Hutta , the Wasteland Coliseum was originally built by former Granee Lorda Borga Vosadii Pronda. Used as a startup setting for Borga's interest in gladiatorial combat, the arena had generated great income and interest. Holding smaller events each week, and larger ones each month, the gladiators fight to the death against other gladiators or fierce creatures for the amusement of the public. Its circular shape and heightened structure created for aesthetics and intimidation. Two gates located to the North, and to the South let people come and go as they please, though having to pay a fee for entering.

This arena is used for gladiatorial fights, sporting events, trial by combat, and ceremonies. Able to be rented out for a hefty price for any event that is needed. With seating for nearly ten thousand patrons, not including the special seats for the Cartel members and their guests. The arena holds many traps including electrified floor sections, spiked pits, spinning blades, flame jets, water pits and more.

While death fights and tournaments are commonly held here, there is also a setting for non-death matches that are open to the public. Since Borga's disappearance, ownership of the Coliseum has defaulted to the current Granee Lorda, Addipos until such time as he chooses to appoint someone else to run the facility.

Nar Shaddaa
"Ah, the beautiful stench and decay of desperate living"

Nar Shaddaa is without a doubt the single most important planet in the Hutt Cartel. Nicknamed the Smuggler's Moon, the city world is the largest shadowport in the galaxy, and a hub for criminal, business, and any other kind of activity imaginable. The nickname of Little Coruscant has fallen out of favor, given that Nar Shaddaa is larger thanks to the Imperium's devastation of the former. Though similar in many ways to how the other ecumenopolis was, the moon of Nal Hutta has a much greater level of urban decay, pollution, and crime. Virtually nothing is illegal on the planet, and no law exists save for where the Cartel chooses to enforce its will. As a result of being at the center of criminal activities across the galaxy, Nar Shaddaa is often considered the true capital of the Cartel. While the Hutts may rule from Nal Hutta, it is on Nar Shaddaa where their edicts are made into reality.

The safest, cleanest parts of the planet are typically those owned and operated by the Cartel. The most important of these might be closed off to visitors not affiliated with the Cartel, or at the very least heavily restricted, especially those facilities dedicated to safeguarding the moon from attack.

Locations of Interest

Calrissian Hall

Calrissian Hall is the to-go place for gamblers all across the galaxy. Located in the heart of Nar Shadaa's casino district, The Promenade, it is named after the legendary Lando Calrissian. The Hall is a 80-story tall skyscraper, casino, and luxury resort and is easily identified by its pyramid shape. It is a massive facility with the first ten stories dedicated to hangars for speeder and starship parking. The eleventh floor, at ground level, is the main entrance to the Hall and opens up directly into the massive casino. There are several more floors of the same - sabacc tables, podrace betting booths, full-service bars and the like on every level. Even Calrissian Hall's least expensive boarding option is very comfortable for those staying in it. Some of the more expensive suites include full-sized private pools aside from those open to everybody on the recreational levels. All halls, hangers, rooms, and seats are fitted as spacious as possible to accommodate most Hutt's massive size.

On each of the gambling and recreational floors, a squad of armed guards patrol the venues with ion pistols and rifles to make sure that there is nothing outside of the ordinary going on. Each room/suite is checked by a bomb/HAZMAT expert(s) after a guest leaves, and sweeps are often held at random even while guests are still checked in. At any high risk table, or those where Cartel Agents have chosen to play, a trained and specialized dealer is placed with an ion rifle of his own. All guards subservient and ready to protect the Cartel members that are regularly gambling and hosting events at the casino and resort.

Focused around the famous and magnificent casino Calrissian Hall, the Nar Shaddaa enclave is a product of the old Retrade-Hutt relationship. The enclave still deals primarily in the slave trade and narcotic game, but despite booming business, the majority of the still-young establishment's revenue comes from its casino.

The Nar Shaddaa enclave is meager in size beyond the casino grounds and is mostly limited to a collection of buildings in the middle-tier of the entertainment district considered aligned with Hutt territory. Although it is small and seemingly insignificant, it is staffed by the elite operators of the Hutt's security detail.

Security measures beyond the aforementioned personnel include automated turrets and alarms as well as motion sensors, that feature heat recognition. These measures are still being improved. Calrissian Hall is currently under the direct management of the Granee Lorda, until such time as he appoints someone to oversee it.

Gun Markets

An open market for the buying and selling of all types of guns, the Gun Market is a bustling hub to trade and network for the Hutt Cartel. Being open to the public, it's defense lies in its sheer size and nature. The market streets were always crowded with those buying the latest models, and fully willing to use them. It is because of this that it stays so well defended. One one dares fire a shot when they know that the return is going to be a barrage.

Sprawling through the back allies of Nar Shaddaa's capitol, and sheltered in the shadow of the Hutt Palaces, the Gun Markets appear to have no set order or layout. However, to the trained eye there are corridors of fire, murder zones, locations for escape. As well as being a market, it’s also a maze and a battle ground if needed. For the Local Crime Barons, under instructions from the Cartel's higher-ups, have ensured that the very center of the Market is almost impossible to reach without invitation and guidance. It is here in the beating heart of the Markets that the Cartel exclusive can be found. Purchasable only by Cartel Agents, some of the most adaptable and sought after products in the galaxy can be purchased here.

