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  1. Drannix

    Open The War Long Since Lost

    Something was not quite right about this planet. Drannix had felt it since he had first arrived, nearly three days ago, on a salvage mission. The records of the planet spoke volumes, a former warzone, ripe for pickings - weapons, ammunition, you name it this planet was meant to have it all. Yet...
  2. Drannix

    Open Tatooine Grounded

    ”Corellian Ale,” Drannix flagged down the barkeep and spent his credits fast. What he got, he was not quite sure actually was Corellian Ale, but it was better than nothing - and he had certainly got what he paid for, on account it hadn't been his money he had paud with anyway. Leaning against...
  3. Drannix

    Open Tatooine Grounded

    TATOOINE, A MELTING POT OF GALACTIC SLUDGE, and the ideal location for a man of Drannix’ skills to hang around. He had been here for the past few days at least, fresh off the tail of a recent job looking to dump the score on a fence in these parts, and as of yesterday, he was out of work...