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Dec 15, 2017
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Arthos Vizsla


► 18
► Ossein Human
► 204 cm
► 99 kg
► Green
► Black
► Zanbar
► Male
► Mandalorian/Clan Vizsla
► Rally Master
► No
Not born into the clan, Arthos was the son of a pair of Ossein bounty hunters and getaway drivers. They were some of the best pilots that credits could buy for jobs largely too shady for the majority of Ossein fleet members to risk - this was because his parents had long ago decided that they would make a name for themselves in exactly such a niche and send much of their ill-gotten gains back to the fleet. Born during a spice run, Arthos was considered lucky by his parents though he would argue that he was, in fact, very much not lucky as shortly after his fifth birthday, his parents began preparing for a dangerous run and left him in one of their safehouses.

They didn't return and as the food stashed away began to run out, Arthos made his way out of the safehouse and into the wilds of Zanbar. Found by a Mandalorian on a hunting vacation, he was very nearly left for dead by the Mandalorian who found him (one Este Vizsla) before someone else in her hunting party reminded her of her duty to foundlings. His new 'adoptive mother' was a harsh, cruel, woman who took great pains in instructing him in the lifestyle of the Mandalorians, making it clear that after all the effort she put into him that when he came of age the 'choice' about whether or not to become a Mandalorian was a formality at best.

Making the decision slightly earlier than might be considered customary by some clans, Arthos asked of his birth parents and was told by Este that they had died during a pirate raid gone wrong, having joined up when presented with 'an offer they could not refuse'. Choosing two pieces of armour from the clan, he made sure to colour them himself, choosing both gold and blue as the colours and meanings he would have as a follower of the creed.

Despite not having been taught by his blood parents at all, Arthos has an affinity for piloting ships of all shapes and sizes, though he has a personal preference for freighter-sized craft that can be customized to his liking. As a foundling trained for the express purpose of accepting the creed, he was trained with blasters and blades from a reasonably young age, primarily focusing on knife combat, blaster pistol combat and hand-to-hand combat. Ironically enough, the skills he was deemed 'almost deficient' with by his adopted family was his use of some of the typical Mandalorian gadgets and armour functions - while he is by no means actually deficient in their use, he has a history of emotional and verbal abuse that has affected his confidence when using them, causing him to primarily focus on not using them where he can.

Given all the tools to become a mercenary capable of bringing prestige and credits to Clan Vizsla, he was further instructed on the seedy world of bounty hunting, trophy hunting and work as a gun for hire. Never officially trained as an assassin, Arthos has the same affinity for subtly that a brick to the face has.

+ 1x BW-713 Blackhand Heavy Blaster Pistol
+ 2x Vibroknife
+ 1x PL-50 Stun Gas Grenade
+ 1x Frag Grenade
+ 1x AIAT-I Gunship "Yaim"
+ Arthos Vizsla's Beskar'gam
Without Helmet


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