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    The Madness of King Wook - Surprise Dice Thread!

    Larana spent a lot of time in the forests growing up. Perhaps she can help Max track the madclaw?
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    Sith Eternal Kitara Delarosa

    I'm not sure why I was tagged in this, but here are the changes that need to be made before approval is considered. - There needs to be more context as to how she came to be a member of the SE. You have only mentioned that she joined them, this isn't enough information to decide upon her...
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    Independent Njallgard Viszla

    Hello Raven, my apologies for the delay in response. I'm not quite sure how I didn't see this, but appreciate your patience. In regards to your question about beskar forging, I'll have to get back to you after speaking with our admins as it's not something that I'm entirely familiar with. In...
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    Five Syndicates Arden Wren

    Well, that’s embarrassing.
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    Five Syndicates Arden Wren

    Hi, Prawn. Please add both her height, weight and force-sensitivity to your info section and then tag me again for approval. Thanks!
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    Sith Eternal Ryder Blane

    Hi, Malon. In this current moment, the SE don't have stormtroopers or anything similar. Things have changed slightly since the beginning of the timeline, but they are still a cult with little in the way of assets. You may keep the armor, but some major changes would need to be made to your...
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    Independent Njallgard Viszla

    Based on the similarities in characteristics, as presented in your bio, please edit his species to Balinaka (no changes need to be made for your face claim). I'd also like to ask for clarification on his behind-the-scenes armor forge on Nar Shadaa. I would be okay with him crafting simple...
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    Sector Ranger Aka Kodomo

    Approved! I assumed that was the case, just wanted to be sure.
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    Independent Riley Elin

    Approved! Don't forget to add her weight to your general information, please!
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    Sector Ranger Aka Kodomo

    Hello! Profile looks good, would just like some clarification on some wording in your biography. Was her friend taken against her will to the Jedi Order, or was your character just upset that her friend joined the Order and thus wasn't around anymore?
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    Independent Danla Sem

    Looks good, scifipoinsettia. The only thing we are missing is a link for her blaster. I have included a link here for a generic blaster, or you can find one you may like better in our technologies forum here. I'll move this character to the approved characters forums. Please feel free to tag me...
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    Sith Eternal Devree Wren

    Hi, Ediwa. These were not the changes I had asked for in my previous review. Given that the Sith Eternal, up until this most recent public event, remained unknown, Devree would not have had contact with him to the extent suggested in your biography. Devree's faction will need to be changed from...
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    Independent Danla Sem

    Hello, scifipoinsettia. Because Luka Sene is Legends material and not included in this particular time line, in order to approve your profile, you'll need to submit a lore write up and wait for approval. I would be happy to help direct you on how to complete this if you have any questions. The...
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    Sith Eternal Devree Wren

    Hello, Ediwa. I've taken some time to review your profile and have some issues that will need to be addressed. I understand the length of time Devree was employed by the Sith Guardian, Yung, wasn't short-lived. Still, after some discussion, I don't believe it would be realistic given their...
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    Independent Gesko'elush'aesuw

    I didn't mean that you were required to make any changes, only that I was giving you the option. I hope you didn't take it the wrong way. Approved.
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    Sith Eternal Jorren Mallax

    Hiya! You'll need to add his weight to basic information. Can we also clarify that the mysterious figure is a member of the Sith Eternal? Tag me when you've finished for approval.