The Promenade

The Promenade is a stretch of real estate on Nar Shaddaa which is undoubtedly the most desirable location to be on the planet. Stretching nearly ten kilometers along the 'foreshore', which is a deep canyon of walls that has a consistent haze over it, usually reflecting the lights of the Casino District back upwards, resembling a waterfront. Ultimately this location is prized for its bright lights, bars, casinos, hotels, gentlemen’s clubs, vibrant nightlife and high population density, making it a mecca for party-goers and high-lifers, and also real estate developers alike.

Key locations along The Promenade include the galaxy-famous Calrissian Hall Casino and Hotel, and The Warehouse nightclub - which are just two of the thousands of bustling locations that draw in the galaxy's rich, famous, illicit, and foolish. The Promenade is currently under the direct management of the Granee Lorda until such time as he appoints someone to oversee it.

HoloNet Access Point

Network Access was a vital hub of the HoloNet located on the planet of Nar Shaddaa by the time of the Cold War, which itself was considered the technological heart of the galaxy. It governed all HoloNet operations on Nar Shaddaa and much of Hutt Space with billions of transactions along with communications being processed each second by the computer systems. This ensured the proper functioning of communications throughout the sector and Network Access boasted the galaxy's most state-of-the-art security protocols which made it the ultimate challenge for any enterprising slicers.

Both the wealthy and powerful paid a good amount of credits for information pirates to break into Network Access in order to recover data, redirect communications or simply alter the truth. Thus, it was considered one of the most heavily-guarded locations on Nar Shaddaa with anyone managing to infiltrate its inner workings earning the status of a legend. The HoloNet Access Point is one of the few areas not only managed by the Granee Lorda, but actively overseen by the Hutt due to the sensitive nature of the facility. Virtually no visitors are allowed, and only a handful of even the Champios are allowed access. Currently Mjolla Varneslan is the only Champio with access to the facility.


Second only to Nar Shaddaa in terms of economic power, Sleheyron is an important slave, and refinery world in Cartel Space. More regulated than the Smuggler's Moon, owing to the chance for the tibanna refineries to have an explosive reaction to a more lawless environment. Sleheyron is more an industrial world, and thus doesn't offer as much to visitors either, unless they're in the business of buying and selling tibanna gas or slaves. As a key refinery for tibanna, Sleheyron is easily one of the worlds in Hutt Space that has far reaching effects, and hoping to avoid the mistakes made at Thyferra, the Hutts have taken further steps to protect the valuable commodity produced there. Sabotage programs has been put in place in the major refineries to ensure that even if an enemy is able to overcome the planet's defenses they will reap no benefits for their work. This software can only be activate by the current Granee Lorda (and can be activated remotely if communications aren't cutoff), and will override safety measures to cause a dangerous buildup of pressure and heat in the refineries causing them to burn to the ground, as it also disables fire extinguishing systems. While this will not destroy all the refineries, it will destroy most of the larger ones, effectively crippling the planet, and potentially the price for refined tibanna as a result.

Locations of Interest

Bochaba's Point

One of the major commercial fuel stations, on Sleheyron, Bochaba's Point is notable for being the destination for many of the Cartel ship's coming from the Rebel facility on Tibannopolis. From here the gas is further sold to refineries, and other buyers, obfuscating its origin, not that the Cartel smugglers who bring it in tell the buyer's anything about the source other than that it comes from Bespin. Security is relatively light, as the whole point on the Cartel end is for the operation to not stand out amongst the regular business being conducted at Bochaba's Point. The Rebellion itself has a small presence, mostly made up of members of the Civilian Resistance, who are there to keep on eye on the Hutt's and ensure they are not trying to cheat them on the deal, as well as collect any Rebel's who have made use of the Hutt's smuggling network to escape trouble.

"You wouldn't believe the real estate prices"

Rothana is a frozen tundra and will always be a frozen tundra. That said, it was once a frozen tundra dotted by massive city-fortresses before an incident between the Galactic Alliance and Mandalorians caused the destruction of several of them. However, that was over ten years ago and it was before the Hutt Cartel bought up the planet in the aftermath. Years later, Rothana and its impressive array of factories and shipyards have been restored. While there is still much work to be done to bring Rothana itself back to its former glory, the Rothana Heavy Engineering corporation that takes its name from the planet has expanded to include most of the shipyards in Hutt Space. As such Rothana is also an important headquarters for Hutt ship building, and has also recently become the headquarters for the Anjiliac Clan as well, given their investment in starships and mining technology. In addition to ship building, Rothana is also home to factories for the production of ground vehicles, specifically those related to mining ventures such as those Maelibus undertakes.

