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  1. Feng Mian

    Approved Hunting Fields

    What is going to happen in your plot? Guild Initiate Song Wren will capture the bounty on Dr. Xavier Fields with the aid of a masked ally, Talak Rand. What other writers (and their characters) will be a part of this? @Phoenix as @The Arcanist How many threads will this plot have? (Now as...
  2. Feng Mian

    Reviewed A Hunter's Rite of Passage

    Character Name and Reputation Level: Song Wren (Unknown) Character Rank: Freelancer Name (and link) of Plot: Hunter's Rite of Passage Participants in the Plot (Character Accounts): @Song Wren, @Kanan Marek Intended Outcome of Plot: Song's initiation into the Guild! Any PvP or Staff DMing...
  3. Feng Mian

    Approved A Hunter's Rite of Passage

    What is going to happen in your plot? Rogue Mandalorian Song Wren will capture a spice dealer, Duermo, with the help of a rival Sector Ranger! What other writers (and their characters) will be a part of this? @llamallove as @Kanan Marek How many threads will this plot have? Two threads! One...
  4. Feng Mian

    Song "River" Wren

    Character Profile Link: Song (River) Wren Character Subaccount Link: @Song Wren Chapter 1: Notable Newcomer 1. Butting Heads (Complete): Song meets a Sector Ranger, aligning their interests. 2. The Ranger and the Mandalorian (Complete): Two unlikely friends capture a bounty. 3. That awkward...
  5. Feng Mian

    Independent Song (River) Wren

    Song Li Wren NAME: Song Li (River) Wren FACTION: Independent RANK: Freelancer SPECIES: Human AGE: 22 years GENDER: Female HEIGHT: 175.2 cm, 5'9" WEIGHT: 63 kg, 140 pounds FORCE SENSITIVE: No! APPEARANCE: She has dark hair, often tied into a bun at the back of her head, and a soft complexion...
  6. Feng Mian

    Armor River (Song's) Mandalorian Armor

    (Song) River's Beskar'gam Although originally this armor set was in possession of her late brother, River, Song has since taken the outfit for her own, making minor adjustments to fit her style and skillset. With very little Beskar on hand, Song makes use of other lighter materials for improved...
  7. Feng Mian


    I'm Feng Ming, but you can call me Fen. Not really new to role-play but I am looking forward to writing here! I just made a character here if anyone is interested too!
  8. Feng Mian

    Jedi Order Lyra Jiang

    Lyra Jiang NAME: Lyra Jiang FACTION: Independent RANK: Librarian, Archivist SPECIES: Human AGE: 21 years GENDER: Female HEIGHT: 167 cm, 5'6" WEIGHT: 56 kg, 123 pounds FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, untrained! APPEARANCE: Lyra has dark hair stretching as far as her lower chest, but she likes to keep it...