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  1. Nox

    The End Is Nigh

    I was woken up by at knock on my door. The noise echoing through my head and planting itself in my subconscious. I opened my eyes. I was in The Foundation. I looked around the white room. Removing the sheets from my body and leaving them on the bed. The knock returned this time, more aggressive...
  2. Nox


    NAME: Daviad FACTION: IAU RANK: Sniper SPECIES: Human, but mostly Cyborg at this time. AGE: 30 GENDER: Male. FORCE SENSITIVE: No. APPEARANCE: Most limbs and head (everything except the brain in the head area) is replaced with cyborg and robotic parts. Before this Daviad was human and had...
  3. Nox

    Sign-Up For SCP RP

    So the setting is going to be in The Foundation. Some of us can be D-Classes, others researchers and maybe one or two O5's. And if there is any interest in it, I will include an SCP role. So the story might or is most likely going to be a containment breach OR a normal day in The Foundation...
  4. Nox

    Anyone wanna do an SCP RP?

    I have no idea about the specifics, just testing the waters.
  5. Nox


    Immortalize On a small forest moon in The Outer Rim, lies a temple and a special one indeed. The moon is only populated by flora. She could feel the rain wash her robes, making them darker, easier to sneak around in but still wet and irritating. Chelin walked on the concrete of the...
  6. Nox

    Box Of Chocolates

    Welcome! This is my brain's sandbox. I will publish here things I have in my head I need to get on paper. Or just when I am bored.
  7. Nox

    Test for my new universe

    So I had a universe idea and I would love to roleplay with someone in it. It has a modern setting on Earth, Lucifer has returned and is affecting The Earth slowly. This is not known by the public and only the governments of the world. Also, there is a man with special powers who leads a...
  8. Nox

    YTTA "Elysium" Explorer Buggy

    Affiliation: N/A, but can be. Ownership: Evlyn. Intent: The Elysium is used for transporting cargo, scrap, small animals, rare plants and weapons. The Elysium is mainly used for exploration of terrain and caves. Model: YTTA "Elysium" Explorer Buggy Size: 9m in lenght, 3m in height, 4m in...
  9. Nox

    The Coming Storm

    Chelin sat at the stump of the tree. She thought about the Idiom" the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" Huh, it always turned to be true. She could feel the wind take grip in her hair and flew it back and forth like the waves on a sea. She could feel the coming storm, it was of no concern...
  10. Nox

    Question about limits of the characters

    So I was like planning subconsciously when I caught my head thinking about a prophecised dark avatar of the force, in other words a kind of Lucifer or Antichrist. Does this work? (Having abilities such as burning the ground he walks and other stuff?) Or Nah? Just a friendly question.
  11. Nox

    Darth Trias

    Delete this.
  12. Nox

    The Hangar

    Chelin is sitting in the corner of a hangar. The hangar is full of people and ships, most expensive and she can see people sneaking in and out of ships with cargo in their hands. Something is destined to happen. She can see people pickpocketing and stealing. "What is there to do today", she...
  13. Nox


    Hello. I found this website by looking for something to do. After Rouge one was relased i've been hooked on Star Wars (again) so yeah,
  14. Nox

    Chelin – The Undecided Jedi

    The / is after Coruscant NAME: Chelin FACTION: Jedi/Sith RANK: Knight/Sith SPECIES: Human AGE: 24 GENDER: Female FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, trained Knight. / APPEARANCE: Chelin is a female, about 24 years, dark brown hair and brown eyes. No birthmarks. 5”4. 80 kg with armour and 60 kg...