Locations of Interest

Icefang Citadel

Named for the project that put Rothana on the map, Icefang Citadel is the headquarters facility on Rothana for RHE. It also hosts offices for the Anjiliac, and those who do major business with the renewed shipwright. Icefang is a common place for meetings that involve RHE, or the Cartel in general when other facilities aren't suitable, and has luxurious accommodations for the guests that arrive. The exterior of the Citadel has docks for personal vessels of all sizes (so long as they are smaller than capital ships that is) and there are numerous conference rooms for meetings. Most of the personnel that live in the Citadel are employees of RHE, and the bulk of the staff is geared towards marketing, accounting, and research. The other ground and orbital facilities are typically where the actual engineers are found, although a few are also present at Icefang, especially for tests and demonstrations done on the nearby tundra for clientèle.

The Citadel has similar security to that of Calrissian Hall, with a squad of armed guards patrolling each level, and the landing pads, whilst bomb/HAZMAT experts check each room after a guest leaves, and also ensure they bring nothing dangerous into the Citadel. The structure itself isn't designed to take too much of a beating, merely keep out the biting cold of Rothana. Patrolling the exterior, and surrounding area are R.A.D units, and the occasional foot patrol. The interior of the building has alarms, basic security cameras, as well as motion sensors, that feature heat recognition.

"Outlanders, feh. They think we know nothing"

Toydaria is one of the more notable planets in the Cartel, as it exists as a vassal, not host to any of the Kajidics or their influence. It remains under the rule of its own King, and is an important trade world in the Cartel. The asteroid belts of the system are host to mining efforts, and Toydaria itself is a major market for foodstuffs grown in Cartel Space, and an important transfer point for goods coming in and out of Hutt Space. Speeders, and many aerial craft are either banned, or have to fly in specified zones, due to the numerous amount of Toydarians in flight that could be injured by a more widespread system. In order to compensate for this general ban, a high tech rail system exists, leading across the planet, and usually clustering at major trade centers where ships land, such as the capital, Toydor. One of the more notable contributions Toydaria makes to the Cartel is the Toydarian Royal Guard, one of the most highly trained, and professional forces that the Cartel can call upon for military purposes.

Locations of Interest

Katuunko Docks

Named for a famous Toydarian King, the Katuunko Docks got their start during the Clone Wars as a transfer point in city of Toydor for relief supplies being sent to world such as Ryloth. These days the docks serve as a transfer point for far less noble supplies. The area is one of the prime spots for the transfer of Spice into and out of Cartel Space. Ships flying under the Baobab Merchant Fleet banner will dock carrying the smuggled substance, transferring them to other ship's which don't need to hide as they take the drugs further into Cartel Space, or vice versa. Foodstuffs are usually the goto cargo for covering up the spice being carried in either direction. While the government of Toydaria, being theoretically more free to conduct its own affairs as a vassal world, is officially against the Spice transfers, a wink and a nudge and a few credits often get the guards to look the other way. In fact the only vessels usually stopped for drug trafficking aren't Cartel, but independent traffickers, whose product is then seized, and quietly sent to the Hutts only adding the profits from the trade.

"Our missing planet"

Relatively ignored since the Cartel gained dominion over the territory around it, Kamino now finds itself much more in the spotlight as a result of Addipos' shakeups. Not for its cloning however, that remains largely an expensive affair, and not one that's become more widespread, despite the best efforts of the Hutts. Instead it's for the other services the planet has to offer that is has started to play a bigger role. The Armorsmiths have been incorporated into Galactic Solutions Industries, the vehicle manufacturers into RHE, and the planet itself is host to the single largest portion of the Hutt's remaining Bacta supply. With its newfound role as a leader in the medical field in general, armor making, and repulsorcraft construction, Kamino finds itself in an upswing the likes of which it hasn't seen since the Clone Wars came to an end. When it does come to cloning these days the planet is more focused on so called "flash cloning" which is more limited to reconstructing tissues to heal injured areas quicker, rather than entire beings. In this regard, Kamino is a leading world, and more money than ever is being pumped into research into this field of cloning following the loss of Thyferra.

Locations of Interest

New Timira

New Timira is a small city on the surface of Kamino, and primarily home to the new corporate interests that the Hutt Cartel has seeded on the planet. It is the headquarters for Kaminyzer Pharmaceuticals, and the area is dotted with medical labs, and production facilities for the more common medical products it creates. In addition there are more hidden labs, intended for the study of Spice, and how it might be modified, and how it effects biology. These labs can range from being relatively benign, to something out of a horror story depending on the exact kind of research being done. In addition facilities for GSI, and RHE can be found in New Timira, though they (and Kaminyzer for that matter) are hardly exclusive to the city in terms of the presence they have on Kamino. Like other places in Cartel Space, New Timira's security is relatively robust, but not to the point of actively sending away visitors as that would be bad for business. The docks, and major platforms are all patrolled by squads of armed security guards, and R.A.D droids. The Spice labs typically have an armed guard right outside, and an antitamper lock on the door. The buildings of the city have alarms, basic security cameras, as well as motion sensors, that feature heat recognition. Bomb/HAZMAT experts check each room after a guest leaves, and also often inspect the spice labs regularly to ensure nothing is going to create an explosion that could significantly damage the facilities in New Timira.

