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  1. Logan

    Family House von Bastion

  2. Logan

    Location Zaa Fenn Penthouse

  3. Logan

    Artifact "the mad dragons helmet"

    I'll approve this as it is, but if it becomes a vehicle for skirting the rules of RP'ing a dead character then I will have to revisit its acceptability later. Approved.
  4. Logan

    Blood Ore

    I'm not sure how I feel about essentially creating "Beskar, but different." Beskar holds a rather special place in star wars lore for a reason, there is really nothing else like it or that even comes close. It's so rare and powerful that its even used as currency, I'm not really sure I want to...
  5. Logan

    Artifact The Ruby Requiem

    Looks fine to me now friend. Approved
  6. Logan

    Mythology The Starweird Gods

    I love creepy star wars mythology. Neat stuff. Approved
  7. Logan

    Artifact Cpt. Rook's Westar

  8. Logan

    Artifact The Ruby Requiem

    So overall it seems fine, but generally speaking there's been a precedent set with the "absorbs a thing" ability of some Sith artifacts where there is a limited amount of times it can do it, or a directly stated cooldown period between absorptions. Something similar should be noted here for clarity.
  9. Logan

    Organization The Daggers

  10. Logan

    happy birthday idiot <3

    happy birthday idiot <3
  11. Logan

    Artifact Sadowbane

  12. Logan

    Artifact Count Dooku's Lightsaber

  13. Logan

    @LadyRen you dont get to bully me you dont even rp with me =[

    @LadyRen you dont get to bully me you dont even rp with me =[
  14. Logan

    hoping to get to my remaining jedi posts tomorrow!

    hoping to get to my remaining jedi posts tomorrow!
  15. Logan

    Artifact The Tython Table

    Looks good to me now. Approved.
  16. Logan

    hehehehe >:3

    Hey there and welcome to swrp! I saw you've already joined the discord which is an awesome first step into diving into the community. If you have any questions feel free to DM me there or just ask in one of our RP channels. <3 I hope you have a good time and I look forward to seeing your...
  17. Logan

    Organization Guerilla Group

    Can keep it as a lore article for now but if you get enough people/assets you can always turn it into a npc/pc subfaction later. Approved.
  18. Logan

    Location Moon Castle

  19. Logan

    Artifact The Tython Table

    Seems interesting and a pretty unique idea as far as artifacts go. The only thing I would change is the utilization of kyber crystal dust as an inlay on the table. In current canon, kybers are essentially semi-sentient force objects and I doubt that a Jedi would willfully grind them up into dust...