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Nov 7, 2020
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Alisaah Tila


General Information

NAME: Alisaah Tila
RANK: Slave / Dancer
SPECIES: Togruta
AGE: 23
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5’8”
WEIGHT: 140 lbs
FORCE SENSITIVE: Force Sensitive (Untrained)


Alisaah is 5’8”, weighs 140 lbs and has an athletic build. She has a curvaceous figure with well-defined muscles. She has large white montrals and lekku with blue striped markings and her skin is red with white facial pigments and other bodily markings. Her eyes are green and she has a golden nose ring that a previous owner insisted be applied to her so make her even more exotic looking.

Her outfit consists of an ornate, golden bikini with several matching accessories that adorn her body, such as pauldrons, various bands that are fit around her arms, thighs and ankles, a choker from which a chain can be attached and an elaborate headdress complete with turquoise jewels and veil. She does not wear shoes, though this is common in Togruta culture and not solely a feature of her enslavement. Delicate and thinly veiled turquoise fabrics fall from the bands on her forearms and the lower half of her bikini.


As a dancer, Alisaah is agile and athletic. She is made to dance for the amusement of others numerous times a day and is fed only a meagre diet, meaning that she can maintain the body shape desired by her owners. Alisaah is extremely attractive and as a result valued as an expensive commodity among slavers. Her exotic good looks, dancing and serving skills are her main attributes, but she is also a competent talker – she is good at smooth talking and extracting information from people – a skill that her masters employ from time-to-time if they want dirt on a particular visitor.

Having lived as a slave since childhood, she is hardy, robust and resilient having had to deal with the atrocious conditions and situations she has been put through in her life. She has no real knowledge of the wider galaxy, knowing only the confines of the places she is kept or taken by her masters, though over the years she does have some underworld knowledge, owing to the types of acquaintances her masters have kept.

Alisaah is force sensitive but she has never met a Jedi or Sith and received training in harnessing that power. In fact, she has no idea that she is force sensitive at all. Any strange occurrences that have happened in her life up to now, she has not attributed it to anything but coincidence.


Alisaah finds enjoyment in dancing. It is the one thing that she gets to do that is expressive, even if she does not get to choose who she dances for. She is also aware of the effect she has on people, particularly men, as her only worth to others is the way she looks and how she moves. As a result, she has a lot of body confidence and has learned over time to use her natural charms to entertain her former master and their acquaintances, whether that’s through dancing for them, serving drinks or simply hanging on someone’s arm in a show of hospitality from her master.

When she is not dancing, Alisaah is humble and subservient. She is aware from experience that if she does not obey commands then it usually results in punishment, she complies to avoid conflict or confrontation and is opposed to violence. This stems largely from the fact she and other slaves are at the bottom of the chain and any abuse from higher up will eventually filter down the hierarchy to them. That said, she is not afraid to report mistreatment to her masters if it comes from one of their underlings or a visitor – though this is usually encouraged as most slave owners tend not to want people interfering with their possessions, particularly if they cost as much as Alisaah would to purchase.

When given the chance she enjoys speaking with people, though this is usually confined to when she talks to other slaves when they are together and not needed for something. If given the chance to talk to an outsider she asks questions about themselves and where they are from. This is in part her own curiosity but also because she knows people like talking about themselves, and as a slave there is not much she can offer to conversations herself besides what she knows about her master and where she lives.


Born on the planet Shili in 118 ABY, Alisaah was taken by a gang when they arrived seeking repayment of a debt her father owed to a crime lord. The gang decided that as punishment they would take his daughter as payment, stating that the grief of losing her should serve as a reminder never to mess with the wrong people again. The young Togruta was not even old enough to have known her parents when she was taken and to this day she does not know where she came from, who they were or if they are even still alive.

