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  1. Timmen

    Interest Check The Tribe

    looking for Mandos to join up with our Mandalorian Group. Current goal will be to rebuild the mandalorian faction this TL and restore Mandalore. There are 4 of us at the momemt and we are looking to expand further to achieve our ambitions. Any takers?
  2. Timmen

    Weapon Grimscar

    Grimscar AFFILIATION Clan Rytt MANUFACTURER Clan Rytt SIZE 32 inch total WEIGHT 1.5 kg COMPOSITION Wood/ Laminated blade construction w/ Cortosis along the blade edge, Beskar alloy sides and durasteel Core. WEAPON TYPE Melee DAMAGE TYPE Melee AMMUNITION CAPACITY N/A FIRE SELECTOR N/A...
  3. Timmen

    Armor Adenn Rytts Armor

    ADENN'S ARMOR Among the Rytt Clan, armor is imbued with special signifigance; the souls of those who wear it are believed to continue to inhabit them and aid in the protection of the wearer. Adenns Armor is Ancient, handed down from Besk'in Rytt all the way through the ages. Damaged and...
  4. Timmen

    Battle Of BloodBorne Hollow

    Location: Bloodborne Hollow, Zanbar Date: Late Winter, 7 ABY Combatants: Mandalorians: 947: 353 Rytts, 150 Clan Gar, 88 Clan Solus, 356 Clan Wren Commanders: Yariin Rytt Tenjin Gar Graaine Solus Hetsu Wren Finok Rytt equipment: 30 Fang-class Fighters, 20 Various others fighters, 7 J-1 Proton...
  5. Timmen

    Family Clan Rytt

    Prefix: Family Category : Site Lore With a history going back at least 21 Generations, Clan Rytt is an old but unknown Clan. Founded by Besk'in Rytt 600 years Ago after his abandonment of the Jedi Order, Clan Rytt was often Persecuted by other Mandalorians for its founder, forcing it to remain...
  6. Timmen

    R-10B Blaster Rifle

    R-10B Blaster Rifle AFFILIATION Open Market MANUFACTURER Arakyd Industries SIZE 101.6 CM WEIGHT 5.49 kg COMPOSITION Wood/durasteel/ ceramic WEAPON TYPE Blaster DAMAGE TYPE Heavy AMMUNITION CAPACITY 25 FIRE SELECTOR Semi Automatic/Automatic (Party Switch equipped) MAX RANGE 150 Meters...
  7. Timmen

    Timmen's Roll

  8. Timmen

    Weapon Adenn Rytt Lightsaber

    Adenn Rytt's Lightsaber AFFILIATION Formerly Jedi Order/Beskin Rytt/ Currently Adenn Rytt MANUFACTURER Beskin Rytt SIZE Handle:33.02 Cm W/blade: 1.2192 Meters WEIGHT 1KG COMPOSITION Beskar and Leather. WEAPON TYPE Melee DAMAGE TYPE Melee AMMUNITION CAPACITY N/A FIRE SELECTOR N/A MAX...
  9. Timmen

    Etr Wyara

    Character Profile Link: Character Subaccount Link:
  10. Timmen

    Independent L'ewvan Rytt (AKA Etr Wyara)

    NAME: L'ewvan Rytt (AKA Etr Wyara) FACTION: independant RANK: independant SPECIES: Human AGE: 14 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 162.56 cm WEIGHT: 54 kg FORCE SENSITIVE: no. APPEARANCE: Etr is a thin boy with thick blonde hair and tired, grey eyes, denoting his heritage to Mandalorian Nobility. Despite...
  11. Timmen

    Rejected Finding Lek-Ti

    What is going to happen in your plot? A group of bounty hunters, after coming together on Nar Shaddaa, will go and hunt the Criminal Lek-Ti on behalf of the bounty hunters' guild. They will find a Lead in Nar Shadaa, an old associate who will need to be captured and interrogated before revealing...
  12. Timmen

    Adenn Rytt Reputation Tracker

    Character Profile Link: Here Character Subaccount Link: Here
  13. Timmen

    DC-15 Blaster Rifle (WIP

    Dc-15A AFFILIATION Open Market MANUFACTURER BlastTech Industries SIZE 1.3 meters WEIGHT 4.4 kilograms COMPOSITION durasteel WEAPON TYPE Blaster DAMAGE TYPE Medium/Stun AMMUNITION CAPACITY 50 FIRE SELECTOR Semi Automatic MAX RANGE 500 meters DESCRIPTION The standard issue rifle of...
  14. Timmen

    Independent Adenn Rytt

    BIOGRAPHY: NAME: Adenn Rytt FACTION: Spooky Mistress Crew RANK: Merc SPECIES: Human AGE: 25 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 5'11 WEIGHT: 210 FORCE SENSITIVE: yes(untrained) APPEARANCE: Adenn Rytt has a Rectangular face that is clean shaven and topped with short, black hair. He has Brown eyes and a long...
  15. Timmen

    Besk'in Rytt (current TL and Epilogue)

    NAME: Besk'in Rytt, AKA "Besk" FACTION: Galactic Alliance/mandalorians (transitions from mandalorians to galactic alliance fairly quickly) RANK: Youngling SPECIES: Human AGE: 6 (and a half) 26 in epilogue GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 45 inches (6ft 2 in epilogue) WEIGHT: 47 lbs 195 lbs in epilogue FORCE...
  16. Timmen

    Timmen Rytt

    NAME: Timmen Rytt FACTION: Mandalorians RANK: Marauder SPECIES: Human AGE: 23 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 193 cm WEIGHT: 190 lbs FORCE SENSITIVE: no APPEARANCE: Sharp , penetrating steel grey Eyes, kept hidden from the eyes of soulless Dar'Mande within his helmet miss little and see much. They are set...