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May 19, 2013
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Alym Brokkos

FULL NAME: Alym Brokkos
AGE: 27

HEIGHT: 5'6''
WEIGHT: 127 lb
MARKINGS: Sith iconography tattooed on various parts of her body. Left wrist, over her heart, between shoulder blades.


RANK: Guardian


When it comes right down to it, Alym is what some would call "an entitled bitch." Growing up in the upper echelons of Coruscanti society, Alym grew accustomed to a particular lifestyle and being regarded in specific ways. Even after abandoning that life and joining the Sith that part of her personality didn't really change, despite being the lowest of the low on the official totem pole. She is smart enough - and values her life enough - to know when to hold her forked silver tongue, however.

Looking down on others and casting swift, critical judgements is something that comes naturally to Alym. As such, at first glance some may even consider her a racist when it comes to the numerous alien denizens of the galaxy, and in part they might be right.

But just like with any other person, if someone can prove their worth, they can and will earn her respect - aliens might just have to try a little harder, or at the very least not be... aggressively hideous. (Alym particularly dislikes Devaronians and Kaleesh)

Alym uses people in whatever way she can to get the most use out of them before tossing them into the bin like old coffee grounds. There are a scant few relationships that the young Sith has cultivated and maintains that don't directly benefit her in some way - whether it be connections, tutelage, or really anything else she might need. Alym is quite proud of the rotation of men she keeps, each one oblivious to the other. She likes to boast that she hasn't had to buy herself dinner in several years - that's what men are for.

Reverence for the darkside is also a distinct part of Alym's personality. Through it she has felt a power over others she had never felt before, not even on Coruscant when she would flex her family's money in the faces of the poor. It was intoxicating and irresistible - and as such, Alym has completely engrossed herself in it, garnering a fierce loyalty to it and its secrets.

General indifference to the plights of others or even more broadly, the issues occurring around her that don't directly effect her is also quite commonplace for Alym. She has little patience or care for what she deems a waste of her time - and there are few things Alym values more than her time.


Alym Brokkos was born on Coruscant to two relatively normal parents, all things considered. Her father was a researcher at a prominent medical lab and her mother was powerful and well regarded criminal attorney - emphasis on the criminal part. Getting high level mobsters and white collar criminals off with little more than slaps on the wrist was a surefire way to cash fat checks, apparently.

Growing up, Alym was enrolled in private schools with the children of other rich, well to do people. Her education was immaculate and she was studious, carrying exemplary grades pretty much her entire schooling career. Despite this, and much to the dismay of her parents, Alym had no interest in pursuing higher education. Her parents were already rich and she was an only child - what could she possibly need to go to university for?

Alym's parents were always confident that if she found something she was truly passionate about she would succeed. Unfortunately for them, they were right but no where near the way they would have hoped. It was shortly after graduating from secondary school, Alym met a man in one of the cantinas on Coruscant. She'd noticed him staring and when the night had begun winding to a close, decided that maybe it might be fun to ask him why. After all, the man was handsome, a little older, and had been buying top shelf drinks the entire night. He looked like a solid potential addition to the rotation.

After a few dates, the man - who's name she'd come to learn was Vyko - revealed the true reason he'd been so infatuated with Alym on the first night. Vyko told her that he'd sensed the force within Alym. He explained that the reason she always seemed on the lucky side, why getting people to listen to her had always come easy was because of the Force.

Infinitely intrigued, Alym took Vyko up on his inevitable offer to help her further her knowledge of the force. he explained to her how he was a Sith and with broad strokes introduced her to the ideas and tenants of the darkside. All of it seemed too good to be true - it was exactly the thing that Alym could latch onto, the idea of true power and the ability to wield it over anyone she deemed fit.

Alym took to the teachings of the Sith like a fish to water, absorbing as much of its teachings and philosophies that her brain could hold. Eventually she found herself within the ranks of the Guardians, her primary focus for now being the recovery of Sith artifacts and the knowledge within them. The old Emperor Sidious left many secrets scattered across the known galaxy and Alym believed that the knowledge within them deserved to be hers.



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