The gang that had kidnapped her was led by a man named Dontigo Fligorra who commanded his own slaves to raise her with the intent of having her grow up knowing nothing of a free life and learning her place in the galaxy from his other slaves. A young Twi’lek woman named Meela became somewhat of a surrogate mother to Alisaah. She was as protective as she could be of the child and taught her what she could. It was Meela that taught Alisaah how to dance. She herself was a dancer for Fligorra and would entertain him and guests at the compound. Through her she learned how she could express herself despite her enslavement and the expectation that she was there to serve rather than be treated equally – which was hard at times for a youngling to fully understand.

Alisaah learned the hard way that you must obey your masters, going through a phase in which she was regularly beaten for insolence or not following instruction. Meela did her best to protect her and keep her spirits up during this time and Alisaah developed a deep connection with the Twi’lek which lasts even now. Eventually however the time came when Fligorra himself decided it was time to sell Alisaah on. The other slaves had fulfilled their purpose and trained Alisaah to be subservient. He never had the need for a slave of her age but he saw the opportunity to sell the young Togruta for a good profit to professional slavers who would pay good money for a slave of her age in good health. It broke Alisaah’s heart when a Zygerrian slaver arrived one day and Fligorra sold her to him there and then, without any warning. It was a harsh reminder that she was nothing more than livestock to these people, she would not be consulted regarding her sale and she realised she may never see or speak to Meela again.

By this time, she had been raised by Meela and the other slaves for roughly 10 years. The Zygerrian’s took her and she was put through a more rigorous training scheme they used for the slaves they sold. This involved the use of control instruments such as shock collars and punishments with electro-whips, for even minor discretions such as not doing a task fast enough for the slavers liking.

After a couple of years going through the Zygerrian’s processing she was purchased by a new owner, a Hutt by the name of Hota Zugg. The Hutt had need for a young slave to do menial tasks about his palace and took a liking to Alisaah due to her species and skin colouring. Zugg noted that she was pretty and would make an excellent addition to his collection of slave women when she was older. She was taken back with him to his palace on Nar Shaddaa and put to work. Alisaah did basic tasks for Zugg in her early teenage years, mainly running errands, assisting older servants, or cleaning during this time.

By the time she was 18, Alisaah had transitioned into being one of the Hutt’s dancing girls. One of his bodyguards had seen her dancing and reported it to the Hutt a couple of years earlier. Inevitably he requested she dance for him alongside his other dancers and he found her entertaining enough to have her cease menial tasks to focus on dance, entertainment and hospitality full time, learning from the other girls he kept.

It was during her time dancing for Zugg that he insisted her nose be pierced. He felt it made her look much more exotic and enabled him to show off this exciting possession when he had guests. She had also developed into an attractive woman and he insisted that like his other dancers that she start wearing revealing clothing to exhibit her beauty. The Hutt would often ask her to distract or charm guests and solicit information for him which she found she was quite good at. This led to her becoming Zugg’s favourite, whom he would save for only the most prestigious guests and those he desperately wanted to impress. During this time, her market value shot up into the tens of thousands of credits, rising from a Class 3 menial slave to a Class 1 slave, specialising in entertainment with the added bonus of being a female from a more exotic race.

This lasted for around 5 years until Hota Zugg found himself in massive debt. He owed large sums of gambling debt to other Hutts and crime lords to the point where he was ruined. In a desperate attempt to recoup funds he sold off his slaves and other assets. This is where we now find Alisaah – awaiting sale at auction, preparing for life with a new owner.


Alisaah is an untrained force sensitive. She has not learned any force techniques at this time and has no combat proficiency – let alone lightsaber combat. She is not a fighter of any kind and has no knowledge of technology or piloting. Her main skill is dancing, which means she is graceful, nimble, agile and athletic – all things that would give her a good starting point if she were to be trained in combat, but in her current position that is unlikely to happen.

She is good at speaking with people and charming them. Having met various species of alien in the service of her previous masters she has learned to speak a few different languages. Alisaah can be flirtatious, persuasive and deceptive – people tend to let more things slip when talking to a slave as they believe they either don’t have the nerve to speak to their masters or that the word of a slave is meaningless – but they don’t realise that she puts that information to use on behalf of her masters.