Tal An Station

Named for the fissures it is located near, Tal An Station is the primary bacta housing facility on Kamino. Heavily guarded, the facility does not allow guests, but instead ships Bacta to Tipoca or Timira when an order is placed, or a request is mode for some to transferred from it via a rather mundane submersible. While the facility is the single largest concentration of the substance in Hutt Space, it is far from the only location as other facilities throughout Hutt Space house the Hutt's stockpile in lesser, more spread out, quantities. Should the planet be threatened by a large scale assault, the guards of the facility will begin to release the bacta storage pods, allowing them to fall into the fissures, well past crush depth for the pods, causing the bacta to be dispersed into the ocean. In addition if the facility itself is threatened it can be flooded, making it all the harder to secure to precious substance. The submersible docking bays are under constant guard, and an armed squad is on patrol on every floor of the facility. The interior of the facility has alarms, basic security cameras, as well as motion sensors, that feature heat recognition.

"Take a slice of Nar Shaddaa and drop it on the beach"

The headquarters of Clan Kormtha, Rishi has grown to be an important world in the modern Cartel. Between its status as the entrance to the only well traveled route into the Rishi maze, paradisaical environment, the exonium mines, and it being a frequent stop for smugglers, a lot of additional convincing wasn't needed to convince the Cartel to start building up on the planet. Places such as Raider's Cove have grown up into more clean and elegant towns, and tourism to the world in general is encouraged. The planet still has a large criminal presence however, and one might even say that between the gambling tables of the Paradise Casino, and all the other tourist attractions, it's little more than a money laundering scheme writ large. The planet has become a paradise for criminals, and is frequently a place of meetings between the Cartel and individuals or other entities that are in favor with it.

Locations of Interest

The Paradise Casino & Resort

The Paradise Casino & Resort is a Cartel venture coordinated by Cartel Captain Jack Tamblyn. Built as a beacon of civilization, technology, environmentally friendly and ecological sustainability, the Paradise is an absolute must visit for the galaxy's vacationers, gamblers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Fully open to the public, although subject to stringent security protocols, the Paradise is comprised of five stunning, state-of-the-art buildings; the Lobby, the Casino, the Hotel, the Arena and the Offices, set amongst a private island's natural harbour of azure water, pearlescent sand, and lush green forests.

These days the Paradise still serves the same function, but with Jack Tamblyn out of touch for so long, the position of manager is open.

More extensive information on the paradise can be found here.

Barab I
"Or as we like to call it, Hell"

Located in the Barab system of the Albanin sector of the Outer Rim Territories, Barab I is home to the Barabel species. Filled with smoldering craters, bubbling lava plains, and steamy seas, the planet was made dark by its closest star, a red dwarf which irradiated the planet with gamma, ultraviolet and, infrared rays, forcing all life on the planet to delve underground or cocoon itself else it be destroyed. This caused all of the inhabitants to become nocturnal. The hot days evaporated all of the planet's bodies of water, causing its nights to be filled with torrential downpours and massive floods.

The planet is a inconceivable nightmare, though its interest to the Cartel lies within this very reason. The creatures that could live on this planet are captured and used across the galaxy. The Barabel are a strong and proud race who serve among the best mercenaries and bodyguards of the Cartel.

Locations of Interest

Deoro Lesersis

Amidst the harsh dark and murky surface of Barab I lies the infamous Deoro Lesersis prison, meaning death’s asshole in Barab. Dug deep somewhere underneath the rocky badlands, the smoldering craters, the bubbling lava plains, and the steaming seas, this prison is a maximum security facility that is used as the primary detention facility for all the scum and criminals who strike out against the Cartel. The complex is dug approximately 10 kilometers deep with a circumference of about 610 meters.

The surface of the prison is surrounded by three spires of which control the main repulsorlift and house the military-grade blast door that covers the mouth of the prison. These doors were closed majority of the time, only open in order to swap out the old air with fresh, unfiltered air and only during the night. Because of the radiation caused by Barab I’s nearest star, the prison was only opened during the night, and when conditions allowed for it. Torrential downpours often caused the doors to not be open for several nights at a time, causing the air within the prison to become extremely thin, increasing the temperature in the process.

Guards wore EVA suits that could be recharged at various protected stations throughout the prison. These stations were also used for housing and barracks of the guards, who were mainly of the Barab species. They were also highly protected with auto turrets and military-grade blastdoors to prevent prisoners from attacking.

If any tried to escape, they would have to time it well enough with the erratic main doors that only opened to refresh the air. They would also have to deal with the numerous nocturnal beasts that scour the surface of the planet and hope that they are not found by Barab natives.

Majority of the prison is a free-roam style, though at the lower sections there are holding cells designated for prisoners who are to be left out of contact with anybody as a result of their charge. These holding cells see little light, and are little more than large cages made of durasteel.

The main facility is a free-roam for its prisoners, who find it a daily struggle to survive. While the Barab guards are more protected, they too fight for survival on more occasions than would be expected. Although each guard it outfitted with high armored EVA suits and given military-grade weaponry to stop any violent acts towards them. Although, violence is not only common, but expected amongst the prisoners.

The repulsorlift station is approximately 5 meters less in circumference to the width of the entire facility and guarded by five armed guards at all times. The warden being the only person who can access and control the lift. This station houses all of the controls of the entire prison, which also means that it is the most fortified. The prison holds a maximum of 5,000 prisoners, and had 800 guards.

There is a chute that is dug diagonally from the surface to the lower parts of the prison. This chute is used for prisoner transport into the prison. Guarded in shifts by two guards, they are always expecting more prisoners to arrive at any given time. Operated by another repulserlift, this chute does have the capability to return to the surface in order to carry more prisoners. The way to this chute is filled with multiple checkpoints which serve as the processing operation of each prisoner.
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Hutt Cartel

The Hutt Cartel
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Worlds Outside Hutt Space

Zonju V
"It's not Tatooine, but it'll do"

Zonju V was the focus of a great deal of Cartel interest since Thyferra was taken by the Imperials. Serious business plans got under way thanks to the work and initial planning of Enforcer Sonny Mills. Zonju V has been known to bare an underworld full of gangs and opposing thugs. A main goal for this planet is total control. Using the gangs to gain a strong foothold, and Cartel investment and backup to accomplish such a feat. From this came the partnership, a formation of Sonny Mills, and Borga the Hutt. The pair both bringing their assets to bring forth Zonju V into their hands and the hands of the Cartel.

The new face of Zonju V has been now seen with the grand opening of the Bouncy Bantha Casino and Resort. With founder and creator Sonny Mills giving up his CEO seat, this is only the first of a new wave of entertainment and luxury within the new Sathad'ra. Yet this is not the only venture that Troika Mining Company (TMC) has brought forth besides its mining industry on the planet. With the takeover of the old Arena, Borga the Hutt has renovated and established his image upon the new arena that will surely bring great revenue to the planet.

Under TMC, Zonju V has established a much stronger presence within Sathad'ra. Attacks on the Bouncy Bantha have called for an increased security presence. The Natori Security Company arrived to reinforce and strengthen any and all assets on the planet. The Cartel also expended a small fleet, over the city to ensure its safety and increase commerce. More recently the Troika Mining Company has been folded into the Maelibus Mining, and many of the original operators on Zonju have been inactive or missing of late, leading the assets they operated on the planet to be handed over to up and coming members of the Cartel. As the Cartel has gone unchallenged for a great period of time now, it's operations have flourished, specifically the Spice Mining which has stayed productive regardless of the Cartel turning its attention away from the planet.

Locations of Interest


The Cartel's influence in the leading city of Zonju is immense. Under the banner of Maelibus Mining, the majority of the city falls directly under Cartel Control, while other areas are merely under the control of those under the Cartel's thumb. The latter such areas include those occupied by the Erenshi Finance Guild, the Cult of Venom, and the Ra'Fakki. The portions of the city under Cartel control are typically administered by Maelibus, and protected by a force from Natori that was sent to bolster the defense of the Cartel's holdings. With 1,800 (1,000 for he protection of the city, 800 for the mines) contractors, I.S.P Speeders, Champios Tanks, and Halo Gunships, Natori has a powerful force at its disposal with which to enforce the Cartel's rule on Zonju, and from Sathad'ra the Cartel is poised to springboard into further cities, and expand its criminal operations. Still compared to the lawless state that the city was in prior to the Cartel's arrival, the areas under Cartel control are greatly improved.

Not that, that is really saying much. More tourism is seen in Cartel controlled areas with greater numbers of venues being open to the public, and with the Cartel as a comparatively stabilizing influence, trade with the wider galaxy has started to seriously return to the city as Cartel ships under the Baobab flag drop off legitimate goods for sale, and pick up spice shipments. Most of the business in the city revolves around the production of Spice Crudax these days, as the Cartel is ramping up its production efforts, and pushing the factories on Zonju to their limit in pumping out as much of the stuff as possible.

Deadlands Coliseum

The Deadlands Coliseum was obtained during the Cartel's push into the city of Sathad'ra and brought to its current state by Borga the Hutt. The outward appearance of the Coliseum has stayed the same, although inside is what has changed. Gutting and changing the scenery inside, everything looks much more elegant and 'clean'. The color of the sand has been changed to a bright orange. A special section was created at the edge of the arena made especially for the throne and VIP members. This section is protected by guards and auto-turrets that rise from the floorboards to add a hidden security. This enclave is connected to the underground, where there is a fully staffed kitchen where servants are required to work at the pleasure of those who are lucky enough to be in the Hutt's section.

Guards are posted all around the arena's entrances and exits, as fights outside of the arena are looked down upon. Though special orders have been made to throw any outside fights directly into the arena sands, whether a bout is occurring or not. This tends to limit the violence. The rules of the arena have not changed, however. One on one fights, mock battles and all other types of fighting still remain. Public executions have come to a halt, though that's not to say the Cartel won't hold one if it pleases him. Borga had brought many of his tastes and prefernces into this new Coliseum, bringing in beasts like Reeks, Acklays, and Rancors to fight against some of the fighters and whoever wants to or is forced to battle them. The underground has been rebuilt to house and contain these creatures. And the lower sections of the arena often smell of them.