Alisaah currently owns nothing. She has no gear, no transport, no droids, pets, money or weapons. The only thing she has is the outfit that her masters give her to wear. She is reliant on an owner to provide her with any kind of possession.
  • K-16 Bryar Pistol - Given to Alisaah by Aska after killing the Quarren, Trosh during their escape from Nal Hutta.
  • ELG-3A Blaster Pistol - Given to Alisaah by Klied from his personal armory at the Raxx Estate on Onderon.
  • Alisaah's Armor - Custom made armor commissioned by Aska and funded by Klied especially for Alisaah to provide her with more protection when completing missions.


Aska Ryun - Mistress
Hota Zugg - A Former Master
Alzon Kekram - Hota Zugg's Lieutenant
Dontigo Fligorra - A Former Master
Meela - Twi'lek mother figure
Teela - Aska & Alisaah's T7-Series Astromech
Kliedden Raxx - Friend
Poffo Sauvage - Friend


The Auction Hota Zugg places Alisaah up for auction at the old embassy on Nar Shaddaa. Before she goes up for sale, Aska Ryun threatens Zugg's life and demands ownership of Alisaah as payment for her mercy ● COMPLETE
Money Talks - A Boonta Eve Escapade Alisaah helps her new mistress track down a secret facility on Nal Hutta belonging to her former master's cousin in search of treasure. Ali takes her first life in self-defense and winds up responsible for blowing up others during their escape ● COMPLETE
Reminiscence and Recovery After escaping Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa with their lives, Alisaah spends time with her mistress who is grieving the loss of her close friends as they head towards Coruscant. Their ship has to make an emergency landing on Zeltros and Alisaah finds Teela the T7 astromech amongst the crates left behind by Zugg's men ● COMPLETE
When It's Time To Party, You Party Hard Alisaah attends a Blackwell Technology conference on Zeltros posing as a travelling dance act with Aska as her "manager" ● UNFINISHED
Whispers In The Dark (Chronicle) Following the events on Zeltros, Alisaah is woken by the whispering of Aska's Sith holocron. After touching the artifact, Ali is shown a distressing vision of her mistress laying dead on a jungle planet ● COMPLETE
Coruscant - Purging the Past Ali accompanies Aska and her friends, Poffo and Klied, on a mission inside the cloning facility where her mistress was created to rescue Trench from his AMS infected scientists ● COMPLETE
Paying Your Dues — Aska interrogates Trench aboard their freighter ending in his death. Ali learns about her mistress' origins and is spoken to again by Aska's holocron ● COMPLETE
Athazagoraphobia (Chronicle) — Aska leaves Ali and the crew on Bespin during the events of "Escape From Mataou". Meela discovers that Ali is force sensitive after an altercation with Kayto and Ali bares her soul, telling Meela of the vision the holocron had shown her and admitting her fear of abandonment ● COMPLETE
The Conquering Heroes — Ali, Aska and the gang visit Klied's estate following the events of Mataou and Bespin ● COMPLETE
Iziz How We Do — Ali and Aska visit Iziz during their stay at the Raxx estate to purchase some armour for the Togruta. The clone also speaks to Ali about the events on Bespin, her force sensitivity and gives her the Ryun family's Sith holocron ● IN PROGRESS
More Target Practice — Klied teaches Ali how to improve her shooting skills with a blaster at the firing range on his estate, gifting her an ELG-3A blaster pistol from his armory ● IN PROGRESS
Hutt Ball Observation — Ali accompanies Aska and Klied to watch Poffo compete in a Hutt Ball game and ends up performing in the VIP lounge ● COMPLETE
Devaron - All Signs Point To Quesh — Ali and Aska travel to Devaron to find a Trandoshan that can give them information on a bounty. Aska is snatched by a Taka-tey and throws herself out of the bird's nest to escape almost ending her life. Ali arrives on the scene and with the help of others, gets her to a medical facility ● COMPLETE
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