The arena currently serves as the hub for Cartel activity on Zonju, having formerly been owned by the Granee Lorda Borga, it has since fallen Addipos' possession until such time as he appoints someone to oversee the Zonju operations.

Purgatory Swoop Track

Located below the marketplace, Purgatory is the city’s swoop track. Races occur daily and while many are simply done for gambling and glory, some races can be extremely consequential. While not unwilling to fight each other, Swoop gangers have found that settling some arguments through racing can be as beneficial as it is entertaining.

The track is never repaired or altered in anyway so as rubble accumulates new routes have to be found to complete the circuit. Repair service is done by one’s own crew and if you crash on the course there are no medical services to heal you or rescue services of any type, those unable to leave the track quickly enough are often run over by their competitors to weed out rivals or sometimes just for fun.

written by Duke

The track is currently in the possession of the Cartel, although it has not achieved the same level of renown as the Coliseum, and has only seen minimal investment in comparison.

Skolium Mines

Easily the most profitable part of Zonju, the Skolium Mines are recently reactivated mines that once produced metals but now pump out the green material necessary for the production of Spice Crudax. The mines are run on slave labor by and large, and Maelibus isn't shy about doing whatever is needed to extract as much of the Skolium as possible as fast as possible. The mines are relatively well guarded, a necessary precaution given the other inhabitants tendencies and the wildlife. Like it is for the city, protection for the mines is largely provided by Natori, who have arrived on the planet in force, and have deployed around 800 men to their defense alone.

"It is Tatooine!"

The old stomping ground of the Hutts, Tatooine was at one time home to many an important figure in the crime syndicates of the past. Jabba the Hutt was perhaps the most famous of these, but the Hutt Cartel of today has made no serious push towards Tatooine as of yet. Part of this is due to a desire to go after more lucrative targets, and part of it is that the planet isn't really worth the effort to establish a larger presence as of yet. For now the Cartel merely uses what was established by the Ona'Bak Retrade. The majority of this is a small scale capacity for Spice smuggling, with a presence in Mos Espa, Mos Eisely, and Anchorhead for the transfer of drugs, but the Cartel hardly controls thee cities or the planet for that matter.

Locations of Interest

Tatooine Enclave

Deep within the desert far beyond any land-travel capacity, is the large underground fortress referred to as Forsaken Sands. While the more menial Cartel business is conducted through its businesses in Mos Espa, Mos Eisley and Anchorhead, the Forsaken Sands enclave is reserved for much more significant criminal activity. The bulk of this location is used largely for fabrication, creating products for independently crafted vehicles, spacecraft, arms and armor.

Inherited by the Ona'Bak Retrade, the enclave has since been a safe haven for Hutt affiliated criminals. A place to communicate and plan business meetings as well as establish connections that are not trustworthy enough to have them in a more comfortable setting. Available only to the Hutt Cartel, no other may enter unless specifically allowed by a Champion or higher.

The facility is built in small, square rooms, interconnected with the others. In times of emergency, thick blast doors slam shut separating each room from another. From here, more can be done, such as purging the facility with gas vents (as was done with the previous facility), spelling certain death for any unwanted company. The rooms can be purged individually or collectively. Traditional security measures, such as armed security personnel, scouts, alarm systems and automated turrets are also in place.

Its location was once a known krayt nest, but it has since been established in nearby proximity; the location uses the presence of krayt dragons as a natural camouflage and deterrent from unwanted visitors that, as unlikely as it may be, happen to be lurking in the area.

"All that glitters definitely isn't gold"

Put simply (with a pun), Christophsis is a gem. Literally a ecumenopolis made of crystal, the homeworld of the arrogant Christophsians is one of the galaxy's wealthiest civilizations. Naturally, the locals are very protective of their system's material wealth and extensive mining operations. So it wouldn't be much of a surprise that it's taken so many millennia for the Hutt Clans to gain even a meager foothold in the planet's ruling corporate oligarchy. That said, the control of Christophsis has swayed heavily in the Cartel's favor following a certain woman's involvement on their behalf. If one thing is certain in the galaxy, Christophsis will always be of great value to who owns it, and as of now, that person is a member of the Hutt Cartel.

The Cartel's physical presence on the planet is limited to Maelibus Mining facilities, and in general its presence on the planet is relatively benign as it invests heavily in mining the many precious resources the planet has to offer. But really that says more about how Christophsis isn't a Saint of world in the first place, than it does about the Cartel being a bunch of a nice guys.

Locations of Interest

Maelibus Headquarters

Located in the capital city of Chaleydonia, Maelibus H.Q is the center of operations for much of the Cartel's mining exploits across the Outer Rim. The building itself is, in design, no different from many of the other crystalline spires that dot the surface of Christophsis, and it also shares characteristics in common with structures deeper in Cartel Space, such as Calrissian Hall. Accomadations are available for guests, and the building hosts a few conference rooms for meetings but generally the H.Q is more devoted to internal matters. Most of the building is devoted to devoted to the offices of the various mining officials actually responsible for running things, as well test labs for mining equipment, and geological information on the areas where Maelibus operates. Due to the sensitive nature of this information, the H.Q is heavily guarded. A squad of armed guards patrol the different levels of the building, and each room is checked by a bomb/HAZMAT expert(s) after a guest leaves. Guests are always escorted by one armed guard to ensure they don't stray into the off limits sections of the building, and the interior has alarms, basic security cameras, as well as motion sensors, that feature heat recognition. In addition the H.Q has automated pop up blaster turrets in the lobby, and by the entrance to the elevators on each floor.

"Profit in the air"

Bespin is an interesting case for the Cartel, as its presence there has actually grown smaller, but at the same time more profitable. In the past, Maelibus Mining owned the large floating mining platform known as "Tibannopolis" but was never able to really turn a profit on it. Left in a decrepit state, it was never much more than a floating money sink, lightly inhabited by the usual scum. That was until Maelibus sold the platform to some sucker-err uhh, a private party who for whatever reason has become pretty invested in the place, and has started to effect repairs, and make more serious efforts at utilizing the gas mining platform to extract Tibanna. The Cartel still maintains a small presence in Tibannopolis, transporting the gas to the refineries at Sleheyron for a cut of the profit, as part of an arrangement between the private party, and the Cartel.

Locations of Interest

Dock M

Dock M is one of the better kept areas of Tibannopolis, and the primary transfer point for the Cartel to move the mined gas to vessels headed towards Sleheyron where it is further sold, and refined. The dock features relatively few defenses, a handful of R.A.D droids defend the place, and the accommodations are fairly basic only intended to house the smuggling crews who layover while their ship is being loaded. The dock itself can handle a single Pelta-2 freighter, or three light freighters, and isn't particularly high tech. The dock is the only area on Tibannopolis where members of the Cartel may freely be found, any that venture outside the dock area will be subject to whatever rules are in place on the part of the private party, who keeps an eye on the criminals to make sure they aren't up to anything that could threaten the platform.

"It has Spice. Who cares about the rotation?"

The Cartel has only recently turned its attention to the world of Ryloth. Famous for slavery, and the production of the ryll Spice variant, it's a natural target for the Cartel. Out of the way of the interests of many at the moment, the Cartel is keen on expanding its influence on the world before that might change so it can be used as a springboard for further expansion, as well as locking up the tail end of the Corellian Run along with Christophsis.

Locations of Interest

Nubat Swoop Track

Thus far the Cartel's only investment on Ryloth, the Nabat Swoop Track was built on land "purchased" from Jeshi Doneeta by two Cartel prospects working on behalf of Lorda Gaja. Gaja's intentions for the place were somewhat more grandiose than what was actually feasible. Since the ascension of Addipos, the elder Hutt has taken an interest in turning the track into something of a staging ground for further exploits. At present the track is little more than a simple facility, with a few covered seating areas, a long dirt course, a few garages for the swoops, and a few shops that cater to visitors of the track. But despite this, the track has already started being used for money laundering purposes, via the betting on different race outcomes. The "clean" money produced can in turn be used for further investment on Ryloth, without having to worry about it being tied to the Cartel's less than legal sources.
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Hutt Cartel

The Hutt Cartel
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DSC Daedalus
"The business of business"

Over seven hundred kilometers long, over fifty kilometers high, it was the crown jewel for the entire face of galactic trade and commerce. Sanctioned by both the Alliance and the Empire, the Galactic Traders Coalition rapidly became the economic conduit between all governments of the galaxy participating in large scale galactic trade. In as little as a hundred years, the GTC had become so intertwined with the galactic economy that its very stability and survival was enough to ensure against the threat of recessions and economic crashes. The District/Sector/Level System, also called the DSL System, is the technical method used to divide and categorize the thousands and thousands of sections and divisions of the DSC Daedalus. The DSL System first takes into account the locale's district; the districts are numbered one through five. Each "arm" of the DSC Daedalus constitutes the district on interest.

While the Cartel does not own the DSC Daedalus, it does take the opportunity to participate in the business ventures within its' districts. District One is the governmental district and mostly comprised of foreign embassies, extravagant hotels, the station's presidium and security atria. District Two in the industrial district, and is comprised of large shipyards, factories, power plants and processing facilities. District Three is the residential district, and is densely populated and comprised with everything from grand and exorbitant estates to middle class homes and apartments to slums, varying by the levels. District Four is the business and corporate district, the largest of the five, and is dominated by megacorporations, smaller businesses, enterprises, stock markets, trade centers and the like. District Five is the entertainment district, comprised of night clubs, casinos, cantinas, theaters and the like.

The Cartel has offices for most of its major corporations on the station. Rothana, Maelibus, Kaminyzer, Baobab, GSI, and Natori all have offices in the former [aeon]CORP areas, and representatives who can sell their wares are available.

Locations of Interest

Club Auriga

Built in District Five of the massive Galactic Trading Coalition station, Club Auriga is a small, but classy establishment built with the purpose of giving its patrons a simple, elegant and enjoyable experience from the moment they pass through the security checkpoint manned by DSC security force, Paragon Security. Emplaced to ensure that DSC laws are enforced, no weaponry of any kind is permitted inside Club Auriga and any found to be in breach of that are taken into custody and dealt with accordingly.

Its ambiance is built around the concept of smooth, subtle tunes ranging from jazz, to blues, to even some or the more relaxed techno and electro tracks from today's leading artists. Built on a simple colour pallet and simple white lighting, the bar - which has a capacity of only fifty people - is encouraging for conversation, rather than partying. It is unsurprising, then, that the architechts of the small business actually had designed the acoustics of the room to muffle the sound coming from each booth, allowing patrons the most privacy, without the unnecessary burden of sealing themselves away in a lock box.

Club Auriga is dedicated to the service and hospitality of its guests by having an alarmingly wide range of beverages on offer, ranging from Corellian Ale, all the way through to Falleenan whiskey and much, much more.

Hades Tower

The former headquarters of [aeon]CORP, Hades Tower was "bought" by Rothana Heavy Engineering after the former corporation was dissolved by Addipos' consolidation efforts. RHE now in turn rents out portions of the tower to other major corporate entities under the Cartel's influence. Galactic Solutions Industries, Praxus-Pondervan, Maelibus, Baobab, Kaminyzer, and Natori all have offices in the tower. It isn't used as a headquarters for any of them however, and no really important meetings are held on Daedalus. Instead it's more of a sales area, a place for independent entities wishing to purchase goods from these corporations to buy them. Hades Tower is a pretty straightforward building, with no additional security beyond that provided by Daedalus to all that ply wares there. A number of meeting rooms exist for more extensive talks of purchase, but for the individual buyer, the lobby on the ground suffices as a storefront.

Gambler’s Utopia
"Travel in style"

Campaigned by Addipos the Hutt and spearheaded by K, the Aether Project was created to advance the Galactic Traders Coalition power, to continue past the five gargantuan Deep Space Centers. Whereas the latter hold large size and near-immobile, the Aether Project focused on mobility. In the original plans, the Cockaigne-class dreadnought was to dually serve as a flagship for the GTC navy, but the idea was scrapped; however, many of the defenses remained for construction, allowing it to help protect any DSCs if ever attacked.

In 1,014 ABY, Addipos the Hutt secured full control over Gambler's Utopia for the Hutt Cartel through bribery, blackmail, and extortion. It has been transformed into a public front for Hutt Cartel business outside Hutt Space. As a means to attempt to facilitate a workable union between the Kajidics, Gambler's Utopia was declared neutral to the different Kajidics. Each could operate on Gambler's Utopia as long as they did not attack each other.

Under Cartel control, Gambler's Utopia serves as a mobile trade platform, and shadowport. Some of its sectors are off-limits to the majority of visitors. The reason for this is because of illegal business that takes place on the dreadnought, specifically Cartel business. It includes quarters and training areas for members. It is guarded by a legion known as "Mastema". Whereas the DSCs held the unique "Aegis" Protocol, the Cockaigne-class was equipped with the "Tetris" Protocol, where the sections of the ship separate into numerous quasi-hyperspace-worthy pieces (though cannot travel far) and allows to quarantine areas, including for the prevention of spreading damage.

The ship is only lightly armed, and has a single wing of starfighters for defense. The wing consists of 5 squadrons of Nimbus Interceptors, and one squadron of ARC-360s.

The original Gambler's Utopia was written by Dmitri.

Cipher Corporation

Cockaigne-class Dreadnought


Mobile Trade Platform

Durasteel, Alusteel (frame, hull, & superstructure)
Transparisteel (viewports)
Duranium/Mirrsteel/Laminanium (armor plating, & viewport/hangar shutters)

15 kilometers (length)
5 kilometers (width)
3.8 kilometers (height)

267,000 (optimal)
110,500 (minimum)

Passenger Capacity

Cargo Capacity
20,000,000 metric tons

2 standard years

30 MGLT (sluggish handling, sluggish acceleration)

3.8 (class 10.0 backup)

Hangars capable of holding
216 Light Freighters/Transports (3 Wings)
144 Shuttles/Assault Craft (2 Wings)
72 Starfighters (1 Wing)

20 Triple Heavy Turbolaser Cannons (mounted in single turrets)
1,500 Dual Light Point Defense Laser Cannons (mounted in single turrets)]

Military Grade Sensor Array (long range), Advanced Targeting & Fire Control System, Advanced Life Support System, Communications System, Holonet Transceiver, Standard Electronics and Cyberwarfare Computers, Advanced Navigation Computers, Tractor Beam Projectors (20), Military Grade Shield Generators (triple redundant, heavy), Hypermatter Collision Generators (30), Emergency Antimatter/Fission Reactors (50), Emergency Solar Sails (500) Advanced Internal Security System (anti-tamper locks, duranium blast doors, compartmental atmospheric venting, lethal/non-lethal gas deployment, motion tracking/heat sensitive sensors & security cameras, auto-blaster turrets, ray shields, MagSeal airlocks), Tetris Protocol System

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